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2016 Ford Ranger usa, diesel,
2016 Ford Ranger usa, diesel,, 2016 FORD RANGER: REDESIGN EXTERIOR AND INTERIORThis new truck, 2016 Ford Ranger, shall be based on the Ford Atlas platform just like the F-150. There will use of high grade aluminum and specially light steel which will reduce its weight significantly and therefore bring in excellent fuel consumption. Use of these materials will also make this model a highly reliable truck and as well as exceptionally durable. Again, its exterior will acquire a new look since its grille will be redesigned while the headlights will have sharper lines which shall contribute to a much more forceful look. The front and rear bumpers will be refreshed too, giving this new 2016 Ford Ranger a more attractive appearance compared to the serious look of the current model.Its interior will come with great features, new modern materials and comfortable seats. Its automakers have placed the safety of its users at a greatly advanced level. 2016 Ford Ranger is said to have five star safeties, thus placing it in the line of extremely secure vehicles. It is expected to have a spacious cargo area which will accommodate luggage capacity of 1000 pounds, making it an exceptional modern pick-up truck in today’s auto market. Furthermore, its interior will be improved by using high quality material and modern technological features like navigation system, USB connectivity, a 4.2 inch multi-functional display, Bluetooth, dual zone automatic climate controls, premium audio system, satellite navigation and air conditioning among many more. The cabin space will be sufficient enough with comfy seats and ample space for small things as well. There will be electric front seats while the rear passengers will be treated with dual screens.

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