2016 McLaren Sports Series Release - McLaren Cars Review

2016 McLaren Sports Series Release
2016 McLaren Sports Series Release, This is the first spy shots of the prototype that is almost complete for the new entry-level model of McLaren, who recently confirmed car manufacturers will be called Sports Series (codename is P13) and make its debut early next year. Sports Series name may sound a little strange but it is meant to signify that the new McLaren is more than a sports car as opposed to high-end supercar most people associate with the brand.In terms of styling, McLaren had told us Sports Series will look like a cross between the original 12C and P1. This prototype revealed that the Sports Series may be slightly longer than the existing McLaren products such as 650S and P1, although all three cars share many of their internal.Yes, the base Sports Series will be a carbon fiber monocoque chassis are the same used in other cars McLaren, and borrow from them will also become familiar Ricardo built V-8 engine and a 3.8-liter Graziano-sourced seven-speed SSG dual-clutch transmission. With 650S packing 641 horsepower, output in the Sport Series is likely to start around 500 hp, giving a healthy performance gap between the two.

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