2018 Ford Bronco Concept Release - Ford Cars Review

2018 Ford Bronco Concept Release
2018 Ford Bronco Concept Release, The 2018 Ford Bronco is supposed to be based off the Ford Atlas Concept, a truck that caused that inspired the revolutionary changes in the latest model of the Ford F150. The Atlas Concept inspires the use of lighter more durable materials to make tough yet sturdy vehicles for off-road and on-road travels. The Ford Bronco is not a truck, but this 2018 vehicle would be built on the same platform as the Atlas and have similar uses, such as off-road adventures and rugged, manly exterior that will impress any friends.The 2018 Ford Bronco does resemble a truck in its exterior but it does not have a truck bed and is slightly shorter in length than the F150. The Bronco is enclosed and has two doors, much like the cab of a truck. The Ford Bronco is like an SUV but manlier and more durable. The Bronco usually has an aluminum frame with options for several different exterior colors such as silver, maroon, and black. The 2018 model will probably have some of the same tried and true features that define a Bronco such as a square shaped roof and rounded headlights. The interior of the vehicle will probably boast the latest SUV style of furnishings that Ford has to offer. Leather seats in cool grey will probably be sported along with the latest gadgets such as heating and cooling front seats and the new navigation technology called My Ford Touch. There will probably also be options for adaptive cruise control and around view cameras so that you can see 360 degrees around the vehicle whenever the car is backing up. These speculations are based off the interior options for in 2015 Ford F150, the truck that is also closely based off the Ford Atlas Concept.

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2018 Ford Bronco Concept Rumors - Ford Cars Review

2018 Ford Bronco Concept Rumors
2018 Ford Bronco Concept Rumors, Ford will release the newest product of SUV line. This series is named 2018 Ford Bronco. As the common knowledge, the Bronco is the SUV car of Ford and has been lead for some decades, but in the era of 2000 the production of SUV line of Ford was postpone and surprisingly it will be continued on 2018.Ford as the manufacturer of 2018 Ford Bronco has not released yet the official price of that car. Ford still keeps the price as the company secret until the day of the car launching. In the production of SUV series, Ford keeps some detail information regarding the exact specification, the certain feature and the fix interior and exterior designs. In some review related to this car, it only provides limited information which can be shared. Ford promised that they will announce the official price of the new Bronco at the day before the launching date.Some experts estimated the specification of 2018 Ford Bronco, such as engine type that will be used in this car. There are two possible engine types. The first is V6 engine type with 2.7 liters or 3.5 liters. The capacity of both options is still be a questioned because the utilizing of V6 type is suited for those 2.7 liters and 3.5 liters. And the second is V8 with 5 liters capacity. This second option is relatively more rational rather than the first one. It is caused by the advance technology which used by the other manufaturer of SUV line, such as Hammer and Jeep. In order to compete with other company, Ford has to provide the special product in this new SUV line.The feature of 2018 Ford Bronco is completed with some modern tools, such as the music player and radio tools, the satellite or GPS feature. Those features are standard one which are commonly had by other SUV line. However, for Ford Bronco, those are the way to point out that the type of car is SUV and not the truck.The interior of this new Bronco is quite strong especially in the front line. There is significant difference between the first generation of Bronco 1966 and the newest 2018. It can be seen in the aluminum full body which covered up. And the interior design of this car is packed in the more stylish one with the modern feature and minimalist in th simple size. The seat is covered with leather in grey color. The utilizing of leather will give the high comfort for the passenger and the grey color is the best choice in order to adjust with the exterior accents. Meanwhile, in the exterior design, the car is provided in some colors, such as black, silver and maroon. Those colors give the strong and powerful effect for 2018 Ford Bronco.

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