BMW better at branding than VW - BMW Cars Review

BMW on the other hand has only three brands, including itself; BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce. And even though it would seem like VW might have the upper hand in terms of branding, I don’t see it. BMW is clearly superior due to the fact that all of its brands, though there are only a few, feel unique and different.MINIs, for example don’t feel like BMW’s. They have their own DNA, with front-wheel drive and go-kart like steering. They look nothing like BMW’s and have very few interior pieces from their parent company. Step in any Bentley and you can see switchgear and shift knobs pulled right from the VW parts bin. A MINI, while does still have some BMW parts inside, masks them well with their own spin on things. BMW lets MINI be MINI, but provides the financial backing and support to help them thrive.

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