2015 BMW 4 Series Review - BMW Cars Review

2015 BMW 4 Series Review
2015 BMW 4 Series Review , The 2015 BMW 4 Series ranks 5 out of 22 Upscale Midsize Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of published reviews and test drives of the BMW 4-Series, as well as reliability and safety data.The BMW 4-Series isn’t merely a family of two-door versions of the 3-Series. While it occupies the same space in the market as the BMW 3-Series Coupe used to, it starts with the 3-Series’ underpinnings, engines, and equipment, yes; but it’s lower, wider, and longer than its sedan counterparts.It’s fair to admit some puzzlement over a BMW 4 Series with four doors. After all, BMW rebranded its two-door 3 Series as the 4 Series just last year. So why call this a 4 rather than a 3? The 2015 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe also shares the same length, wheelbase and width as the two-door, contributing to the confusion.Then again, BMW has a knack for creating niches that don’t exist. In the case of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, it’s a coupe in name only, as it does indeed have four doors. It’s fair to say that this new four-door is better-looking than the 3 Series sedan, as it sports the 4 Series’ lower, slightly wider and more aggressive-looking stance. And instead of a trunk, the Gran Coupe offers a hatchback-style liftgate that enhances cargo loading ease and versatility.The shape of the 2015 BMW 4-Series is at once puzzling, and a little more low-set, aggressive, and alluring than the 3-Series Coupes that preceded it or the current 3-Series sedans on which it’s based. It has the same proportions of the long-ago 8-Series, as well as some of the styling cues of former generations of 3-Series coupes. The cabin’s more adventurous, with some sweeping arcs and trim packages that lift its basic-black wardrobe into something a little more couture.

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BMW 4 Series Coupe vs Infiniti Q60 Coupe - BMW Cars Review

BMW 4 Series Coupe vs. Infiniti Q60 Coupe
The latest Q50 was set to take on the 3 Series but it never really took off and wasn’t the car Infiniti had hoped it would be. However, Infiniti is taking another shot at BMW and its 4 Series with the Q60.Though just a concept at the moment, the Q60 seems to mean business. One of the engines options is packing 550 hp, or 125 more than the most powerful 4 Series, the M4. Granted that Q60 pairs its engine to an electric motor to make that much power. It’s also been constructed with a lot of aluminum and high-strength steel to make it as light as possible.Looks-wise it can’t compete with the 4 Series. The Q60 looks far too busy and swoopy to be attractive. It has too much going on and has too many unnecessary body lines. While the 4 Series is one of the most handsome, finely sculpted and balanced looking cars on the road. The 4 Series looks like a future classic while the Q60 looks like a caricature of a sports car.

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