2015 BMW X6 - BMW Cars Review

2015 BMW X6
2015 BMW X6, According to industry experts, 2015 BMW X6 may not have the prettiest design but its appeal to customers across all ages has them completely mesmerized. Its exterior has been provided with twin kidney shaped chrome plated grille, curve accentuated rear end with front end bumpers provided having X shaped intersecting structures. It should also be noted that hood and grille structures bear resemblance to that in X5 in order to cut down manufacturing costs. In accordance with updated designs of exteriors, 2015 BMW X6 interiors have also been given uplift with a spacious and decent seating capacity coupled with an overall clean look. There is also an LCD display integrated with an infotainment system for passengers in the back seat. X6 features an accentuated cabin with aluminum finishing and fine lining with striped wood and oak.For maximum passenger comfort and cargo capacity, X6 has been provided a back seat having a capacity ratio of 40:20:40, a cargo capacity which is about 20.5 cubic ft. when all the seats are in perfect position. If the back seats are dropped, this increases available cargo capacity to about 53.9 cubic ft. According to company insiders, 2015 BMW X6 is being produced in two variant forms with specifically different trim designs namely – M Sport and X Line. M Sport is speculated to have a comparatively sportier look than its counterpart having standard aluminum matte for trim and superior quality air intakes. Both variant models will be having standard huge 19 inch wheels along with provisions for a larger 20 inch rim option also being available.

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