2017 Ford Expedition Luxury SUV Model V8 Engine - Ford Cars Review

2017 Ford Expedition Luxury SUV Model V8 Engine
2017 Ford Expedition Luxury SUV Model V6 Engine, A significant decline in sales in the segment of full-size SUV, the company made the radical moves. The Ford Expedition is present on the market for nearly two decades. He is the successor of the legendary Ford Bronco SUV. As such, he quickly accepted by customers, and belongs to the top segment of the full-size SUVs.

Ford Expedition SUV Model

All-new 2017 Ford Expedition will go through, which paved the new F-150 pickup truck. Like him, the new generation Expedition will go through a light-weighting process. Much of the vehicles will be made of aluminum and high-strength boron steel. Thus, the total mass of the vehicle to be reduced, which will significantly reduce fuel consumption. The same process is expected and luxury SUV version of the Expedition, Lincoln Navigator.

Ford Expedition V8 Engine

In order to improve the economy, reducing vehicle weight is only the first step. The new generation will be fitted with a new engine, and will receive a new transmission. After the announcement of the company, 2017 Expedition will run 5.4-liter V8 engine. As a replacement for it, is mentioned 3.5-liter Ti-VCT V6 twin-turbo engine with 365 hp and 420 pounds of torque. Boosted turbo charger and equipped with direct fuel injection system, the engine will provide great performance vehicle.

In addition, the fuel economy will be significantly improved. In addition to this engine, Ford announced the possibility of an engine of EcoBoost family. These engines are known for their exceptional economy and great performance.With the new engine, the 2017 Ford Expedition will be equipped with the new ten speed transmission. New intelligent SelectShift transmission with 10-speed gear box will be ready for a new generation of vehicles.

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2016 Ford Expedition el, diesel, limited - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Expedition el, diesel, limited
One thing about this new generation model is that it comes in multiple trim levels for the customers. This ensures that the customers are free to redecorate their SUVs in whatever way they please, without having to go through any major change in their dynamics. There are 8 trims that are available for this 2016 Ford Expedition is:A new design configuration has been added to this model of 2016 Ford Expedition in order to provide a trendier and more aggressive look than its previous versions. The features of this new design spec includes modified head lamps, new bumper design on the front along with an improved chrome modification on the outer grille design. New alloy wheels have been added with 22 inches rims, with optional tinted windows and a larger cab.Interior aspects of this model are entirely based on its new technological upgrades. All forms of latest tech features will be added, including the likes of a new infotainment system – Ford’s latest “My Ford Touch”. It also features the latest audio system from Sony, with wireless connectivity usage and a central console offering a LCD display unit. Interior LED lighting is also a must to watch out for in this new Ford Expedition.Even though there are 8 trims available for this particular model, Ford has released only a single power train configuration to go with all these trims. A new engine will be added – a 3.5 liter Twin Turbo direct injection V6 cylinder Eco Boost power train – capable of generating around 365 HP of maximum power, as well as 420 lbs. feet of max torque. This whole unit will be couple along with a 6 speed auto gear box, and rear wheel drive train feature, even though an all-wheel drive version is available as an option.

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2016 Ford Expedition Released, MPG - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Expedition Released, MPG
The interior of the Expedition provides seating room for a maximum of 8 people. The cabin trim is enhanced with wood accents with a combination of stylish soft plastics. Seats on the other hand come in options of cloth or superior quality perforated leather. These choices are largely determined by the level of trim. Some advanced features incorporated in the Expedition include dual-zone automatic temperature control, wide screen monitors and an entertainment system. The rearview camera comes as standard on all trims.Although there are eight variations of the 2016 Expedition, Ford will only release a single powertrain configuration that will be fitted in all trims. It will come with a new 3.5L Twin Turbo V6 engine with Eco Boost. This engine is capable of producing 365HP and 420 lb-ft of power. The engine will be connected to a 6 speed automatic gear box system, although it will be a rear-wheel drive train. Even so, all-wheel-drive is available. Fuel economy is significantly improved from the earlier version. The base trim is rated 16/22 MPG. However, when using 4WD these numbers get lower to 15/20 MPG.When it comes to pricing of the 2016 Expedition, it is expected to start selling at $42,000 for the base trim. However, the higher trim versions will certainly cost higher than the base trim. According to insider information, expected release date will be next summer. Some hints have already been given with regard to what models will look like. The downsized powertrain will deliver slightly improved fuel economy. For now, the 2016 Expedition will maintain the boxy look.

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