2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - Land Rover Cars Review

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport
2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport, Pricing for this new model is going to be situated between the Evoque and the Discovery, so expect a larger and more upmarket Evoque with better styling and also more room and comfort inside. Price for the new Discovery Sport has just been announced at 39.000$ for the base car and around 55.000$ for the more powerful version. It will be launched on sale around the mid of 2015, so expect a few changes to be made to the final version of the car.As we previously said, on the interior it will be roomier than the Evoque. This car will be one of the few cars that offers a 5+2 seating option. This means that the first five passengers sit just like in a normal car while the other two will be facing the rear of the car. This is a similar setup as that found on the Tesla Model S. Basic features include climate control, a premium audio system with a subwoofer as well as fully electric front seats. You will also be able to select a massive moon-roof that can be opened, a triple zone climate control and also a navigation system with a rear view camera to help you in those tight spots.