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2017 Dodge Ramcharger
2017 Dodge Ramcharger , The 2017 Dodge Ramcharger is going to be specially designed and optimized for off-road journeys. It has designed with fully upgraded suspension system. It is fully loaded and exceed the expectations for the sport vehicle.2017 Dodge Ramcharger is going to be designed based on the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty 4×4 Single cab platform. It will have control arms of more than 2 inches of lift and the spring rates. It is to provide more articulation and flexibility to the passengers.
Laramie model will have combined features for both luxury and off-road adventures for feeling comfortable.The car has very broad tires of size 32 inch for optimum journey experience even on sand, mud etc. It will have 14.5-inches of ground clearance and 30-inches of water-fording capability. The other cool surprising features are electric locking front features with under body skid plate protection and the Bilstein shocks etc.There is no exact information available about the interior design of the car. But We can expect more luxurious journey with enhanced infotainment in the 2017 Dodge Ramcharger.As it is one of the most wanted cars for the future we can expect more power and fuel-efficient. The car is going to be designed with the fascinating technology which will help in conversing fuel. Four cylinders are going to be used for the engine system to save fuel.It will have an engine of 6.4 liter V8 HEMI that will be able to produce 440 hp and as much as 460 lb. –ft. of torque and will have BorgWarner 44-47 manual gear box.Though it has 3 link suspension system like in other vehicles, we can feel more comfortable and articulation as it is designed in such Artic link designing strategy.One more special feature is 2017 Dodge Ramcharger is going to have an additional suspension flex through the electronic disconnecting sway bar. By letting it the front axle move independently to the frame of the truck.It will have a trendy five-link coil design which will provide better articulation and flexibility over obstacles than the old leaf spring system. The new Dodge Ramcharger can handle high payloads very effectively as it has a towing capacity of 10, 810 pounds. It will have a payload of up to 1, 490 pounds.

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2017 Dodge Charger Changes 2016, 2017 Cars Release - Dodge Cars Review

2017 Dodge Charger Changes  20162017 CARS RELEASE
2017 Dodge Charger Changes 2016, 2017 Cars Release, As before Dodge Charger will be known for its expansive and intense body. The model is synonymous with force and extravagance. Externall alterations essentially pulls adrenaline from the driver. Muscle logic will at the end of the day demonstrate its energy. Charger is one of the clearest samples of muscle autos.

That is the most capable vehicle on the planet. In the meantime is likewise the speediest car on the planet. It’ll get another front flame broil with a striking attributes of Dodge models. Headlights will be restyled with incorporated LED daytime running lights.The hood and bumpers will likewise have a few changes however everything stays in a comparable style. It will clearly be a streamlined outline with intense changes.

Four entryways are still in the pipeline and also new bound together outside hues. The stage, as indicated by a few signs, will be changed and turn out to be more practical. With the utilization of better materials Dodge Charger ought to be all around enhanced vehicle. Better line will enhance the streamlined features. This implies magnificent conduct out and about, even in forceful driving. Upgraded edges ought to still be in the extent of 20 inches.

2017 Dodge Journey Redesign Release - Dodge Cars Review

2017 Dodge Journey Redesign Release
2017 Dodge Journey Redesign Release, To design the interior and exterior of the 2017 Dodge Journey will shrink largely due to a smaller platform. However, there will still be enough room for seven passengers and their luggage thanks to numerous upgrades were made to the interior layout that will use all the space more effectively. Another difference from the previous generation will be the design in 2017, the car would be inspired by that of the new 200.The first engine option for the new Dodge Journey will be a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder DOHC. The engine generates 173 horsepower and 166 lb-ft of torque. As a second choice for this new SUV comes with a 3.6-liter DOHC V6 engine capacity to produce 283 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. 2016 Dodge Journey will come with a 4 speed automatic transmission. Some rumors say that there will be an option with a manual transmission as well. Vehicle fuel consumption to be 19 MPG city and 26 MPG on the highway.

2016 Dodge Barracuda Review and Concept - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Barracuda    Review
2016 Dodge Barracuda Review and Concept, It’s going to acquire a much more sophisticated interior alongside an aggressive looking for exterior. It’s going to not merely seem desirable within the outdoors, nevertheless it will truly really feel great on obtaining inside this auto too. The precise model changes have not been unveiled but, but some spy shots and sketches take place to become going round. Best high-quality supplies and far far better aerodynamics are anticipated as they will make this model a futuristic automotive.

Inside the 2016 Dodge Barracuda, it’s going to probably be magnificently created to supply it an accelerated sporty actually really feel. Its safety and luxurious features have currently been supplied certain consideration to create specific that the driver stays safe even although driving on greater speed. Its suppliers are going to setup effectively produced internal features, comfy leather seats, a sports steering wheel, nicely decked handle panels and acceptable safety and security components. The anticipated safety features consist of stability handle, lane departure, auto lock brake approach, rear view camera, forward collision warning and traction deal with.

As for the entertainment features, they involve 8 inch touch screen, wireless connectivity, navigation plan and wireless connectivity. Its chassis is acquiring developed just a little reduce to supply 2016 Dodge Barracuda a lean seem. Outdoors, you are going to obtain no further features which come about to become added so as to not tamper with its sleek seem. It really is becoming constructed using lightweight supplies as an illustration carbon fiber and aluminum which might be going to lower its weight by about 300 pounds. This anticipated fat loss will boost its stability, increase its acceleration and make it have further precision. The front face as well as the grille come about to become redesigned to develop into at precise exact same level with its new aggressive appear.

Its rear suspension may well also receive a fresh geometry. The wheelbase will in all probability be about 6 inches while the basic length will in all probability be shortened by about 8 inches as in comparison to the Challenger. It is going to most likely be equipped working with the impressive 22 inches wheels that could help it to assist maintain up with its larger all round overall performance. Its tail and head lights will include things like LED technologies and it really is going to boost this model’s basic seems. On its back, the 2016 Dodge Barracuda might have two major exhaust outlets.

Mainly because 2016 Dodge Barracuda continues to become under production, its price has not been unveiled on the other hand. Nonetheless, it really is possibly to go for around$ 55 000. Its official release date has not also been revealed. You may find out rumors despite the fact that that it is going to probably be released in amongst early and mid of 2016.

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2017 Dodge Charger SRT8 - Dodge Cars Review

2017 Dodge Charger
2017 Dodge Charger , Introducing new generation Charger models are expected in 2016. The new 2017 Dodge Charger will pass through a phase of complete redesign. Starting from the platform, which since 2006 forms the basis of this model. Platform known as Chrysler LX, will most likely be replaced with one of the newer base, appropriate for vehicles with such performance. The great transformations, new 2017 Charger will share with the new generation of Chrysler 300 models. On the market it should appear also as a model for the 2107 year. We can expect a change looks front fascia, a new design of lighting group, and a redesign bumper. The company has no plans to drastically alter the line of vehicle body of this four-door sedan. It will be streamlined. With the use of new materials in the construction will gain less weight,  and at the same time better performance.Most reports on the new 2017 Dodge Charger models mentioned two engines as potential starters. These are 3.6 L V6 Pentastar engine, which will be available in SE, SXT and R/T models. The second engine, which powers the most powerful version, 2017 Charger SRT is 6.1 L Hemi V8 with 640 hp. Engines should be combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission. So far, the V6 engine was offered with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The standard operation of the 2017 Charger models is on the rear wheels, while the AWD exist only as an option. Nobody is nothing more announced on operating units, options and possible changes.It is assumed that not much would be known that the Internet is not circulated photos more than ‘disfigured’ new Charger model. When fans this model once again launch an assault on the topic of 2017 Dodge Charger Coupe models, Dodge team will again have their hands full. The projected price of the new generation this Dodge sedan is $ 30,000. So much could cost base SE model. High-performance model, known as the 2017 Dodge Charger SRT will have a price of about $ 65,000.

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2017 Dodge Charger - Dodge Cars Review

2017 Dodge Charger
2017 Dodge Charger , 2017 Dodge Charger recently incorporate the Dodge Challenger two-entryway and the Chrysler 300 vehicle. There are astounding LED headlights for brilliant noticeability in all conditions. And this time, it will be a bit littler and adjusted. There is hood, guards and extraordinary composite wheels of twenty inches on 2017 Dodge Charger. Those demonstrate that this is a phenomenal vehicle. People may additionally specify that new model is offering stage to Dodge Challenger.2017 Dodge Charger must be representing your taste and needs. The evolution brings Dodge Charger to be more modern and stylistic to its body outlook. In this new edition, Chrysler Group has leaved the classic taste of Charger.The nose car is resized to be longer than the previous serious. Its sparkling and flawless metallic surface really strengthens the luxury taste. In the front row you can find the new artwork on its grille and headlights. The front grille is redesigned to be more aggressive and sporty in a large rectangular shape. Then, the headlights are turned into sharper with smooth curve on their edges.The interior style seems so ergonomic that have to be packed with ease and comfort and room. There are five distinctive passenger seats which can be lined by top quality artificial leather-based. The total cabin is fulfilled by an expensive black concept. The elements of this lavish car also get some updates. That specification is combined with Laguna leather-material seats. The material is chosen for maximal solace when driving. Focal comfort is furnished with a huge touch screen presentation of 8.4 inches. The 2017 Dodge Charger is accessible with back-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. There is also a new infotainment system. In addition, numerous other high engineering gimmicks are outfitted too.The 2017 Dodge Charger comes with an extensive variety of motors. Those are from a sensible V-6 to an enormous V-8 for the SRT variant. There are numerous hypotheses about which motor new 2017 Dodge Charger will be outfitted with. At present, the most worthy choice is 6.4-litre V-8 of HEMI motor. It will have four barrel turbo compressor and amazing powertrain. This motor specification is proficient to create around 640 hp. To estimate this dazzling vehicle, it is speculated the cost will be over $ 50,000.

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2016 Dodge Barracuda Review and Features - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Barracuda  Review
2016 Dodge Barracuda Review and Features, This 2016 Dodge Barracuda is expected to be lesser in weight by 300 kilograms. This reduction in weight is mainly to satisfy the aerodynamics and lower the fuel consumption. Basic built up of this model is on D-RWD platform that has also been copied by the Alfa Romeo. Front portion of this car will be containing a grille completely redesigned granting it a sportier look also to satisfy aerodynamics. At the back end, a little spoiler is placed besides tail lights as well as two exhaust pipes fixed on a distance. The automobile will be presented as a two door vehicle.

2016 Dodge Barracuda Interior

On the interior, this 2016 Dodge Barracuda contains certain expensive and classy elements. It will be featuring red skin seats. At the central console, one large LCD display along with latest navigation system has been installed. USB connectivity and audio system as well as 8 inches touch screen and plenty of infotainment equipments are looking for the buyers. Controls have been placed in access of drivers. Upcoming 2016 Dodge Barracuda is expected to be presented with superb characters. Some of these are in the safety sector and the luxury portion that include road grip and number of airbags, lane change control, anti-locking brakes and many others. 

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2017 Dodge Ramcharger Redesign Review - Dodge Cars Review

2017 Dodge Ramcharger Redesign Review
2017 Dodge Ramcharger Redesign Review, Recently, the company has announced to introduce a unique model for the fans. The new 2017 Dodge Ramcharger model will be impressive and attractive. Considerable SUV feature has been included by the engineers. It is believed that this Dodge model will get the attention because of outstanding changes and modifications.The 2017 Dodge Ramcharger will come with the outstanding design. Company is going to reduce the structure weight along with great margin. The load will be reduced with the help of steel and also aluminum. The outside has been designed with new concepts. It is believed that most of the exterior changes have been made. The SUV has outstanding electronic systems to control the door locks. The tires have been changed along with 33 inch off road method. A 4.10 axle ratio blistein shocks can be found. The grille is larger with wider openings. The bonnet is shaped along with appealing style getting a number of curves.Interior will be embellished together using the modern day attributes. Driver’s chamber is stunning and also designed with luxury capabilities. The power guiding includes unique control choices. The larger display of 9 inches will be set up for the great navigation, GPS as well as connectivity options. Brand new gearbox, automatic atmosphere control, weather improvements, automated satellite radio, in addition to rearview cameras exist.There are a lot of kinds of engines which are rumored to be included using the 2017 Dodge Ramcharger. The Dodge cars are generally well-known for the high power engines. To begin with V-8 engine by using 16 valves will probably be included from the company. An additional significant feature for 6.4 liters gasoline potential exists to support the engine to produce 440 hp and 460 pounds-feet torque. This really is a 4WD facility with optional F. Driving using the four wheel choice gives much more energy to the vehicle. You will find total four cylinders with a Fuel Short-cut Center. The vehicle has 6.4 Hemi with 66RFE 6-speed automatic transmitting. A manual solution will also be included. The BorgWarner BW 44-47 transmission method will probably be launched for the initial time in the good reputation for Dodge Ramchager.

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2017 Dodge Viper changes - Dodge Cars Review

2017 Dodge Viper changes
2017 Dodge Viper changes, According to rumors, exterior of 2017 Dodge Viper will be way more aggressive, as compared to 2015 version. It is quite sure that the classic lines will still be preserved, although in a bolder form as it seems. Some of the great exterior features of this car includes stretched out roofline, ports on sides that are gill shaped and even shoulders which are strongly defined. Engineers and designers of company are trying to make a perfect body for this vehicle, so that customers get attracted at first glance itself.There will also be lot of surprises in interiors. Just as expected, high quality materials will be used inside cabin. Apart from being spacious and comfortable, it also offers some of the technologically advanced features. These features are updated to latest and add to luxury that is already provided by its interiors. This means that interiors will be royal and functional at same time. There will also be availability of Uconnect infotainment system, which is known to offer excellent communication and entertainment.

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2016 Dodge Barracuda a Big Muscular Car - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Barracuda a Big Muscular Car
2016 Dodge Barracuda a Big Muscular Car, The 2016 Dodge Barracuda could be the next big muscular car. Dodge is curved on developing a high-class activities car and the point that it is muscular. The 2016 Dodge Barracuda uses carbon dioxide fiber and aluminum as building materials and for that reason the car is expected to be lightweight. The car will suffer more than 250 pounds when compared with the weight with the current model. The lowered weight ensures much better precision, high velocity and better steadiness. Better the rules of aerodynamics and content quality are required, which will also offer a very innovative entice this vehicle.

The 2016 Dodge Barracuda grille as well as front face is going to be redesigned so the vehicle looks ambitious. The rear suspension can even get a fresh geometry on it which can be multi-link. The wheel bottom will reduce this also can reduce the entire period of the vehicle. 2016 Dodge Barracuda can have a substantial power engine and yes it provides the vehicle real muscles. The 2016 Dodge Barracuda has a more refined interior than the Dodge Challenger, 2016 Dodge Barracuda will have an upgraded interior with a high degree of sporty feel. It will be equipped with well designed internal components, comfortable leather seats, well decked control panel, sports steering wheel and proper safety and security components. Sitting in car you will be able to feel the power of this mean machine flowing through your veins and would want to enjoy its thrilling ride.

2016 Dodge Barracuda will be installed with one of three selections of engine system. First engine is 3.6 liter with direct injected Pentasar V6. The second is 2.4 liter with inline-four force fed Tigershark. And the third we can also use 6.2 liter with Supercharged Hemi enginedelivered approximately 600 HP. Those engine systems come with fuel economy system and more exellent usage. For better emission, the car is going to be friendly when drived by the people in their environtment. Besides that, the engine will be equipped with 8 speed transmissions.

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2016 Dodge Barracuda Review and Exterior - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Barracuda   Review
2016 Dodge Barracuda Review and Exterior, 2016 Dodge Barracuda has come to satisfy people’s desire who is looking for amazing muscle car. Since long time ago, muscle car becomes one of the most dream cars for people to have. It is considered so since muscle car is very interesting for some people not only for its great performance but also for its great exterior look. The high enthusiasm of people in having a great car with high performance such as a muscle car inspires Dodge to innovate on their muscle car line product. One of their products that will be given new innovation is on the Barracuda series through 2016 Dodge Barracuda. This innovation is also done by Dodge to face the competition in this segment in which getting more competitive day by day.

Talking a great car which known having great engine performance, makes it a must for us to discuss on what kind of engine that is buried under the hood of this car. According to some information, this muscle car by dodge named as 2016 Dodge Barracuda is going to be available in some engine variants they are 2.4 liter inline four Tigershark engine, 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar engine, and the most powerful will be 6.2 liter V8 HEMI engine. Since a kind of new generation car which concern on the environment, those engine are claimed to have a better fuel economy and less of carbon.

Besides claiming to have better engine for environment, this car also have a better material for its exterior body. According to some rumors, this car will combine the carbon fiber with aluminum as the main material for the body of this 2016 Dodge Barracuda. As for the look, the exterior side of this car looks almost similar to its previous edition in which looks simple but stay masculine especially for the application of the rounded headlights design which placed in one line alongside with its grille.

Likes as what you can find on the exterior side of this car, the same look from its predecessor is also able to be found by you for the interior look of this car. Almost the same to the previous edition, this 2016 Barracuda also has the combination of stylish and of course sporty look of some aspects inside its cabin. As a kind of a newest car generation, some rumors believed that there will be some improvements that are given by Dodge for this newest Barracuda’s cabin such as for the entertainment and the safety aspects of this car. If you are someone who gets attracted to have this muscle car, you would be better to wait for longer. It is considered so since according to some rumors this car is going to be on sale in the early month of the 2016. In addition, this 2016 Dodge Barracuda is going to be offered start from $60,000.

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2016 Dodge Barracuda Review and Specifications - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Barracuda  Review   Proce
2016 Dodge Barracuda Review and Specifications, The inside is generally created, integrating components and functions of our usual powerfully built car. Interesting investment has been made for protection and high-class variables, which underscore this present vehicle’s valuable closures, which ought to help drivers, stay at comfort, even at extraordinary rates of speed.

This gainful piece of fine elements ought to perform well with both old and more youthful muscular car fans, separated from keeping up the surroundings in a finer circumstance and on account of diminished exhaust stages. Information on managing can be uncovered just after a try, which is a lot off at this moment! The 2016 Dodge Barracuda has a more upgraded interior than the opposition, alongside a more improved outside. The 2016 Dodge Barracuda not simply looks great on the outside; it appears incredible on the inside as well.

Nonetheless, understanding the car from its first feelings is no straightforward method, as it appears to draw in style clues from the opposing SRT itself. A clay based configuration is yet to be uncovered, though; essential renderings and pictures have been distributed as such. Avoid is bended on creating a high-class exercises car and the point that it is huge, is simply a prize.

The 2016 Dodge Barracuda pulls in vitality from an assortment of engine, essential among which is, a Pentastar V6 and the 5.7 liter Hemi V8. This engine is capable of uprooting 600 BHP, which is a substantial proficiency increment for a car, in this classification. The gas mileage on 2016 Dodge Barracuda ought to be superior to the Challenger’s, because of a few specialized upgrades.

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2016 Dodge Barracuda Concept, Price Pictures Revealed - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Barracuda Concept, Price Pictures Revealed
2016 Dodge Barracuda Concept, Price Pictures Revealed, Speaking about the cabin, the car will get great refined design. Moreover the company also concerns on the exterior. It seems that the car will get beautiful look especially from its bodywork in order to give a higher level of style and comfort.

In addition, the car will get some shared design language from Challenger SRT. The front bumper in 2016 Dodge Barracuda will be redesigned and it goes the same as the grille. The LED headlamps are ready to offer and it goes for the taillights. For the fog lights, it gets redesigned. In the end of the day, the car has better aerodynamics than the previous version. It is designed with top class quality and it has lightweight materials to use.

2016 Dodge Barracuda surely will goes with futuristic style. For the new features, it will be incorporated into the cabin with well-built concept and there will be numerous safety features such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, stability control, and traction control, auto lock braking system, rear view camera, seat belts and also air bags. The cabin has luxurious features. Some entertainment features are wireless connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, audio system with speakers, touch screen 8-inches, internet radio, cruise control, navigation system and much more.

2016 Dodge Barracuda Engine

Based on the report, some range of engines is presented. First, there is HEMI V8 engine 5.7 liter that could generate for more than 600 horsepower. It improves the output and maneuverability yet it gives better fuel economy. There are lots of technical additions that should be more than Challenger SRT. It also will offer very low emission level but at this time, there is no detailed transmission for 2016 Dodge Barracuda.

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2016 Dodge Barracuda Review - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Barracuda review
2016 Dodge Barracuda Review, Dodge Barracuda will be made using light weight materials such that the car will reduce about 300 kilograms. The said auto will be ride on the D-RWD platform which is also used by the Alfa Romeo. Its front part as well as the grille will be redesigned to bring in a sportier appeal with better aerodynamics. On its rear side, there will be a smaller spoiler alongside long rectangular tail lights and two exhaust pipes that shall be a distance apart.

The auto will be offered in a two door version. Inside, this 2016 Barracuda will be quite luxurious. It will feature red skin sports seats. On its centre console, there will be LCD display with GPS navigation, USB connectivity, audio system with quality speaker, 8 inch touch screen, cruise control and infotainment gadgets. Its control buttons will be placed within the drivers’ reach. Amazingly, the all new 2016 Dodge Barracuda will be offered with more standard features than there are in the current model. Special attention will be given to its safety features as well as the luxury elements, thus enabling the driver to stay at ease even while driving at accelerated speeds. Its safety features will include stability control, various airbags, traction control, anti lock brakes and rear view camera among others.

According to official reports, 2016 Dodge Barracuda will run on a range of engine options, the principal one being the well known 2.4 liter four cylinder TigerShark power unit. This engine is being planned as the base power unit in the upcoming model. It will be capable of delivering 184 horses and 175 pounds-feet of torque. Its EPA ratings will be around 23/35 mpg city/highway respectively. The second engine choice could be a V8, but there are debates as to whether it will be a 5.7 liter of a 6.4 liter unit. As for the 5.8 liter powertrain, it is able to generate up to 375 horses and 410 pounds-feet or torque.

When it comes to the 6.4 liter V8, it is good in delivering 485 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. There will also be a much sportier powertrain for the sportier version of the 2016 Dodge Barracuda. It is expected to be a 6.2 liter Hemi SRT V8 Hellcat producing approximately 707 horsepower and a torque of about 650 lb-ft.

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