Hummer HX Concept - Hummer Cars Review

Hummer HX Concept
Hummer HX Concept, The Hummer HX Concept is based on a body-on-frame design platform. Other Hummers like H2 and H3 are using this platform, so we expect the new car to get a lot of features from these outgoing models. The platform involves the use of electro-galvanized steel and welded steel frame. In order to protect the car from off-road obstacles, the automaker will come up with a 13-inch ground clearance and a strong undercarriage protection.From the Hummer HX Concept, we can wait for a car with three removable roof panels. The panels are located above the driver seat, the passenger seats and at the rear end. Doors and fender flares are also removable. So we are generally waiting for a convertible Hummer. A matte olive paint will be the standard exterior color.Inside the cabin of Hummer HX Concept SUV, you will meet the same matte olive color. The entire interior is made of sheet metal with only a few parts carrying materials like rubber, ballistic nylon and fabric. You will also come across bucket-type seats, and others which are removable. The car will be designed to accommodate four passengers.

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