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2016 Scion iA Review
2016 Scion iA Review , The new Scion iA is expected to be incredibly affordable, starting at $16000, and for that money, will provide a stylish and elegant ride. Our article will talk you through some of the expected features when it comes to specs and the interior.The release date for the Scion iA is still largely unknown – especially when it comes to the exact date – but the manufacturer and other outlets suggest that it is due to for shipping imminently, and a release date in the last quarter of 2015 is the most plausible estimate of the Scion iA’s release date.2016 Scion iA release date: late 2015The interior of the Scion iA is similar to that of the Mazda 2 hatchback. However, there are notable features in the 2016 version which will bring new life to the design, and give a better user experience for the driver. Among these include a three pronged steering wheel for the inner-race car driver-feel, and a central user display feature which mean that the interior feels a bit more space-age, or at least modern, than previous iterations of the same car.These things add to a sense of luxury, as well as providing what is essentially a tool for every job. The car has a built in multimedia system, it has a very adaptable back seat configuration for families and single people alike, and it has those handy things we’ve come to expect of modern cars such as rear-cameras to help with reversing into parking spaces.2016 Chevrolet Spark release date

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