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2015 Suzuki iV-4
2015 Suzuki iV-4, The 2015 Suzuki iV-4 is a new generation who presented at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show as a compact SUV cars. The 2015 Suzuki iV-4 was designed very attractive for ready to compete with the other famous modl. The 2015 Suzuki iV-4 Was made into a four-door. It is designed to accommodate up to five passengers. Built a front grille with five slots like on the Jimny. The engine hood is folded like in the Grand Vitara. The wide rear with a contrasting black roof reminiscent of the Range Rover Evoque. Front LED lights are polygonal. LED fog lights are rectangular. On the back of the set were redesigned rear LED lights. It will be made and two chrome exhaust pipes unique shape. This model will be implemented next generation of 4WD technology Allgrip. Special attention was paid to secure and facilitation driving on city roads.

A combination of all the options of small and large systems. This enables a configuration of the car of their choice. Dimensions: length 4215 mm, width 1850 mm and height 1655 mm. Wheelbase will be at 2500 mm. Mounted on the large 20-inch alloy wheels. On the center console motiran will be touchscreen. Equipped with the latest infotainment system. It also has electronic stability control. Based on the data on the dimensions of Suzuki iv-4 Concept vehicle, which are as follows: length 4.21m, width 1.85m, height 1.66m wheelbase of 2.5m, individuals have found it necessary to say that, this vehicle is intended the Indian market. In this field, new competitors Suzuki iv-4 SUV 2015, would be the Ford EcoSport and Nissan Terrano. If they do find a provider in India, some sources state that this compact SUV could be equipped with 1.3L diesel and 1.2L petrol engine. When we add the ALLGRIP facility, or the future generation of 4WD technology, that is perfectly suited to SUVs, 2015 Suzuki SUV, without barriers can take this market.

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