Nissan Micra 2016 Review - Nissan Cars Review

Nissan Micra 2016 Review
Nissan Micra 2016 Review, This is one of the best gifts Olympic 2016 are going to get. You can drive this car throughout your city and celebrate Olympic. The golden color will not be limited to sides and interior. This color will also be there on the roof, wheels, mirrors and spoilers. The list does not end there. Golden color has been provided on air vents, steering wheel and seams of seats. The dash board of this car will be molded with gold medal shade color.In all probability, Nissan Micra 2016 will be a limited version. This trick has been performed by many brands before and nothing new. The trick is to bring out a car with new makeover based on some event and making it a limited version one. The car looks really wonderful with its gold medal color covering lower part of this car including wheels the rest of it is white color.Headlights are of unique shape and LED made. They have got high quality reflectors fitted inside which reflect most part of the light. Grille portion is divided in two sections, the smaller one of which lies just below bonnet. Larger part lies in center of front damper. There are fog lamps as well of small radius on two corners of front damper.Ground clearance has been lowered for Nissan Micra 2016 which has enhanced the appearance of this car. They have made sure that there is least chance of this car to hit the road. Nissan has kept mum about specifications of this car. It is still under production the only reason for this facelift as stated by Nissan is Olympic Games. They wanted to release something unique for Olympics especially and they thought Micra is best for this purpose.

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2015 Nissan Micra Features - Nissan Cars Review

2015 Nissan Micra
2015 Nissan Micra, As far as the exterior is concerned, with its unusual grille and short-body styling, the 2015 Nissan Micra is actually a cute little vehicle, which can be a sword with two blades for some vehicles, but this little model pulled it off. When it comes to the exterior features, the list is as short as you would expect for a car with that price. It comes with 15-inch steel wheels, manually-adjustable side mirrors, rear drum-brakes, and locks that must be turned with a key, but don’t worry, it is designed in a way that doesn’t allow you to slam the door by mistake, and leave your keys inside.2015 Nissan Micra interior viewRegarding the cabin, the good news is that that the 2015 Nissan Micra comes with a bigger interior space than the previous model. When it comes to back area, it comes with a 265 l of trunk space, and just enough space for 2 adults. The improvements done on the interior are a bit more acceptable, but it still comes with some less visible, low quality materials. As far as the technology is concerned, there are six radio station pre-sets on the stereo system, and an adjustable speed-sensitive volume control. You can also play a CD or connect the iPod to the system (of course, forget the Bluetooth connectivity, you will have to plug it in the old fashion way, with a cable) but considering the price of the car, you can’t actually expect more.2015 Nissan Micra

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2016 Nissan Micra Price and Specs - Nissan Cars Review

2016 Nissan Micra Price and Specs
2016 Nissan Micra Price and Specs, We can’t say much about the interior design of the 2016 Micra because the company keeps the details under wraps, but having in mind the competition is getting stronger every day, we expect the interior design of the newcomer to be outstanding and excellent. The vehicle will probably get a new platform, a bigger one of course. A bigger chassis means more space and more comfort for passengers inside of the cabin. The rear passengers will be offered more legroom, and overall headroom will also be bigger. Standard features that will arrive with the newcomer are 7-inch tablet-like infotainment system, electric front seats, and an audio system with 6-speakers, automatic climate control and many more.2016 Nissan Micra review and mpgAs for the exterior design of the vehicle, the 2016 Nissan Micra will get a new look. It will probably be drastically different from the vehicles we’ve already seen on the roads. The newcomer will probably be based on the Nissan Renault V platform, just like the charming Clio 4 or Renault Twingo. The upcoming model is expected to follow the new design language of the company used in some other models like X-Trail and Quashqai. The overall design of the 2016 Nissan Micra will be more aggressive and sharper, thanks to more angular lines. Let’s now check what the 2016 Nissan Micra hides under its hood.2016 Nissan Micra lights

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2016 Nissan Micra - Nissan Cars Review

2016 Nissan Micra
2016 Nissan Micra, French carmaker Renault has merely revealed that it will be accountable for making the following 2016 Nissan Micra supermini. Adhering to a EUR7 million ($9m) investment, the Le Mans factory will be accountable for assembly of chassis elements.While the current generation of Nissan Micra subcompact is a fascinating auto, particularly after the facelift, it hasn’t already handled to attain the very same degrees of success as its predecessor, which was phased out in 2010. By changing manufacturing from Sunderland (UK) to India, Nissan has actually created not just a picture issue, but additionally among competitiveness.The 2016 Micra will certainly be produced at Renault’s LeMans factory in France, which will certainly be used to export the car to developed countries. On the various other hand, Renault-Nissan’s joint manufacturing facility at Oragadam, Chennai would certainly function as an export center for developing nations.Despite being smaller sized compared to the majority of its rivals, the Micra is occasionally more pricey to purchase and does not have the premium European feel. The 2016 Nissan Micra will be based upon an all-new platform that is the Common Module Family (CMF) design. The CMF design is extremely important for future Nissan and also Renault products. The Renault small hatchback, codenamed XBA will be the very first CMF-A based automobile for Indian market, coming in 2015. The future generation Nissan Micra would be based on the CMF-B system, which it will certainly show the next-gen Renault Clio.If media records are to be thought, the new hatchback would obtain new name as opposed to the Micra badge. Contributing to it, the feature set of the Indian-spec model is most likely to be various from the export model. It will certainly be longer compared to the outward bound model as well as is furnished with new super engine to provide high performance as well as gas performance.

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Nissan Micra 2017 redesign - Nissan Cars Review

Nissan Micra 2017 redesign
Within such low range, they have tried to provide features beyond the range. This time, the facelift will be done in the Paris originated plant of Renault called Flint. Do you want to know what the specialty of this version of Micra is? Nissan is designing this version keeping in mind the Olympics 2016 and Nissan Micra 2017 will feature many themes of Olympic. There will be lines of golden color on the side of this Micra. These were all changes that you would observe on the exterior.But Nissan has taken care of its interior and technical department. They will bring many changes in the performance section as well. This time Micra 2017 will have fresh new bumpers along with improved grille sections. There will be LED make headlights and tail lights. Lights and bumpers are hugely responsible for bringing change in exterior. This fourth generation car will have improved driving experience now due to enhanced aero dynamical changes brought about by engineers.Micra is really cute to look at due to its compact structure, but you will get almost all things you need in a car of present generation. Another remarkable feature about this facelift is that Nissan is going to increase its interior space this time. This is possible due to changes in seat structure where you do not have to compromise comfort for increased cabin space. In all probability, higher versions of this car will get heated seats which can be controlled manually. There will also be more functionality on the dashboards of those versions.

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2016 Nissan Micra Release Date and Price - Nissan Cars Review

2016 Nissan Micra Release Date and Price
2016 Nissan Micra is built by Nissan with some interesting innovations and it has a new look with few changes to upgrade this car a bit different from the previous model. It is reported that the car will go with more exciting look even flashy as the solution to give a more acceptable version of 2016 Nissan Micra.Exterior Some reliable sources reported that the 2016 Nissan Micra could be the perfect option especially for you who love riding car around crowd. The car has the dimension with the length for about 150.6 inches, height about 60 inches and width about 66.5 inches. It is also a well-balanced car that is very energetic. The company offers it with five doors along with high-quality exterior colors. Because the major overhaul, this car has new and even modern look. There will be two parts divided around the front cover and it is brightened because the support of high-gloss chrome accent. The more contentious and updated contour headlamps are presented with improved lighting around the alluring fog lights. It is interesting to know that the car has rounded top line and it gives better visibility. In the middle of the tailgate, there are vertically mounted lights and big lock to offer compact design.

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