2015 Honda Fit EV Review - Honda Cars Review

2015 Honda Fit EV Review
2015 Honda Fit EV Review , This unique looking, economical little vehicle has a lot of personality to offer, as more and more people seek to go gas-free in their daily travels.One of the nicest features that I like about the Honda Fit EV 2015 is its 3 different driving modes to choose from. You can commute back and forth to work in Normal mode, which will do just fine for purposes such as this.Or, you can switch into Eco-mode to save on power when travelling a bit farther. In this mode, depending on where you’re headed, you may not even need to have the battery fully charged to reach your destination.Finally, there’s the Sports mode. This is the mode that’s the most fun to drive in according to owners of this electric powered car. The horsepower range of these 3 modes goes from 63 to 100, all the way up to 123.

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2016 Honda FIT New Subcompact Release - Honda Cars Review

2016 Honda FIT New Subcompact Release
2016 Honda FIT New Subcompact Release, 2016 Honda Fit will come without some important changes. The car body of the car includes use of extra light materials, so it is much lighter than previous model. Fit is about 1.6 inches shorter than last model but, on the other side, it has 1.2 inch stretched wheelbase, which provides more spacious and more comfortable cabin, especially on the rear, where legroom is increased for about 4.8 inches. New Fit inside definitely won’t be modified, because this model is already considered as one of the best in class in this segment. The standard features include a good entertainment system, leather upholstery, climate control features, and satellite navigation. Central console also consists of an 8 inch screen. Exterior changes will give the car a fresher, neater and more attractive look. The most visible of the styling changes will be seen at the front end, where it will get a new front mask, made of high quality plastics and chrome details. A recognizable Honda logo will be attached to the center of the grille. The car will also receive slightly restyled headlights with latest LED technology, new front bumper and roof spoiler and could also come with some new colors various.2016 Honda Fit, just like previous year model, new will be powered by new 1.5 liter DOHC i-VTEC engine, which will be paired with either 6-speed manual transmission or CVT. It is expected that hybrid version will be available too. It will probably use the same configuration as Japanese model, which is consisted of 1.5-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine paired with 7-speed DCT and an internal high-output motor, IPU (Intelligent Power Unit) with lithium-ion battery, electric servo braking system with variable servo ratio control. This overall standard unit can very well be termed as an adequate and efficient configuration – estimating a rating around 42 MPG in combined drive. The hybrid model will rate around 50 MPG for combined drive.

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