2016 El Camino SS - Chevrolet Cars Review

2016 El Camino SS
2016 El Camino SS, There are two engine types that is used by new El Camino SS. The first engine is V8 engine with capacity 6,0 liter for its base variant. This engine can produce maximum 360 horsepower. By using this engine, the people who drive it will feel like a F1 racer. Second engine from 2016 El Camino SS is 3,2 liter V6 engine which can generate 300 horsepower. By using these two types machine, Chevrolet has made a good modernization.

Talking about the design, this trademark gives a very good design in its car, both exterior and interior. The line of 2016 El Camino SS in trim level is higher up than its base variant before. A front grille of this vehicle has been redesign with a new style. Beside, the advanced of air intakes is as well as slight modification for both front and rear bumpers of this edition. When this car moves on the road in high speed, everyone will be spellbound in seeing. It is because its new alloy wheels is designed like a sporty car. Interior designs of that new edition are as good as its exterior design. Its seats are made from soft leather that is completed with heat control.

The purpose of using heat control in this new car is to make the driver and passenger feel comfortable and do not get hot from the machine under the seats. A cabin space of 2016 El Camino SS is bigger, so that the head and leg placement are more comfortable. One modern interior design on this car is an automatic air conditioning system. With this new AC system, driver and passenger do not need to control it manually.

Another specification from the new edition of Chevrolet is its features. Superbass audio system in this car is very modern. The person in this vehicle will feel like in the movie if they hear the sound that out from this superbass. Other features are navigation system that has moderated, touch screen centre console, cruise control and the most important thing is safety air bags for its passengers. Looking for the specification and details above, Chevrolet has made this new edition like another sporty car. The price of this car is not too much expensive. It is about $ 20,000. So, let starts saving from now to buy this 2016 El Camino SS.

via : 2016conceptcars.com