2016 Lincoln MKT Interior Model Features - Lincoln Cars Review

2016 Lincoln MKT Interior Model Features
2016 Lincoln MKT Interior Model Features, This full-size luxury SUV was introduced back in 2008 at the NAIAS in Detroit. As a 2010 model appeared on the market and it is the second Lincoln’s crossover model. MKT is placed above the MKX mid-size crossover, and below the larger Ford Expedition SUV. T character in the name is an abbreviation of Touring. It is set on the Volvo-designed D4 platform, used by the Ford Flex and Ford Explorer SUV models, and as such has no direct predecessor.

Lincoln MKT Model

Products in Oakville Assembly plant. In the beginning the vehicle design was based on the Lincoln MKR Concept and Lincoln MKS full-size luxury sedan models. However, MKT uses a completely different elements of the body. A large number of elements of the vehicle are made of stamped aluminum and magnesium. This trend will be retained and at 2016 Lincoln MKT. This structure of the vehicle, with the economical and efficient engines, gives great fuel consumption.

Lincoln MKT Interior Features

The 2016 MKT offers a choice between two three rows seating arrangements: either a seven-passenger seating capacity with two persons in the front, three in the middle, and two in the back; or a six-passenger variant, where there is a center console in place of a middle seat in the second row. 2016 Lincoln MKT will keep driver units from the current model.

Specifically, these engines are upgraded and offer better performance and better economy than the engine from competing models on the market. For example, the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine develops more power and lower fuel consumption compared to the 4.2-liter V8 FSI engine that drives the Audi Q7 quattro.

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2016 Lincoln MKT Price, Review, Release - Ford Cars Review

2016 Lincoln MKT Price, Review, Release
2016 Lincoln MKT Price, Review, Release, The 2016 MKT from Lincoln is expected to be constructed on the Volvo D4 platform of the Ford Explorer and the Flex sport utility vehicles. Regarding external dimension, the 2016 MKT from Lincoln is bigger than the MKX and smaller than the Ford Expedition. It would come with the same exterior style of the 2013 model MKT, but with somewhat redesigned front grille that offers it an exciting exterior look. The back part of the vehicle also has some minor tweaks. Most of the exterior elements of the new SUV are prepared with frivolous materials, such as magnesium and aluminum, with the intention of reducing its body weight and improving its performance and fuel economy. Lincoln has paid much more attention to the interior of the new 2016 Lincoln MKT luxury crossover than to its exterior. Much importance has been given to the comfort and the safety of the passengers and the driver while designing its cabin.

Lincoln releases the new crossover SUV with two types of cabins with three rows of seats to accommodate seven or six passengers. The seven seating cabin will provide accommodation for two passengers in the front row, three in the middle row and two in the third row, whereas the six-seating cabin will provide accommodation for two passengers equally in the first, second and third row. Other than these seating configurations, the 2016 MKT comes with same internal features as that of the MKS and MKX vehicles in the Lincoln array.Under the hood of the new Lincoln MKT 2016 equips two types of engine to provide it with improved performance and mileage. The first and the base engine will be a V6, Ti-VCT mill with the capacity of 3.7 liters to offer the required maximum power and torque of 303 HP at 6,500 RPM and 278 lbs per foot at 4000 RPM respectively.

This engine when combined with a six-rated paddle shifter SelectShift automatic transmission, the front-wheel drive variant a mileage of 17 mpg when the vehicle is driven within the city 25 mpg when it runs on the highways. The second engine is an optional engine, which is a V6, twin-turbocharged mill with the capacity of 3.5 liters direct-injection engine to provide the vehicle with the maximum 365 HP power at 5,500 RPM and 350 lbs per foot torque at 1.500 – 5.250 RPM. This engine is suitable for those who need more power and torque. When this engine is coupled with the same automatic transmission as of the 3.7-liter engine, the all-wheel drive variant of the new Lincoln MKT a mileage of 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highways.

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2016 Lincoln MKT Specification - Lincoln Cars Review

2016 Lincoln MKT Specs
2016 Lincoln MKT Specs, Originally based on Lincoln MKS and MKR Concept models, the 2016 Lincoln MKT will now be based on different types of elements such as stamped aluminium and magnesium. The advantage that this structural layout provides is that it makes the vehicle excellent in fuel efficiency, light in weight and greater handling mechanics on road. Visually, the upcoming MKT will have its traditional eye-catching grille, unique headlight design and large air intakes. There are speculations that this car’s rear would go through some revisions, but we are yet unsure how far that is true. Contrary to the changes we find in the exteriors of this car, 2016 Lincoln MKT will have a lot more revamped interior design that combines safety and comfort elements with utmost ease. Similar to what we found in other Lincoln models, the MKT too will be fitted with MyFord Touch infotainment system to provide unparalleled level of entertainment. Additionally, there will be leather upholstered seats, quality furnishing and more cabin space to accommodate all its passengers. This three rows seven-seats in car will assuredly have some of the best techno features of the modern auto world. Even though the specifications have not yet been revealed, we expect a full assortment of exclusive new features like Satellite navigation, Automatic climate control, safety airbags, etc.2016 Lincoln MKT is a car that will offer a choice of engines that are customized to best suit the needs of its users. Compared to its previous model, this version will have engines that provide not only more power, but better fuel economy overall. There will be following engine options: 3.7 litre Ti-VCT V6 unit that will deliver a maximum of 303 hp and 278 lb-ft of torque, 3.5 litre twin-turbo V6 engine with direct-injection producing 356 hp and 250 lb–ft of torque. The first engine will be tied with a 6-speed SelectShift Automatic gearbox that will deliver power to the car’s front wheels while the second engine variant will be coupled with same type of transmission but will deliver power to all wheels of the car.

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