2017 Honda Pilot interior review - Honda Cars Review

2017 Honda Pilot interior review
2017 Honda Pilot interior review, 2017 Honda Pilot will be offered in one engine variant. This engine has been designed by Honda and they have integrated a lot of new useful features into it. It is a part of Honda’s planet dream engine which aims at producing more efficient and environment friendly modules. Being a part of the planet dream engine project, this engine will provide better fuel economy. It is expected to range between 18 mpg to 25 mpg, depending on city or freeway roads.In terms of specifications, this new engine is expected to be an i-Vtec v6 engine of 3.5 L which provides an output of 290 horses. It also delivers a torque of 267 lb-ft. In all probabilities this engine will be mated with a computerized six speed transmission system. It is likely that this variant will be available in real time all wheel drive option. However 4WD can also be available.Before getting into the major platform upgrade associated changes of 2017 Honda Pilot, we must know about the major and minor interior and exterior upgrades. Exterior redesigns are mostly generic and include improved LED headlamps with better visibility features. Redesigned front grill and rear bumper is also included. Interior redesigns include up to date technological and safety features. The former includes ABS, traction system, etc. Other upgrades include zone control internal climate system, information and entertainment system, etc. Adapting to new platform is almost like a transformation.

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2017 Honda Pilot release elite review - Honda Cars Review

2017 Honda Pilot release elite review
2017 Honda Pilot release elite review, One of the major changes that may be also termed as revolutionising, which may also be taking quite a lot of people by surprise, is a reported change in platform. Yes, according reliable sources, 2017 Honda Pilot will, in all probability, get an all-new platform which will be equipped to improve performance and support a better and new drive train. New platform also serves to enhance cabin space which will deal with the problem of third seating row being a bit narrow. Not only space for passengers, but also space for luggage is going to see an enlargement. This new platform, along with its multitudes of benefits will also be decreasing body which is going to decrease fuel consumption amount.New platform of 2017 Honda Pilot will come with an increase in space in the cabin. This new change will be sparking off a series of redesigning features starting off with an increment in spacing between second row and third row of seating. This serves as a solution to the cramped seats in the previous version. The wheel base will also be considerably enhanced which will be helpful in providing grip and improve handling. Aerodynamic design will be yet another improvement. With such a new design, the new look of 2017 Honda Pilot will be more of a muscular and sharp car instead of a boxy vehicle.Powering this 2017 Honda Pilot will be a good and strong engine block. It will pack a 3.5 litre V6 unit under its hood which will be producing an astounding amount of 290 brake horsepower as well as a torque of 267 pound feet. Transmission which will be mated with this powerful engine is reported to be a six speed automatic transmission. A six speed manual option is also available as an alternative. This transmission will be none other than a CVT gearbox. Drive system that will be supported will be a front wheel drive system. Another Planet Dreams VTEC version may also be available. This will be instrumental in improving fuel economy. Mileage figures stand at probably 18 mpg on city roads and 25 mpg while driving on highway. Such a figure is quite good for a car of its class.

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