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2015 BMW i8 review  price
2015 BMW i8 review price, 2015 BMW i8 is a sports car with plug-in hybrid system.Also called a Grand tourer manufactured in Leipzig, Germany.Is the right choice for dynamic drive.What is the release date for the 2015 BMW i8?2015 BMW i8 drew the attention of every visitor who came to the Auto Show in New York.Everyone’s dream is to transit such a car.It will probably appear in some other auto shows this fall.In the U.S., sales should begin late this year or in the worst case right now with the beginning of 2015 year.2015 BMW i8 has really a fantastic line that results in an excellent aerodynamics and inviolable behavior on the road.Modern, aggressive and refined exactly which might be a car that comes from Germany.It measures 190 inches, 76 inches wide and only 51 inch high.It has been lowered so that the cornering behavior is very stable and perfectly.It has a fascinating LifeDrive architecture, which is made of a lot of carbon layers.The vehicle weighs only 1485kg.Strongly shaped and every detail carefully incorporated.On the front is a typical two-piece mask but slightly more aggressive than on the regular models.Thin sophisticated headlights are quite elongated and equipped with LED daytime running lights.Openings for air circulation are nicely integrated into the bodywork, which has two doors.On the hood is a big hole for the air that with its color and form goes to the roof and extends to the rear of the car.Rear wheel arches are pronounced, and ideally fit into the rear bumper, which is very strange but awesome designed.Rear LED lights stretch into strips and shape the world.But everything looks as a one piece.The door opens by swinging upwards and they are very streamlined.Handle to open the door are cleverly hidden and they are almost invisible.In the offer will be six new high quality exterior colors.

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2015 BMW I8 Review Release Date and Price - BMW Cars Review

2015 BMW I8 Release Date and Price
2015 BMW I8 Exterior2015 BMW I8 will have a weight light body. The materials are completed with aluminum chassis and carbon-fiber reinforced plastic will give a better look compared to the previous model. The aluminum chassis will work well especially for frontal cash energy. The car is built with two-seat as sport coupe car through swing-up doors will not bring regrets for the enthusiast. Moreover, it has an uncommon tall tires and wheel that could reach beyond the standard. The standard on 18 but at this car it has 20-inch wheels as the new variant of  BMW I8.2015 BMW I8 InteriorFor the interior, the car is completed with Scandinavian design which is simple and unique because of the uncommon materials used such as recycled fiber material usage and reclaimed wood veneer. Of course this idea brings a modern look for the 2015 BMW I8. The car is equipped with tall tunnel of battery pack. The passenger and driver will sit low. The seats of course bring comfort because the seats have a highly lightweight design.

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2015 BMW i8 – Engine Specs and Price - BMW Cars Review

2015 BMW i8 – Engine Specs and Price
The good think about the BMW i8 is the carbon fiber body which helps to keep its weight down. It comes with the plug-in hybrid drive train which allows electric range of 22 miles with total output of 357 horsepower. The car offers the dual personality between the powerful sport and efficient electric driving. The eco-pro, style and comfort makes it the car of the times as the i8 comes with accent lighting and screens around the cockpit when start button is pushed even when no combustion breaks out. When in the comfort mode, the (LCD) instrumental panel is tinted with power gauge and speedometer.BMW i8 2015 InteriorThe usual BMW’s rocker switch from drive modes when mounted on console when only offered Eco Pro and Comfort modes. This will lack the Sport Plus and Sport settings of BMW models. The button labelled eDrive as promised will keep the i8 to drive under electric power even when battery allows it. The car has upward opening doors with the low slung body which make it getting to the driver’s seat a real challenge.The high end luxury car from BMW comes with great combination of petrol engine and electric motor. The vehicle together with both the motors is capable to deliver 47.45 Kmpl of mileage which is truly unbelievable. This sports car is designed in precise way with the front axle driven by electric motor as the fitted rear one comes with 1.5-litre of petrol engine. It allows the vehicle to accelerate at 100 Kmph mark in just 4.4 seconds of lightening speed.BMW i8 2015 EngineBMW i8 is sophisticated vehicle which comes with special features that include the BMW eDrive technology and provides with great emission free experience of driving. It’s a package which includes lithium-ion high-voltage battery, electric motor and energy management system. Just at the touch of acceleration, the motor delivers maximum torque-250Nm.  Moreover, the innovative cooling mechanism keeps the battery at probable temperature which improves the durability and performance. Further the intelligent energy system join forces with turbocharged petrol engine and high voltage battery for delivering high performance at minimum consumption. This sports car on the other hand comes with unique ECO Pro mode which consumes the energy reserves to increase the mileage range by 20 percent.

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