2015 Ford Mustang Concept - Ford Cars Review

2015 Ford Mustang Concept, The 2015 Mustang then again has been discharged in the mid 2014 and it looks like the idea however there are a couple of contrasts to it. Firstly, the configuration of the auto has been modified to better take after the Mark II Mustang which had European impacts all alone, so the auto looks more European than the past era.

Its value however continued as before at 22.000 dollars for a base model and up to around 65.000 dollars for an extraordinary version model, which from what the general population from Ford said, it will be discharged each year.Engine savvy, the idea had a great 5.2 liter suctioned V8 while the auto which was discharged recently will utilize a plenty of distinctive EcoBoost motors and in addition some suctioned more seasoned motors.

The base one will remain a 3.7 liter V6 with about 300 drive and 270 lb-ft of torque which is entirely great however it is precisely the same as the more established model. There are three extra alternatives, a 2.3 liter EcoBoost with 305 drive and 300 lb-ft of torque which is more intense than the base motor as well as no less than 20% more fuel effective. There is additionally accessible a 5 liter V8 with 435 strength and up to 400 lb-ft of torque.

2015 Ford Evos - Ford Cars Review

2015 Ford Evos, Most of the vehicles on which kinetic was tested were not released in US. These were models such as Mondeo, Focus for European market, or C-max. Well, that won’t be the case with 2015 Ford Evos. Recent vehicles from 2011 and 2012 are much closer to what we expect, but still not the complete platform was used. There will be much more modifications, in body language. Highlights are butterfly doors, but 2015 Evos is not just about that. Vehicles built on kinetic are more sophisticated, with smooth lines and visual lightness. It boost aerodynamic, and gives to Ford new face, the one that have never been seen before the Evos.As we said, 2015 Ford Evos styling is not just about butterfly doors. This is a four-seat sport car. It is shorter comparing to Focus. It has a lot of defined pillars of Ford global design. Evos will be a matrix for future Ford cars. These pillars are lightweight and pretty innovative in car industry. Outer lines are called ‘teardrop’, and it looks very nice. Surface is refined and body is sculpted smoothly. Creased door skins give additional aggressiveness to the new Ford Evos. Also, there are radically new lamps and lower body addenda. Headlights are larger and so it is on the back, with LED technology used for lightning. However, these are unique, razor-cut lamps that you have never seen before. Outside, there are also trapezoid grille and new-look hood. Interior details and information are not available yet, but judging on exterior, cutting-end technologies and features are guaranteed.

via : allaboutford.com