2018 Nissan Civilian Models - Nissan Cars Review

2018 Nissan Civilian Models
2018 Nissan Civilian Models, The Nissan Civilian is using a W41 concept, that replaced the older W40 in 1999. Since then, the platform had three big changes. Following five years, BCW41 divided into ACW41 and DCW41. The last one continues to in existence. All these three versions experienced diverse suspension and wheelbase. However, now there are two trim levels of the minibus. The base version is SWB and it may take 21 travelers.

The second is even bigger. Complete 30 vacationers can see a place in LWB model. The minibus also provides various levels of equipment. Total 5 of these is available, and the top one is TX with BOSE audio system, Television projector, and lavatory.

via : Nissan