2015 Chevy Colorado Review - Chevrolet Cars Review

2015 Chevy Colorado  Review
2015 Chevy Colorado Review , There is a change expected though to this trend with much anticipated Chevrolet Colorado, which should boost the sales in the small and midsize truck segment along with Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma. With its design, power and fuel efficiency, 2015 Chevy Colorado should completely reinvent the mid size truck market.The 2015 Chevy Colorado will be significantly different than its older models with new looking fog lamp surrounds, new grille and a reshaped headlamp. The interiors of the truck has also been completely redone. The dashboard and the instrument panel looks all new and the touch screen of the car will sport a new communication feature called MyLink. It will be easy to remain connected with the outside world in Colorado 2015. MyLink connects your Smartphone through Bluetooth or USB. You can hear all your incoming text messages. You can also send preset text messages. You can also place a call or listen to your favorite radio station. MyLink connects you with all your gadgets with your touch or voice command.
You can have a quieter ride in Colorado with inlaid, triple sealed doors with thick windshields and glasses. This makes sure that there is no noise coming inside. This make your ride a pleasure.

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2015 GMC Canyon Review - GMC Cars Review

2015 GMC Canyon Review
2015 GMC Canyon Review, Do you need a fuel efficient truck for your utility purposes? Then the 2015 GMC Canyon is the best to go for. It is built for all road conditions and it travels all terrain without consuming much fuel. It does not require full size commitment like the previous versions of the GMC brand. The tires are built to last long and they have very firm grip on terrain. It can therefore travel on any kind of terrain, be it clay, sand, wet or dry terrain. The engine is a 4.3 liter V6 affair. It comes with automatic transmission to make maneuvering a lot easier.The engine is expected to be more powerful and lots more efficient than any of the previous brands of GMC.  As it had been hinted above, it is not as big as what had been obtainable in past brands. The manageable size is sure to steal the show from other products in the market. Feelers reaching us indicate that the cost will not be as obtainable in other similar products in the market. Both the interior and exterior of the 2015 GMC Canyon have received lots of touches to make it really special and top of the line in quality.As it had been hinted above, the 2015 GMC Canyon is expected to be built with fuel economy as one of its main features. Expectant buyers need to also know that there is no plan to build diesel model of the truck. The 2016 GMC Canyon will most probably get 2.8-liter Duramax four-cylinder turbo diesel engine.The 2015 GMC Canyon is built especially for hauling and towing. The handling is top of the line and the cabin is built with top of the line technology. The 2015 Canyon also comes with highly improved aerodynamics to ensure fuel consumption is reduced to the barest minimum. The headlight is LED. It has 3 section grilles. It is built with leaf spring rear and coil over front suspension. It also comes with electric power steering to make maneuvering lot easier than you have ever experienced before in any of the past models.

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Best Pickup Trucks 2015 - Ford Cars Review

Best Pickup Trucks 2015
Best Pickup Trucks 2015, A standout amongst the most unmistakable among the current year’s top models, especially regarding its market vicinity, is the business’ top of the line vehicle of any sort, the Ford F150 full-measure pickup truck. Lighter in weight for the purpose of efficiency yet no lightweight regarding its abilities, Ford merchants have been restlessly anticipating the entry of another F150 taking after progressive model years that saw modified pickups from Chevrolet, GMC, Ram and Toyota touch base to exploit reestablished interest for huge trucks.Best New Pickup Trucks 2015Think Ford F-150 capacity has been extraordinary before? Today’s all-new F-150 is built lighter** (by up to 700 lbs. (317 kg)) than its antecedent, yet its more grounded than at any other time in recent memory and conveys best-in-class* payload and tow evaluations. Towing is simpler for this F-150. Furthermore, simpler for you, as well, with new innovations that help you get your trailer joined quicker and continue everything working legitimately. What’s more, out and about, electronic trailer influence control gives the strength and control to help you take care of business proficiently and securely.Best New Pickup Trucks 2015Truck Trend’s specialists were instantly captivated with the all-new 2015 F-150, which is stacked with development, beginning with an all-aluminum body. An industry first in any truck portion, the utilization of aluminum permits the F-150 to shed weight as well as increment ability, as the weight diminishment straightforwardly enhances the truck’s towing and pulling limits. The F-150’s weight diminishment likewise helps in fuel proficiency picks up and enhanced taking care of and braking. Actually, the 3.5L EcoBoost V-6–equipped model in this test permitted the F-150 to overwhelm each instrumented test classification, while conveying the best normal and most noteworthy mileage of any ½-ton in the test. It was likewise lighter than the other two ½-ton sections, by 465 pounds when contrasted with the Chevrolet Silverado and an amazing 616 pounds not exactly the Toyota Tundra. Likewise, the 2015 F-150 additionally includes a present day and more aeromechanic configuration, a fantastic suite of cutting edge advancements, an agreeable lodge, and four productive powertrain decision.“Passage appears to have discovered a sweet spot in the ½-ton pickup portion, conveying a convincing blend of effectiveness and ability, while as yet conveying an improved driving background that American customers interest,” says Sean P. Holman, content chief for Truck Trend. “What we put these trucks through was downright overwhelming, and it was the F-150 that reliably inspired our specialists.”The Ford F-150 is best new pickup trucks 2015 of the Year recompense after a requesting weeklong test contained many miles of execution testing, pulling, towing, efficiency, and going 4×4 romping extremely imperative trains in which truck proprietors anticipate that their vehicle will be skilled.

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