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2015 Honda Fit EV Review
2015 Honda Fit EV Review , This unique looking, economical little vehicle has a lot of personality to offer, as more and more people seek to go gas-free in their daily travels.One of the nicest features that I like about the Honda Fit EV 2015 is its 3 different driving modes to choose from. You can commute back and forth to work in Normal mode, which will do just fine for purposes such as this.Or, you can switch into Eco-mode to save on power when travelling a bit farther. In this mode, depending on where you’re headed, you may not even need to have the battery fully charged to reach your destination.Finally, there’s the Sports mode. This is the mode that’s the most fun to drive in according to owners of this electric powered car. The horsepower range of these 3 modes goes from 63 to 100, all the way up to 123.

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