2015 Ferrari California T Reviews and Price - Ferrari Cars Review

2015 Ferrari California T Reviews and Price
2015 Ferrari California T Exterior The California’s overall design hasn’t changed, the look has certainly become more aggressive. A new, more angular grille is flanked by the snarling lines of the side intake vents while just above, slimmer, more angular headlights rise along the sharply creased finders. Two scalloped indentations are at home on the reworked hood, giving it a much sportier look than then outgoing model. Around the side, the car’s flanks are said to be inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa ’s famous pontoon-fender styling.

The side vent’s sharp lines run rearward, almost meeting the heavily creased rear fender, breaking only to allow a neutral space for the door handle. Out back, the California has a much different look. A new vent appears just aft of the rear wheels that bleeds its lines into the rear fascia under the license plate scallop. Just below sits a completely reworked lower air defuser with three large fins and horizontally organized quad exhaust pipes. The round taillight pods still remain, as does the high-rising rear deck lid that accommodates the folded hard top. Beautiful five-spoke dark-grey alloy wheels with Ferrari’s famous yellow center cap put the finishing touches on the California’s stunning redesign. Like the previous generation, the 2015 ferrari California T features a retractable hard top that stows neatly in the trunk. A mere 14 seconds is all that’s needed to bring the outdoors in. 2015 Ferrari California T Interior

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2015 Ferrari California T Price, Turbo - Ferrari Cars Review

2015 Ferrari California T Price, Turbo
2015 Ferrari California T Price, Turbo, 2015 Ferrari California T already made ​​its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. With new designs and models, the new T California also gets the latest generation of magnetic suspension, upgraded springs and Ferrari third -generation carbon – ceramic brake system. 2015 California T using the new steering box and damper fresh Mangaride, who says Ferrari is 50 percent faster to respond.Along with a pair of twin-scroll snail, California T 3.9 – liter V8 produces 560 hp at 7500 rpm thanks to direct injection and a flat -plane crankshaft.

With a specific output of 145 hp per liter and some 556 pounds – ft of torque, the new drop -top coupe can hit 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. It was every bit as fast as F40, and 196 – mph top speed California T is not too much lower. Ferrari claims to have all but eliminated turbo lag with low inertia turbine new and Variable Increase its management systems, while reducing emissions by 20 percent and improve fuel economy by 15 percent compared to the outgoing model.

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2015 Ferrari California T Review, Price - Ferrari Cars Review

2015 Ferrari California T Review, Price
2015 Ferrari California T Review, Price, Ferrari California T sport come in 2015  , versatility and exclusivity that has distinguished every model of California since 1950 . T Ferrari California is a car full of innovations that will more than meet the expectations of discerning clients for whom fun behind the wheel is a priority , but who also demand luxury Grand Tourer comfortable they can use every day . The California T sprints from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds flat and from 0 to 200 km / h in 11.2 seconds . It is also more fuel efficient to the tune of about 15 percent of California earlier though punching out additional CV 70 and 49 percent more torque at gear 7 . Emissions have also been cut to 250 g / km in the combined cycle , equivalent to a 20 percent reduction CO2/horsepower ratio ( 0.44 g / cv ) . As a result, the range of cars increased by 15 percent , Turbo ( TPE ) take pride of place between two air vents in the center of the dash . It is a sophisticated instrument with a touch-sensitive scroll surround and a digital display that provides an indication to make the most efficient use of the new engine ‘s performance .

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