2016 MINI Countryman - Mini Cooper Cars Review

2016 MINI Countryman
2016 MINI Countryman, The designers determined to do away with the classic look of its predecessor and come up with something totally new. The outline of the new2016 MINI Countryman hatchback is a close similarity of the new mini cooper. Several of the new features to be anticipated include: satellite navigation, leather wrapped navigation wheel as well as an automatic weather control all of which would be provided as an ordinary feature.MINI Countryman 2016 – InteriorCustomers must expect this model to be obscured with a black in addition to yellow camouflage. The front of this mini would be a semblance of a hatchback in addition to if not, then a close resemblance should be assumed. There would be chrome fittings adjacent a bigger front grille. Xenon and LED would be used for both the headlight and taillights. Since this 2016 MINI Countryman look bigger than its predecessor, it is supposed to have more space to accommodate more passenger. Wheels are 16 to 18-inch.MINI Countryman 2016 – EngineThere will be two type of engines presented in this car counting the petrol and the diesel engine. The model is anticipated to come with an improve from 1.6 engines to the 1.5 liter, 3 cylinder engine. The diesel edition of the engine would give out 115 horsepower with more toque than the petrol edition, 199 pound-feet of torque.Despite the fact that the new Mini Countryman’s close competitor are very expensive, the new Mini Countryman 2016 cost of this hatchback model would be placed at between $22,750 and $35,350. The car would be unveiled in 2015 but will be anticipated to hit the showrooms in 2016.

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2016 MINI Clubman - Mini Cars Review

2016 MINI Clubman
2016 MINI Clubman, The information about the engine of the 2016 MINI Clubman is yet to be known but the powertrain is expected to be borrowed from the Cooper.  The base of Cooper has 1.5 liter with 3 Cylinder engines which is cable of 134 hp and torque of 162 lb-ft.  The more powerful model has 2.0 liter with 4 cylinder engine which produce 189 hp with torque of 216 lb-ft. However, many people expect to get something better as the drive train of the new car.  It is expected to have all wheel drive with one configuration. The car is expected to have its engine running on diesel, petrol and a hybrid. However, the hybrid is to expect to be normal hybrid since it will be more interesting since it will offer more efficiency and performance.The new hybrid of 2016 MINI Clubman might have a 1.5 liter, three-cylinder which will be powering the front wheels. Integrated in this, the car will be a plug-in hybrid which will be powering only the rear wheels. The beauty for this arrangement will be found with the torque which will not overwhelm front wheels but which will also be providing the additional power in effective way. The torque and the power will be distributed in the best way while also improving with the weight distribution on at the car.

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