Five Reasons Why BMW i3 Is Yet To Be A Huge Success In Germany - BMW Cars Review

Since I have spent some time in Germany lately, I “looked” around to identify some of the reasons why the i3 sales fell short of expectations.  In the end I came up with five reasonable reasons why BMW i3 is yet to be a success in the local market.For the most part, the findings are not backed by statistical figures, analytics or other data, and they are rather based on common sense. You will see that Europeans have a different way of doing things and how they perceive electric cars compared to the U.S. counterparts for example.BMW has always touted the BMW i3 as the perfect city car: attractive, lightweight, fast, low fuel consumption and small, so it can be parked anywhere. The problem is that transportation in Germany and Europe works different and arguably better than in other countries/continents.In my opinion, a significant obstacle in the way of adopting electric cars is the ultra-efficient German public transport system. If you live, for example, in BMW’s hometown Munich getting around in a car for anything but pleasure is a nuisance of epic proportions. Half the time, this magnificent city is locked in a serious traffic jam that literally grinds to a halt many times during the day.

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