2016 Toyota Fortuner – Engines - Toyota Cars Review

2016 Toyota Fortuner – Engines
2016 Toyota Fortuner – Engines, The 2016 Toyota Fortuner is currently manufactured in various assembly units across the world owned by one of the biggest Japanese automobile manufacturing firms – Toyota Motor Corporation. Major Toyota Fortuner assembly units include those in Thailand, Indonesia, Cairo, India, Venezuela, Pakistan and Kazakhstan.  The Kazakhstan unit was recently inaugurated in June 2014. Major markets of the car include Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Venezuela, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia & UAE and Kazakhstan.Next generation Toyota Fortuner SUVhas a revamped chassis and is about 17 inches longer compared to that of its preceding models.

Also, it has an anti-rust metal based front hood painted with black & red accentuated color pallets. It original design is derived from Toyota developed “IMV/N platform” while the next generation Toyota Fortuner uses Toyota’s new “Global Architecture platform” inspired by Hilux & Innova models; one should note that it is not all surprising for a high selling model to receive a standard face lift. One should also note that it will have a relatively wider head lamps & sleeker body comparative to its predecessors. The upcoming 2016 Fortuner has earlier received several design changes including those in 2008 & 2011. It features a newly installed head lamps & rear end tail lights along with a revised grille.

It also has an updated air conditioning system in addition to electronically adjustable driver’s seat, advanced Bluetooth technology etc. The design update resembled that of Toyota Land Cruiser 200; it also features brand new LED integrated side viewing mirrors, relatively sharper flaired tires, redesigned central console, leather upholstered steering wheel etc.

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2016 Toyota Fortuner Specs, Interior - Toyota Cars Review

2016 Toyota Fortuner Specs, Interior
2016 Toyota Fortuner Specs, Interior, This upcoming Toyota Fortuner 2016 is going to come with three special engines with the primary engine being 3.0-liter with power output of 168 horsepower. The second engine is going to be 2.7-liter engine motor with capability to provide power output of 160 horsepower. The third engine option of this car is 2.5-liter engine with capability to produce 140 horsepower in the power output.  With this well engineered engine options, this car is going to perform optimally to beat other competing brand in the market.This wonderfully built car is coming with high fuel consumption economy. For that reason, if you are looking for a well economical car, you have to make 2016 Toyota Futurner your choice. The average fuel consumption of this car is expected to about 51.4 mile per gallon of fuel. The high economy of this car as regard to fuel consumption is among the reasons why it will stand tall in competition with other brands and models of car in the same segment.The interior of this car is among the areas that received wonderful update. You are going to enjoy perfect comfort and pleasurable cruise with this car due to well built and comfortable seats that are incorporated in it. There are other infotainment features loaded in 2016 Toyota Fortuner which made it the perfect and best choice for those that are looking to enjoy comfort in their cruise with perfect automobile.

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Toyota Fortuner USA Price of the 2014 and 2015 Models - Toyota Cars Review

Toyota Fortuner USA Price of the 2014 and 2015 Models
Toyota Fortuner USA Price of the 2014 and 2015 Models, Toyota Fortuner is one successful car that has always been high in demand ever since its first appearance. Not only in India, Toyota Fortuner is quite famous in Thailand, Indonesia, Argentina, South Africa, and Philippines. Including India, they are six selected countries to manufacture the vehicle and its component. If you look for this auto on those countries, you will only find the price with their respective currency. But, do you want to know Toyota Fortuner USA price?Let’s take two of Toyota Fortuner’s models here to compare here. The writer will give the two last models in this opportunity. The first is 2014 Toyota Fortuner SRS Premium. Do you know how much this Toyota Fortuner price in USA currency is? Let the writer tell you that this one is tagged with the price around $28,800. It is not that high, but it is not cheap either. With Toyota Fortuner USA price as much as that, what would we get anyway?Don’t worry, this 5-door SUV is commented to be one of perfect first cars. It looks great from the outside and feels great from the inside. With its silver exterior and beige interior, this model becomes very attractive. There are navigation, safety, and entertainment systems as well. It runs with great engine’s output with such Toyota Fortuner USA price too. Then, how about 2015 Toyota Fortuner USA price and its features?Indeed, it is tagged with higher price that is around $36,300. If we talk about its exterior, it looks more exclusive with the same body style of 5-door SUV. As for the features inside, you can say that it got more additional features in each navigation, safety, and entertainment systems. Toyota Fortuner USA price for this model just shows how much this car is capable of. Between the previous and the new, there is sure quite a difference there. (Also read about: Fortuner 2015 Price in South Africa)

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Toyota Fortuner: Best SUV for Everyone - Toyota Cars Review

Toyota Fortuner: Best SUV for Everyone
Toyota Fortuner: Best SUV for Everyone, When it comes to car brand, in Indonesia, Toyota is one of the largest. Toyota also has a very popular brand in the SUV class which is best Toyota Fortuner. It also good performance in terms of the number of cars being sold. Customers love it because Toyota Fortuner has been very reliable and also powerful.There are other competitors of course such as Honda CRV, Mitsibushi Pajero and also Chevrolet Captiva but still many customers favor Fortuner more. It shows that the buyers are satisfied with products and also with the after-sale service. Moreover, the Toyota company has been proven to be very good in responding to customer needs and complaints. For example, lately there have been some issues regarding the brake system in Toyota Fortuner and immediately they improve the braking system. Toyota Fortuner also offers several advantages compared to other type of cars or brands. It has panoramic windows, double tone dashboard, cliometric AC system, and last but least, GPS and audio system. All of these features are wrap in a very interesting prices.There are two types of best Toyota fortuner; petrol and diesel and both are equally good. Customers can choose the type that they like. (Also read about: Toyota Fortuner Canada Specifications and Review)

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Toyota Fortuner 2016 Spy Shots As The Greatest Info - Toyota Cars Review

Toyota Fortuner 2016 Spy Shots As The Greatest Info
Toyota Fortuner 2016 Spy Shots As The Greatest Info, Toyota Fortuner 2016 is the newest generation of Toyota Fortuner. The kind of this car is SUV. Since the newest generation, this car will show the greatest one for people through its appearance and performance. Gaining this information, people can look at the Toyota Fortuner 2016 Spy Shots the information about this car. in this one, people will get more information such as the style, engine, interior, exterior and so that people will love to get this car.Toyota Fortuner 2016 Spy Shots will show your that this car will have triple cabin inside the car. Besides, all appearance from the body chassis, interior, and so forth has been changed. In the spy shot of the Toyota Fortuner 2016, you will find the appearance of its body chassis slimmer than previous one. Furthermore, the appearance of this car is also luxurious one that can comfort people when they drive this car.Furthermore, people also will find the headlight of this car great in the Toyota Fortuner 2016 Spy Shots. It is different with the previous one because the newest one will show the exotic design in the headlight one. In other words, the spy shot of the Toyota Fortuner 2016 will give you more information about the car. The quality of this car also can be known by people when they look at the car through the spy shot one.Toyota Fortuner 2016 Spy Shots will show you the best one in the newest generation of the Fortuner. You can save your money from now to get the greatest SUV in the future that can satisfy you and your family when driving this car. Besides, the greatest appearance of this car is also can enhance your prestige in front of people. (Also read about: Stunning Toyota Fortuner 2015 Model and Design)

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2015 Toyota Fortuner Concept: Buying Guide for SUV Fanatics - Toyota Cars Review

2015 Toyota Fortuner Concept: Buying Guide for SUV Fanatics
2015 Toyota Fortuner Concept: Buying Guide for SUV Fanatics, The new series of the Toyota Fortuner is starting to hit the market of the world automotive strongly. The earlier release date in 2015 are just the beginning of abundant Medias and the news to give the overview and create mysteries about this SUV model car. Indeed, it will just catch people’s eyes and wreck some curiosities in their mind about this 2015 Toyota Fortuner concept and the features. Some are trying to find out how it looks like by searching for the spy shots and some are reading the Toyota Fortuner 2015 specs. The more you read it, more curious you get. All you need to understand first is the conception of this car.In some sources of the Toyota Fortuner 2015 specifications we have found in Internet nowadays are telling us that the 2015 Toyota Fortuner concept is basically to deliver the feeling of spacious fit to its customer with the durability level at the highest level to taste. Start from its exterior which is visually look so dazzling with its redesign of better SUVs scenario.Apart from the exterior aspects, the 2015 Toyota Fortuner concept is also emphasized on the inner part. Some changes are mentioned to beat its predecessors up. Some obvious aspects are added like spacious cabin which is matching the first principle of the Fortuner car. The improvements ain’t stop right there. New materials like black carpet and leather seating with wider front side.The engine is also embarking the 2015 Toyota Fortuner concept at any cost. Once you peek what is inside the hood, you will find the engine of 2.8 L DOHC VVt-l packed in 14 Valves reproducing maximum of the 170 Horse strength power to run. (Also read about: Toyota Fortuner Review Philippines: the One with Aggressive and Muscular Styling)

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New Fortuner 2015 India: the Top-End Variant - Toyota Cars Review

New Fortuner 2015 India: the Top-End Variant
New Fortuner 2015 India: the Top-End Variant, You might have known that India has become one of the selected countries for doing component and vehicle manufacturing of Toyota Fortuner. Yes, it is high in demand there. It is the entry-level SUV of Toyota in India and has been launched since 2009. Being the medium-size 7-seater utility vehicle seems to be one of the reasons for so much people take an interest in it. How about new Fortuner 2015 India then? Let’s see here.There have been many versions of new Fortuner 2015 India released there. Since it has been high in demand, there seems to be more and more coming up in India’s car market. You can even hope for the appearance of its top-end variant. Now, you can be happy for the new top-end Fortuner 2015 has appeared in India. This one is called 2015 Toyota Fortuner 4×4 AT. What is so good about it? Well, it will not hit the showroom if it is not a top-notch.Since it is included as the top-end variant, you can expect many amazing things from it, don’t you agree? With the cost ranging from Rs 24.17 lakh to Rs 26.49 lakh, this new Fortuner 2015 India comes with dual-front airbags for both the driver and the passengers. From the exterior, you will find smoked headlamps and 12-spoke dark grey alloys. Meanwhile, the interior will be all black and there is even touch screen DVD display in it.Furthermore, this new 2015 top-end Fortuner will offer a stronger 3.0-liter diesel motor under the hood that can give an output of 171PS with fuel efficiency 11.50kmpl. It features 5-speed automatic transmission as well. What do you think of it now? Being the new Fortuner 2015 India, 2015 Toyota Fortuner 4×4 AT sure is quite interesting. We can expect no less from Toyota. (Also read about: 2015 Toyota Fortuner Concept: Buying Guide for SUV Fanatics)

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What to Know about 2015 Toyota Fortuner Thailand? - Toyota Cars Review

What to Know about 2015 Toyota Fortuner Thailand?
What to Know about 2015 Toyota Fortuner Thailand?, This post today is actually the continuation of the previous articles that we have posted. We did give you some showcases of the spy shots of the 2015 Toyota Fortuner Thailand as well as the features like Toyota Fortuner 2015 specs, the provisions of both exterior and interior, and the Toyota Fortuner 2015 concept. In the next occasion, we have plan to give you the comparison of the products among new Fortuner and two familiar cars Hillux and Innova. But for now, let’s heed our preview of the Thailand’s Fortuner.2015 Toyota Fortuner Thailand is adjusted with Thailand realm and field. Mostly the region of south east countries in Asia are afflicted by the low construction and infrastructures. That is not just enough, the flood matters and the damage roads are just common problem people in these countries are facing every day. So, the toughness of the car will be created with more attention.2015 Toyota Fortuner Thailand has the strong bound with the taxes of export-import services. In some countries in south east like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and others, the preferential money and taxes are high, mostly are reaching in 20 percent of the real purchasing fees. Not to mention the bribes that you need to give to the official to make it even easier.2015 Toyota Fortuner Thailand is on the high competition with other SUV car models. The high competition is inevitable for the countries in south East Asia. The other SUV cars with more sophisticated features and engine specs are lining up on the front of buying list. Cars like Innova, Hillux and other SUV modeled cars are overwhelming countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and any other states in South East Asia. So deal with it! (Also read about: 2015 Toyota Fortuner Review the SUV lovers should Read!)

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Stunning Toyota Fortuner 2015 Model and Design - Toyota Cars Review

Stunning Toyota Fortuner 2015 Model and Design
Stunning Toyota Fortuner 2015 Model and Design, After the second major updates back in 2011, the current Toyota Fortuner 2015 model is actually part of the third generation. Compared to the previous generation which was released from 2008 model year, the Fortuner became slightly lower and longer in dimension. Upgrades were also made for front fascia, which featured new grille, fender, hood, bumper, fog light housing, and headlamps. Thus, we can expect that the new Toyota Fortuner 2015 model will not include any major changes yet.As we all know, Toyota Fortuner was first built based on Toyota Hilux pickup truck platform. The same concept goes for the Toyota Fortuner 2015 model. However, you can find the new 2015 model year features the more aerodynamic than before, thus allowing the four-door SUV to run faster than previous edition. The new Toyota Fortuner 2015 specs also feature the more stunning and dynamic appearance too, with refined bumper and the choice of lighter material for lighter bodyweight in overall.The popularity of Fortuner as family vehicle still pushes the Toyota Fortuner 2015 model to feature totally comfortable interior, aside from stunning design styling. You can ensure there are enough even ample legroom and headroom inside the car with rich features for convenient and enjoyable ride, even in a long and far trip, such as USB port, iPod connectivity, navigation control system, and improved infotainment system equipped with touch screen.Undoubtedly, the Toyota Fortuner 2015 model will be equipped with latest and improved safety features too. They include anti-lock brake system, traction control, and standard airbags for every seat row in addition to knee airbags for front seats. Under the hood, the engine options are offered in several options, thus offering you wide alternatives depending on your needs and—ultimately—budget. We can say the new 2015 model year will run with improved engine. (Also read about: Toyota Fortuner Model Change 2015 Every Families must Pay Attention)

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2015 Toyota Fortuner Interior, More Spacious and Luxurious - Toyota Cars Review

2015 Toyota Fortuner Interior, More Spacious and Luxurious
2015 Toyota Fortuner Interior, More Spacious and Luxurious, Toyota Fortuner is SUV car that is very luxurious and capable of passing through rugged terrain. 2015 Toyota Fortuner is just launched; reportedly, it has additional that is not owned by previous Toyota Fortuner 2014, both in terms of exterior, interior, and engine. What additional given by Toyota to the King of the SUV? In this article, the writer will not talk thoroughly about the 2015 Toyota Fortuner. However, the writer will be specialized the topics, it is about 2015 Toyota Fortuner interior.Talk about interior, Toyota seems to provide little improvement to 2015 Toyota Fortuner. Reportedly, 2015 Toyota Fortuner interior did get some additional, both in its features and its technologies. Toyota Fortuner has a cabin that is more spacious, luxurious and provides maximum comfort during the trip if it compared with the previous version. It offers the extra leg room as headroom. This SUV has a capacity of 8 passengers that are designed with quality materials that ensure your comfort while driving. Toyota Fortuner has a new dashboard design of the instrument panel which would provide comfort and ease in setting feature.2015 Toyota Fortuner interior looks striking with features that are not owned by the previous variants. It has high-tech features, such as DVD-AVN that is using touch screen that you can integrate into your Internet connection, HDMI, wifi, miracast, and the camera display that will make you feel new driving experience that you have never felt before.As for entertainment, 2015 Toyota Fortuner interior will spoil you, the driver and passengers with features 2 Din Audio Video System quality with its 6 speakers. In addition, Toyota Fortuner also provides cooling features which is Ceiling Air Conditioner that is available in each row of seating. Obviously, this will provide a thorough coolness to you, the driver and passengers in it. (Also read about: Toyota Fortuner 2016 Philippines You Can Get Good Exterior And Engineering)

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Toyota Fortuner 2016 Philippines You Can Get Good Exterior And Engineering - Toyota Cars Review

Toyota Fortuner 2016 Philippines You Can Get Good Exterior And Engineering
Toyota Fortuner 2016 Philippines You Can Get Good Exterior And Engineering, Toyota Fortuner develop their product become a better vehicle more and more. A lot of new product that they has and want release. The one vehicle that becomes the new product of Toyota is Toyota Fortuner. Toyota Fortuner has been develop again become in some new series. New series will be give you new technology and new design to make you can feel more comfortable with your vehicle. The one Toyota Fortuner series that will be release is Toyota Fortuner 2016 Philippines.Toyota Fortuner 2016 Philippines is one product of Toyota that will be released. Toyota Fortuner Philippines release in 2016 say by a lot of people that will be the one high product. Like Toyota did before, they will increase this vehicle to be better vehicle and can give you a lot of advantages. With offered a lot of increasing thing become this vehicle is recommended for you.Toyota Fortuner 2016 in Philippines is one vehicle that offered you exterior increasing. You can get good features from the exterior that will be increase in 17 inches. This new Toyota series do not using chrome metal again in the mirrors. This series also has new design in the from bumper that can make your vehicle look in more elegant. Toyota Fortuner 2016 Philippines has increasing much of the exterior design that can make your vehicle look in more elegant.How about the engine? Toyota Fortuner 2016 Philippines s is also increasing the engine. You can get your vehicle with three choices of engines. First you can choose 3.0 liter that can produce up to 163 hp. Second in 2.7 liter that can produce in 160 hp. Third choice is 2.5 liter that can produce in 140 hp. With all of the performance and the option engine you can give your choice in this car. (Also read about: 2015 Toyota Fortuner Spy Shots for the Modern Car)

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Toyota Fortuner Price Philippines: South-East Pricelists to Bear in Mind - Toyota Cars Review

Toyota Fortuner Price Philippines: South-East Pricelists to Bear in Mind
Toyota Fortuner Price Philippines: South-East Pricelists to Bear in Mind, Philippines is one of the republican country in southeast of Asia next to the pacific ocean with so many tropical and natural destination for holiday or place of contemplation for many travelers in the world. Well, visiting some natural realm in such country, you need a strong vehicle to accompany your way (of course you do not want to stuck in such dark and creepy forest at night). In place like Philippines, Toyota fortuner price Philippines might be low (both price for buy and rent). So, that is one choice you can take.Considered as the import car, Toyota manufacturer gives the lower price in purchase in Asian country. Toyota fortuner price Philippines is known lower than any other country in the world, since there are many dealers and high competition with other car manufacturers. Toyota cars in the Philippines are set with the various fashion and style utilized to attract the buyers. They give some offering and some nice reviews to pull some purchaser to take out their dimes.If you are only looking for the rent car for your temporary holiday or enjoying the trip around the state, then you can choose Toyota because it is not only Toyota fortuner sale price which is considered cheap but also the performance that is suitable for its realm. The Toyota fortuner price Philippines is worth to take as if it takes the responsibility for your safety exploring places in that country.With the Toyota fortuner price Philippines which is known with its lower and cheaper one. Many tourists decide to take this Toyota car as their choices to visit places like Tagaytay, Baguio, and some high place like Mayon Volcano recreation. (Also read about: The Performance Of Toyota Fortuner 2014 Philipines)

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2015 Toyota Fortuner Philippines For Stylish People - Toyota Cars Review

2015 Toyota Fortuner Philippines For Stylish People
2015 Toyota Fortuner Philippines For Stylish People, Car is one of important need for people in the modern era like today. To have beautiful and elegant car can be the style for people to show their prestige in front of their people. To gain this purpose, people will look for the best car as their car. One of the best cars in this year is 2015 Toyota Fortuner Philippines that have modern style that is suitable in this year.2015 Toyota Fortuner Philippines is the best choice for people to find themselves in stylish one. The stylish one in this car can be seen in the variations of this car. People for instance can find the kind of new Toyota fortuner 2015 Philippines in the model. Like other Toyota fortuner, this one also one of the rising star in the SUV auto mobiles. This one also has 163 horse powers that can run fast and elegant one in the road.Most people also will look the appearance of the car as their priority to get their car. In the 2015 Toyota Fortuner Philippines, people will find the elegant car that can give strong sense because this one has large in body that has beautiful one. To see this beautiful one, for example, people can find the kind of black decoration 2015 Toyota Fortuner Philippines. This one has larger spaces because this one has cabins inside. People also can have more space in their leg when they are driving this car.Furthermore, 2015 Toyota Fortuner Philippines also can be found in the size of their exterior that is beautiful. Besides, this car uses chassis that can be longevity in any weather. The reason is that this chassis is made by high quality of steel. Moreover, this material is also will make the car balance when people are driving this one. (Also read about: The Performance Of Toyota Fortuner 2014 Philipines)

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Get Glamour Car With Using Toyota Fortuner USA - Toyota Cars Review

Get Glamour Car With Using Toyota Fortuner USA
Get Glamour Car With Using Toyota Fortuner USA, You want new car? You want muscular car? You must don’t worry about that. There is one car that can make you look in more elegant, look muscular and look in glamour. One car is recommended for you is Toyota Fortuner. Toyota Fortuner divides in some model that depends on the country where this car is made in. One model that can be your recommended is using Toyota Fortuner USA.Toyota fortuner USA is one model of Toyota Fortuner that has excess rather than another model. At this year Toyota Fortuner in USA will be release one new Toyota Fortuner that can make you to amazed with this car. This car has good engine and performance. The engine of this new car is using engine that can produce up to 163 horsepower. This car also has variant a 2.7litre engine that can generate 160 hp and another type only with using 2.5litre engine this car can producing 140 horsepower. This car can you use in manual and automatic transmission.Toyota fortuner USA also has development in the interior and exterior from the car. The exterior of the new Toyota fortuner USA look in more modern and more better rather than the previous car. The exterior designs in high class design that can make you look more elegant. The interior of this car is also development in the interior design and also the system. This car can make the passengers can feel comfortable when in the car although they have long journey.Toyota fortuner USA will be release soon in this year. You can bring this new car in your journey with only pay the price arrange in 45.000-50.000usd. It only the expecting price, from the official price will be announced soon. So, choose this new Toyota Fortuner you can get your elegant values, glamour but still in comfortable drive. (Also read about: The Performance Of Toyota Fortuner 2014 Philipines)

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