2016 Mercedes GLC Model Interior - Mercedes Benz Cars Review

2016 Mercedes GLC Model Interior, 2016 GLC is based on the latest generation C-Class vehicles. Beyond the platform, GLC SUV of the sedan model C-Class took and interior, as well as the drive unit. The new generation of models in the right-hand-drive configuration, for the first time on the market.

Mercedes GLC Model

Thus, the sale will be expanded into new markets, primarily in the UK market, as well as the markets of India and Australia.
Thanks to the longer wheelbase, GLC 2016 has considerably more space inside the vehicle. This provide passengers much more comfort. By dimensions, the new SUV is bigger than the previous model GLK. The exterior appearance of the vehicle gives much sportier style. The design of the whole body is more rounded.

The front and rear of the vehicle suffered aesthetic adjustments, and roof line goes towards the back. All improvements and benefits of the new C-Class, are transferred to the interior of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC. The interior is now far more stylish than ever.

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2016 Mercedes GLC Release - Mercedes Cars Review

2016 Mercedes GLC Release, Mercedes is going to keep to its traditional line up of passenger car designing when it comes to the designing of this latest beast of Mercedes GLC. A lot of benefits have arrived from the sporting branch of Mercedes, AMG, as this latest GLC features a more aggressive looking air dam that are backed with highlights made of satin feel and is armed with a grille that looks sportier than ever. This SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) features dynamic character lines on its body which are characteristics of Mercedes’ C-Class as well as headlamps powered by LED technology that are also a hallmark of C-Class. Architecture of the base and mechanical underpinnings will be same as those in Mercedes C-Class cars as both have been designed simultaneously. Using aluminium chassis which has very light weight along with high strength steel will reap its own benefits as it will considerably improve handling quality and fuel consumption figures. Latest news is that 2016 Mercedes GLC will be available in right hand drive system, which is a big wow for people of United Kingdom, Australia and other markets worldwide. With five big doors, longer wheel base, wider tracks, this second generation SUV from Mercedes will surely be able to attract customers like bees. Easily noticeable changes are being offered on this new 2016 Mercedes GLC. It is obviously going to look far better than its outgoing predecessor, the Mercedes GLK, which was everything but sporting a boxy and portly appearance that did nothing but gave a disgusting overall look to the car. But this latest 2016 GLC from Mercedes promises to change all that. With a refine, solid and consistent design, Mercedes’ latest GLC with put a finger on every lip. Featuring a five seat cabin along with state of the art designed stylish and sleek dash board complete with a touch enabled monitor housing the infotainment system, 2016 Mercedes GLC will truly define the true meaning of redefine. Space for accommodating luggage and cargo will come to something around a jaw dropping 450 litre. Latest looks and technology will also feature inside out in the gear knob, steering wheel instrument panel and seat designing.Rumors of the following engines are most trusted with a turbocharged 2.0 litre, four-cylinder with 241 horsepower petrol unit and a 2.1-liter four-cylinder diesel unit with turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine. These will be coupled by a power train with AWD or RWD.

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Mercedes GLC 2016 Release Date and Price - Mercedes Benz Cars Review

Another car with the leaked photographs spreading around the media is Mercedes GLC 2016. It is mentioned that the car has better look compared to the previous model. Based on the pictures, the car has some updates for the exterior which is more than the predecessor. It could be because the car needs to deal with some strong rivals including Audi Q5.Basically GLC is the newcomer for the Mercedes family but there will be a lot of modifications. The 2016 GLC also gets the concept of C-class including its features, performance and also materials while the engine will be a bit similar to the previous model. This car is redesigned in order to attract buyers especially for Chinese market.Speaking about the cabin, Mercedes GLC 2016 will be built with luxurious design. The D-shape for its body is presented with the similar design as its C-class model. The company is quite promising to grab some style elements from the S class too. This way will be the great solution for people who would like to see the combination of C-class and S-class design in this car. It sounds interesting that the car will get steering wheel, instruments, seats and switch gear that are redesigned based on the latest style from Mercedes.

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Mercedes GLC 2016 Review and Release Date - Mercedes Benz Cars Review

Mercedes GLC 2016, exterior and Interior. The concern to give some changes and improvements for Mercedes GLC 2016 is around the body. Mercedes wants it with luxurious atmosphere and style design. The body shape is in D and the front part of the car is a bit like c-class model. Moreover, attacks the company to reformat some details from the S-class. In this way, buyers will be surprised because all large scale of the classes are collected in this version. The good news is that it has the latest Mercedes steering wheel, seats, instruments and switchgear. Mercedes GLC 2016 go with radical design. The updated body will make it a more modern, because the high quality of design and materials. The strong rake screen angle comes from the c-class and this car is built to deal with five-door layout of the new BMW X 4 as the other strong rivals. Five people will support inside the large cabin. The swoopy Dashboard will give you comfort with the complete multimedia monitor.

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Mercedes GLC 2016 release date, review, price - Mercedes Cars Review

As far as the interior of Mercedes GLC 2016 is concerned, Mercedes has committed zero compromises in giving it a luxurious look and feel. The whole body has a D shape, and the front has the design similar to C-class models. The S class follower might be interested in it because it grabbed a few style from S class too.  This will make people taste about both the classes at once. Its steering wheel, switch gear, instruments and seats have been changed to latest Mercedes style.The new Mercedes GLC 2016 has lost the radical departure in this new model. The whole exterior design has been updated, and it now consists of modern, impressive materials and designs. The new design has got latest links towards C class with strongly raked screens angles. It has five doors, and there are plans to build another sportier model to rival against new BMW X4. Because of its design, it is said as a junior cousin of M class coupe. The GLC has a big cabin allowing five persons at a time. Like every C class car, it also has a swoopy dashboard that completes the multimedia monitor.The upcoming Mercedes GLC 2016 will have bigger wheelbase with wider tracks. This second-generation car claims to provide an engine with 4.0 liter V8 petrol engine that is the same case as AMG-GT and new C63 AMG. It’s another version will have four cylinders based V6 petrol/ diesel engine, all adopted from C class.The turbo charged diesel and petrol engine would be used with seven-speed or nine speed auto gear box. This is not the all, but buyers can ask for any additional services like rear driven services and four wheeled drives, etc.

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