2016 Ford Taurus CNVersion Release - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Taurus CNVersion   Release
2016 Ford Taurus CNVersion Release, Since this is the first time that Taurus is being offered there, full-size sedan will be slightly different than what’s offered in the states. For starters, it is a next-gen vehicle, and it is much more luxurious than anything offered on this side of the Pacific.Initial model of 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version has already been presented in Shanghai. It is powered by Ford’s own 2.7L EcoBoost V-6 engine which produces 325 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque in new F-150 pickup. However, Taurus‘ final output curve will likely be detuned. We also expect smaller engine than that, and Taurus already offers something like that as it is. 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder with 240 horses and 270 lb-ft of torque should be enough to power the full-size car, but some people might find it too small – especially since Chinese Taurus is supposed to be heavier than those currently available in the states.Unlike before when Taurus was usually redesigned from the ground-up, 2016 Ford Taurus CN-Version only evolves previous car’s styling. It features well-known Aston Martin hexagonal metallic grille up front and angular tail-lights at the back. Grille itself is flanked by sharp and rather small headlamps, while tail-lights get a chrome garnish between them.Car’s midsection reveals almost perfect arching roofline and one deep, sharp crease which stretches across the whole chassis, thus connecting front and rear lights. Car has grown 4 inches in its wheelbase, but that’s the feature exclusively intended for the Chinese market. Whether the upcoming American models are up for the same revision; remains to be seen.

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2016 Ford Taurus Changes Release - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Taurus  Changes   Release
2016 Ford Taurus Changes Release, The interior design is just the regular car seat material upgrades. The base models will have cloth seats while the rest has benefits of choosing the leather material. You can also choose motion to be active in the front seats. The Sony speaker system with its twelve inbuilt speakers gives a real time enjoyment. The heaters and cooler car seat option is one that the customer gets impressed of. There are still other features like the brake support, cruiseEvery car should have some changes to the outer appearance to have a better attention from its customers. Meant to be the cars for the next generation, they are designed to be a bit wider than usual with much space for its regular users. The grill in front is made smaller and hexagonal in shape than ever and is given a touch of colored stripes and the back has headlights that are rectangular in shape which helps in giving it a new look.The base engine of the car is going to be a 3.5-liter V-6 that can produce 288 horsepower together with 254 lb-ft of torque. The rest of the lineup is going to feature several EcoBoost engines. For instance, a 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine is going to produce about 365hp along with 350 lb-ft of torque. There will also be a smaller 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4 engine with the potential to offer 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. Apart from that, there is also going to be a turbo 2.3-liter I-4 engine along with 9-speed automatic transmission.

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2016 Ford Taurus Spy Release - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Taurus Spy  Release
2016 Ford Taurus Spy Release, Like all of the new cars developed by Ford, there will also be several enhancements in this new Ford Taurus. The most notable enhancement for this new car is mostly found in the interior and exterior body design that offers a brand new body with stylish design and aerodynamics feature. Additionally, there will be a new transmission system and engine that give 2016 Ford Taurus amazing capability.EngineOne of the most notable features offered by the new 2016 Ford Taurus is none other than the engine itself. As one of the car developed by Ford car companies it is easy to understand if this car will be installed with powerful engine to support it performance. The engine that is being installed into this car is the new V-6 EcoBoost engine with nine speed transmission which boasts a high performance engine capabilities and also efficient fuel usage and can provide a maximum value of 364 HP.ExteriorFor the exterior side of this car, 2016 Ford Taurus offer a rather bulky but stylish design. Unlike other sedan that focusing on making the look of the exterior looks slim, Ford offer a stylish and larger design than average sedan this day. This bulky design however does not make the car looks bad.On the other hand, the bulky design offer a more masculine design making this car looks strong and formidable. Additionally, the front grille of this car offer a simple and strong design coupled with sharp headlamp design which makes this car looks distinct and original.

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2016 Ford Taurus Changes Review Relase - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Taurus  Changes Review Relase
2016 Ford Taurus Changes Review Relase, Outside outline will be the point of convergence in Taurus’ update and modern models will be based upon a lighter stage and will be more extensive also. New littler hexagonal grille will have shaded stripes for a more shut look and little rectangular headlights which fit in rather well. Precise complete out back will likewise remain, yet new set of tail-lights will split it up a tad bit.Just base models will have fabric seats, while whatever remains of the lineup will advantage from punctured leather upholstery and discretionary multi contour front seats with dynamic movement. Shade arrangements will be somewhat constrained for the starting year; however these things will change within a brief span of time. Warmed and cooled front seats will likewise be standard all through the greater part of the lineup along these lines will be the warmed back seats. Wood or metallic covered dashboard ought to keep its contemporary lines through the most part and 8-inch LCD touch screen showcase will once more think that its spot there. Sony will be in charge of sound framework and its 12 speakers will give Taurus a percentage of the best conceivable encompass sound satisfactions. All developed electronic safety peculiarities will be either standard or discretionary relying upon a trim level. Versatile voyage control, side screens, impact cautioning and brake backing are simply a taste of these present day comfort alternatives.Concerning power train choices, they will stay unaltered. Base motor in 2016 Ford Taurus will remain a V6 3.5l, while pair of EcoBoost motors will surround the rest of the lineup. 3.5l V6 EcoBoost will put up 350 lb-ft and 365 hp of torque, while more modest 2.0l EcoBoost I-4 motor will make 240 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. Be that as it may, there’s still enough time to fuse turbo 2.3l I-4 motor found in new Bronco which could supplant its 2.0l partner. 9-pace programmed transmission ought to help with mileage which is yet an alternate fragment in which Taurus will improve an occupation.

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2016 Ford Taurus Changes - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Taurus Changes
2016 Ford Taurus Changes , Passage made full utilization of its worldwide configuration and improvement assets to make the Taurus. Ahead of schedule in the outline process, originators and specialists from around the globe drenched themselves in China to pick up a more profound comprehension of the business sector and key social elements affecting configuration and vehicle inclinations. Top to bottom exploration of target clients – proficient, regarded experts served to tweak outline and designing focuses to make an outstanding new vehicle.“The Ford Taurus was made for very modern purchasers in China who need a similarly complex vehicle for both business and individual utilization,” said Marin Burela, president, Changan Ford Automobile Co. “With a capable, certain and welcoming outline, an extensive and exquisite inside, flawless craftsmanship, convincing execution and propelled innovation, the Ford Taurus makes no bargains as an inventive leader car.”2016 Ford Taurus RedesignThere is additionally going to be a considerable amount of work done on the inside of the 2016 Ford Taurus SHO. While it will be in light of the Fusion and on the ordinary model of the Taurus, the inside for the SHO is going to utilize premium materials, for example, cowhide and in addition aluminum. On top of that, the seats and also the controlling wheel will be one of a kind to the SHO model. The outside of the Ford Taurus SHO 2016 then again will include a moderate look in light of that of the typical Taurus. The main genuine changes will be a marginally diverse body unit which will help the auto at rapid and in addition an alternate arrangement of 19 inch edges outfitted with superior tires. Other than that, there are just going to be minor outline changes like marginally diverse headlights and mirrors that are there to situated it separated from the base auto.2016 Ford Taurus Release DateThe stage supporting the new Taurus is an extended adaptation of the Blue Oval’s CD4 outline, found in a mixture of existing models, for example, the Fusion and in addition the Edge hybrid and Lincoln MKZ. The extended variant of the CD4 stage will be normal to the 2016 Lincoln Continental, reviewed not long ago in idea structure at the 2015 New York Auto Show.2016 Ford Taurus Specs

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2016 Ford Taurus Redesign and Release Date - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Taurus Redesign  Release Date
2016 Ford Taurus Redesign Release Date, 2016 Ford Taurus Changes2016 Ford Taurus is going to be possible to have a fabulous exterior outside the body, because the manufacturer has required the best material such as the rear LED lights. So, the car will undergo the new changes behind the bumper by using this material. The other materials which provided by the company will be alloy wheel with 17-inch, wheelbase even the overhang rear. That’s why, the passengers not to worry about the latest materials provided by the manufacturer. Because the 2016 Ford Taurus will also offer the new design in the interior. The space will be modified to be wider than before, and the manufacturer will also include the audio system, reversing camera even the safety systems to renew the design inside the 2016 Ford Taurus.2016 Ford Taurus PerformanceThe most important thing in this vehicle is the engine system, because it can make the drivers satisfied if the company offers the best engine option. 2016 Ford Taurus will be possible to install the V6 engine with a 3.5 litre as regular option. By using this engine system, the drivers will see the output at least 263 hp and 249 lb-ft of torque. While the 6-speed transmission will be connected to this engine. In the other side, maybe the AWD system is going to be offered by the company to complete the power in the 2016 Ford Taurus.2016 Ford Taurus Release Date and Price

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2016 Ford Taurus Redesign, Release and Changes - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Taurus Redesign, Release and Changes
2016 Ford Taurus Redesign, Release and Changes, The older Taurus SHO was actually based on the older model of the Taurus, so it had one of the heaviest chassis in the medium car segment. However, starting with the year 2015 Ford is going to move the Taurus to a new platform derived from that of the Fusion, so it will not only be as heavy as before but also quite a bit more nimble as well as much easier to use. From what we know so far it seems that the 2016 Ford Taurus SHO will be a massively improved version of the Fusion rather than the older Taurus.Ford made full use of its global design and development resources to create the Taurus. Early in the design process, designers and engineers from around the world immersed themselves in China to gain a deeper understanding of the market and key cultural factors influencing design and vehicle preferences. In-depth research of target customers – accomplished, respected professionals helped to fine-tune design and engineering targets to create an exceptional new vehicle.“The Ford Taurus was created for highly sophisticated consumers in China who need an equally sophisticated vehicle for both business and personal use,” said Marin Burela, president, Changan Ford Automobile Co. “With a powerful, confident and inviting design, a spacious and elegant interior, impeccable craftsmanship, compelling performance and advanced technology, the Ford Taurus makes no compromises as an innovative flagship sedan.”Pricing for the new 2016 Ford Taurus has been set at $48,400 – $55,000 based on current exchange rates. If there are changes on the 2016 Ford Taurus we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep follow our blog.

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2016 Ford Taurus Pictures, Release Date - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Taurus picturs, release date
2016 FORD TAURUS: EXTERIOR AND INTERIORThe company is giving special consideration to exterior styling of upcoming model 2016 Ford Taurus and it is being highlighted that models of next generation will be based upon light mediums and will be wide as well. Newer small hexagonal framework along with headlights that will be in rectangular shape will look amazing with the entire look of this vehicle and overall car will look much better and improved. It can be said that exterior will reflect a charming and improved appearance so that buyers can be attracted.The information leaked represents that base version will come with clothed seats whereas remaining is going to take benefit from leather upholstery that will be perforated. For first year arrangements related with colors are going to be restricted, but with passage of time things will get better. Cooled and heated anterior seats will also be standard and same goes for heated posterior seating options. Dashboard will be of wood or metal is going to be another main highlight. LCD 8 inch screen will provide better handling options and a classy look to the interior of 2016 Ford Taurus. Sony has taken the responsibility for providing audio system and addition of twelve speakers will provide an amazing experience to music lovers. Other main highlights are being mentioned below

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