Nissan Patrol 2017 - Nissan Cars Review

Nissan Patrol 2017
Nissan Patrol 2017 , Since this upcoming Nissan Patrol 2017 is based on the same platform as the current model it is anticipated that the general body will be almost the same but with very noticeable differences. One of these noticeable differences includes the grille being restyled with the new grille adding personality and aggressiveness on the vehicle. There is also a well suited big bumper on the front area which is meant to protect some of the features. The vehicle also comes with rounded LED powered headlights that besides consuming much less power also make the vehicle look even more aggressive. One can also note the sharp fog lights that are carefully positioned on the grille. The back area of the Nissan Patrol 2017is fitted with sleek taillights that also use the LED technology and plays an important role in making the vehicle look sleeker. To further enhance the sleekness and elegance of this vehicle it has been fitted with tinted windows. The vehicle rides on huge wheels which are covered with aluminum to make them more attractive. These wheels work together with the suspension to improve driving dynamics of the vehicle.On the interior the Nissan Patrol 2017 has spacious seats which are covered with superior quality fabrics to provide riders with ultimate comfort and relaxation. The positioning of these seats provides ample cargo room on the back area therefore making this SUV ideal for a travelling family. For entertainment purposes this updated vehicle comes with a modern infotainment unit that works together with thirteen speaker audio speakers and Bose Sound System. The dashboard is friendly where the organization of the various attributes has been improved. On the dashboard there is a seven inch alphanumeric display screen that helps the driver control and monitor the various features of the vehicle. Users of this vehicle get to enjoy modern connection options through USB ports, Wi-Fi, wireless Bluetooth and smart phone integration. Temperatures on the interior remain cool at all times since the vehicle is fitted with a zonal climate regulator. There are also a number of safety options including airbags and safety belts.

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