2019 Range Rover SV Coupe Model Engine - Range Rover Cars Review

2019 Range Rover SV Coupe Model Engine,  Since 1970, the company has been tweaking its SV series to add a touch of class that is normally not on the agenda for small cars. With every new generation, the interiors grew more lavish and the performance becomes unparalleled.  

Range Rover SV Coupe Model

This coupe promises to be an apex model. The fact that only limited editions (999 vehicles) will be launched across the globe, there is a possibility that advance bookings for the cars will close in a short while.The cars will be assembled by hand at the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Technical Centre, Warwickshire, Britain. Externally, the prototype resembles its twin of the yesteryears. The engine for the 2019 Range Rover series will have 557 HP, and going by the claims at the presentation, this promises to be the fastest SV coupe for all time. The 5lt V-8 coupe engine has a torque of 516lbs/foot.

The Range Rover SV coupe claims to have a pick-up of 165MPH in a record 5 seconds. Other amazing technical specification include ZF 8-speed automated transmission, locking differential in the rear and a 2-speed transfer.Keeping their tradition for all-terrain SVs, this model too gives the buyers custom driving modes. You can choose from Eco, muddy, rock crawling, dynamic, skidding grass/snow/rain/gravel, or just old-fashioned comfort and luxury. Built slightly shorter in height, it gives the coupe more scope for easy maneuverability.

To adjust its height for unfavorable terrain, the SV coupe’s suspension will raise the chassis by 1.6 inches. Even if you are driving at a speed less than 50MPH, you will enjoy the ride. At slower speeds of 31MPH, the suspension raises to a 3.0-inches maximum level.

via : Range Rover