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2015 KIA Optima    Review
2015 KIA Optima Review, One inevitable fact is that the sedan will come with further improvements to the earlier model given the other car releases from rival companies. However whether KIA has sought to address the customer needs in terms of overall design, interior space and generally affordability in the mid-range Sedan category. It is quickly coming into terms that it’s difficult to please all people all the time, eventually compromise has to be reached.
The exterior appearance is an improvement and would rival the other models in the category like Mazda 6 or Ford Fusion. A sharper looking front has been added, with an inclusion of LED fog lights that spruce up its overall look. Perhaps it’s natural for the tail of most of the forth coming cars to be revised and the Optima is no exception. Whether it is for aerodynamic purposes or just improved general appearance; KIA seems to have pushed the envelope on the optima’s new tail.
One cannot deny that (4 years ago to be precise) KIA was the leading car manufacturer in terms of design in the midrange sedan category. However it remains evident if the interior design is anything to go by. The interior has been termed “roomy” by most pundits with plenty of leg space. However, when it comes to interiors, aside from the need for space, the exquisite design is often paramount and in this case, is what sets it apart from the others.
The 2015 KIA optima come with a V6 engine and four cylinder powered engine might seem as a short end of the stick for lovers of power. However, depending on the choice, turbo charge and hybrid models are equally available for car lovers who put performance ahead of anything.2.4 litre direct injection gives a total of 200 horse power and six speed transmissions is a modest value in terms of performance but fuel economy has been improved compared to earlier models.

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