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2019 Volkswagen Arteon Model Features
2019 Volkswagen Arteon Model Features, A single glance at the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon reveals its poster-worthy good looks. The car has a long, low stance. This grants it a sporty appearance. In addition to that, it has a wide body and expansive, chromed-out grille. Its roofline is sloping in nature.

Volkswagen Arteon Model

This adds to the coupe appeal and beautifies its overall silhouette. In addition to that, the car has large, turbine-style rims. Not only do they increase its sporty appearance dramatically, they also ensure that it rolls with style even at low speeds.The grille extends from the car’s lower bumper all the way to the hoodline. Moreover, the grille’s bands split the headlights into 4 LED sections.

Volkswagen Arteon Features

An interesting feature is that the bands have been styled with this technology to form part of the running lights front section.This creative design lends to the futuristic characteristics of the car. A pair of hexagonal air-intake scoops are situated at both ends of the front bumper. Moreover, the middle section of this part is covered in chrome to add an executive appearance to the car. The rear is just as polished as its front section. LED taillights illuminate the road behind as you back up the car. Overall, this sedan is very easy on the eyes. The interior of this car is just as attractive and inviting.

The 2019 Volkswagen Arteon has an elegant, clean and well trimmed interior. Upon stepping into the car, you are greeted by a sports’ themed steering wheel. Featuring a 3-spoke design, it has a leveled out lower section. This increases the grip as you drive the new Arteon. For more convenience, it has some brushed aluminum buttons on the spokes. They grant the driver some convenient control over the car’s entertainment and air conditioning facilities.

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