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Audi Q4 Review , The new Audi Q4 is the latest vehicle to be added to the line of SUVs from Audi. It will be compact in size and will be large enough to easily accommodate four people. It will also be designed to implement the new MQB platform from Volkswagen. The Q4 will sit between the Q3 and the Q5. As for its style as well as design, the Q4 will probably stick to the architecture of the TT Off-road concept vehicle. However, Audi may borrow a few features from the Q5 but overall it will be designed to look sporty as well as very intense. This is very evident when you look at the nice 21-inch alloy wheels on the Q4. Otherwise, the Q4 has been designed to look modern and futuristic and its distinctive front fascia makes it stand out from the pack. The grill has horizontal slats and the headlights re slimmer than before.The interiors of the Audi Q4 will also be very impressive. In fact, the interiors look extremely stylish and this is because everything inside the cabin is made from top quality materials. In addition, Audi has also introduced many advanced systems in the cabin.A gasoline engine and two electric motors will probably power the new Q4. The petrol engine will probably be a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that is fully capable of producing 288 horsepower. Some estimates peg the horsepower of the engine at 402 and the torque produced is 480 pound feet. This engine will probably also be very fuel economical. Estimates are that the new gasoline engine will deliver 130 miles per gallon. The electric engine will deliver about 50 miles per gallon. What makes the Q4 stand out is that it is not only very cost beneficial but it is also an amazingly quick vehicle. The Q4 is capable of accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 5.2 seconds and it will have a top speed of about 155 miles per hour.

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