2017 Renault Talisman Release - Renault Cars Review

2017 Renault Talisman Release
2017 Renault Talisman Release , 2017 Renault Talisman is a new sedan, the D segment of society. This sedan has a charismatic name, which symbolizes the character of the vehicle. 2017 Renault Talisman be on the market to replace Laguna third generation models. However, the term is not new and so far unused. 2001 Renault introduced the concept under the name of Talisman, and also in some Asian sales model with that name markets.Although marketed as a substitute in 2017 Talisman has almost nothing common with the Laguna model. In addition to being a family-oriented vehicles. New Talisman not exceed the current model Laguna. There are more than 485 cm wide, 187 cm and 146 cm high. Wheelbase 281 cm is, allowing a large passenger comfort. The vehicle is designed to carry five passengers, with a capacity of 608 liters of load, can lead to great luggage.As design solutions for 2017 Renault Talisman, at least, it seems Laguna model. The new model is a combination SUV Kadjar Space and design into a sedan model. Many describe it as a refined sedan. When preparing to pay attention to almost every detail. At first glance, the robust features, Talisman is actually a set of sophisticated lines and innovative technologies. Ornament specific grille, LED headlights and daytime running lights L-shaped, with a new design in the Renault company.The interior is similar in many aspects to model space. Talisman sedan cabin in 2017 is dominated by the infotainment system with the type of touch screen tablet. Renault 2/2 system with a touch screen of 8.7 inches R-Link. In the center console there is a button. He is the infotainment system controller R-Link. 2017 Renault Talisman 4Control is available with all-wheel drive. 2017 Renault TalismanThe offer of drive units of the new 2017 Renault Talisman model consists of two petrol and two diesel engines. The most powerful engine offered is a TCE turbo petrol engine of 1.6 liters with 200 horsepower. Another smaller gasoline engine has 163 horsepower and a displacement of 1.2 TCe turbo. And diesel engines are provided with a turbocharger. For example, 1.5 dCi turbo diesel that delivers 110 horsepower and has CO2 emissions of less than 95 grams per kilometer. 1.6-liter dCi diesel has two variants. In one develops an output of 130 hp, and the second, of 160 CV.

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