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Review 2016 Dodge Journey New Cars, 2016 Dodge Journey changesExterior astute, the photo of the new 2016 Journey is still shady, so we can’t tell for beyond any doubt by what method will this auto look. Notwithstanding, since this auto is composed essential for the European market, it will without a doubt be made to satisfy the requirements of the drivers from that part of the world. It additionally can be expected that the outside outline will be a blend of the 300 and the 200.

Since this auto will be founded on the new stage, the 2016 Dodge Journey inside will recoil, yet there will even now enough space for seven travelers and their gear. This is sensible on account of a great deal of redesigns made to the design of the inside, so space will be utilized all the more monetarily. The vital distinction between the past era and this model is in the configuration, in light of the fact that the 2016 auto is propelled by the Chrysler 200. The lodge will be returned to, and now it will have a more advanced look and better-quality materials.

New Dodge Journey 2016 Interior

The current era of the Journey is controlled with two unique motors, shockingly none of them is truly fuel productive. The new Dodge Journey will presumably be offered with two motors. The base model will be controlled with a 2.4-liter inline 4 motor with the ability to deliver 173 horses and it has normal fuel utilization around 19/26 mpg. The all the more capable one will be a 3.6-liter V-6 Pentastar motor with 283 hp and 260 pound-feet of torque while the normal fuel utilization for this one is 17/25 mpg.

2016 Dodge Journey Changes - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Journey Changes
2016 Dodge Journey Changes, The Journey will share the same platform as is used on the Chrysler 200. Its large aluminum wheels will measure all of nineteen inches. The nice thing about it is that its body will be very sharp for a medium sized vehicle. The front of the vehicle will have lengthened headlights that help to make this car look very powerful.Though the new 2016 Dodge Journey will share a few attributes with the Chrysler 200 there are some important differences between these two vehicles. Since the Journey is aimed at the markets in Europe the company has to ensure that the body is not only very classy but it should also have the same subtle designs as are associated with European vehicles. Some improvements – albeit quite minor – have been made to the exteriors to make it look sleeker and more attractive.Inside the 2016 Dodge Journey, the cabin is large and spacious. It is a perfect family car. The airbags are unlike the ones used in the earlier models and there is also dual zone control as well as sat TV stereo. In addition, the vehicle also makes use of CUSW system. The cabin has been redesigned to make it look more elegant. It is also possible to fold the rear seats in order to get more space to store your luggage.

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2016 Dodge Journey Infotainment Engine - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Journey   Infotainment Engine
2016 Dodge Journey Infotainment Engine , The front of this SUV is designed with well elongated headlights which will give the 2016 Dodge Journey aggressive and more powerful look. It is coming in the same platform as Crysler 200 with 19 inches aluminum wheels. In fact, the exterior design is more rugged than the predecessors which made it the best SUV crossover that will hit the market come year 2016. The ability and performance of this car will make it the most loved crossover for those that are looking for high performance SUV made with modern design.The production of this 2016 Dodge Journey in five distinctive trim levels is to ensure that everyone enjoy satisfaction in the model. Apart from the perfect redesign and restyling on the exterior, the interior is also made wonderful and quite exquisite. The luxurious look of the interior of this car is among the reasons why most people will be attracted to it. The interior is made in such a way that it can suit families that love to journey together. There is lots of infotainment features loaded in the interior of this car which will make it the best. Some of the innovative and entertainment features include: Brand new CUSW system, well redesigned cabin, dual zone control, satellite television stereo, audio player, quality connectivity and other.The 2016 Dodge Journey is coming with many engine options and the first engine is going to be 2.4-liter 4-cylinder DOHC engine. This engine will be able to generate 173 horsepower and 166-lb-ft of torque. The second engine option will be 3.6-liter V6 DOHC engine with capability to generate 283 horses and 260 lb-ft of torque. These engines will be paired with 4-speed automatic transmission and there are rumors about the availability of manual transmission as option.There is going to be tough competition between the 2016 Journey and numerous other innovative SUV crossovers. Some of the major competitors include: Kia Sorento, Ford Escape and many others. For the fuel consumption, it is expected to be highly economical due to the upgrades in the engine. For that reason, the users of this car will enjoy 19 mpg for within city drive with this model of Dodge and also 26 mpg for highway cruising experience. This high fuel efficiency is notwithstanding the high performance and effectiveness of this wonderful car.

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2016 Dodge Journey Redesign - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Journey  Redesign
2016 Dodge Journey Redesign , As of most recent reports which have been heard by sources, it can be affirmed that 2016 Avoid Journey will probably contain with a backing of 4 velocity programmed transmission. Then again, there have been theories around a manual transmission alternative too. Nothing complete has been expressed.Examinations with respect to outside particulars 2016 Avoid Journey have been credits to Chrysler 200; however there are critical contrasts between them. It is pointing to the European market and its body has that class but modest European outline. Its smooth outline is comparable to great quality and there have been reports that minor enhancements will likewise be acquainted with the prior stage.As per the initial reports are considered, there have been serious talks of rebuilding inner part for 2016 Dodge Journey. As the detail obviously expresses this car as a family car, one can truly expect a considerable measure of traveler and in addition cargo space. Notwithstanding that, you can likewise expect an adjusted cabin with bunches of in dash changes. This essentially sums up the inside specs.The past generation 2015 model is fundamentally the inborn spark for this 2016 model of Dodge Journey. 2016 Avoid Journey offers an extremely sweeping particular spec in regards to two particular engines with a slight change to its aggregate sort. We should look at the changed engine choices which have been offered by Avoid. The first alternative that comes as a base structure in engine comprises of a 4 chamber DOHC engine spec alongside 2.4 liter limit. It is really proficient to get an ideal yield of around 173 HP of force and 166 LBS-FT of torque. Another discretionary engine decision is additionally accessible for 2016 Dodge Journey which fundamentally incorporates a V 6 rendition of DOHC engine with 3.6 LITER limit. It is very able to deliver a force spec of 283 HP and additionally a torque of 260 LBS-FT.

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2016 Dodge Journey Changes Release - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Journey Changes Release
2016 Dodge Journey Changes Release, For the latest version of Journey, there are a few new changes which have become amazing. The changes could be seen via the vehicle ‘s engine which is altered with newer and quicker engine. Anyway, there continue to be other changes that can increase the vehicle.As a crossover auto, this Dodge Journey 2016 becomes excellent option for just about any individuals who become an outstanding devotee of SUV. For more info, it is possible to check some tips below that may describe fully regarding the specification of the vehicle.Many people suppose for a few engines that seemed fit for the auto. There are two engines which are supposed to be put underneath the hood of the latest Journey. With this engine, the vehicle can make 173 HP. It may be reasoned the automobile may have sufficient engine operation with the primary engine.The next engine is a lot better in relation to the first one since; it can make 283 HP along with 260 LBS-FT.Let us talk about 2016 Dodge Journey outside first. From the initial look, the car seems so boring since; it was created with common SUV layout. Nevertheless, it becomes strong point which uses classy look of SUV which is quite refined and exquisite.

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2016 Dodge Journey Redesign Release - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Journey Redesign  Release
2016 Dodge Journey Redesign Release, Speaking about the speed performance, the previous generation goes with innate inspirations that are designed for this new version. It will offer very expansive specification through two engines that could give a slight change for this car. The first engine option is used for the base version which is 4-cylinder DOHC engine 2.4 liter to generate the output for about 173 hp and 166 lb-ft of estimated torque. 2016 Dodge Journey for the optional engine is V6 version DOHC engine 3.6 liter that could generate for about 283 horsepower and also 260 lb-ft of estimated torque.2016 Dodge Journey Transmission and Drive trainThere is a confirmation related to the latest report for this car related to the support of 4-speed auto transmission but there is also a rumor for manual transmission as the optional. The suspension goes for full independent design with multi-link rear stabilization and strut front suspension.2016 Dodge Journey Exterior and Interior 2016 Dodge Journey is comparable to Chrysler 200 which means that even though both of them a bit similar but some similarities are available. The main market is European so the body is designed in classy look and subtle. The design will be sleek but it has balanced quality and minor improvements to introduce the improvements for platform.

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2016 Dodge Journey Review Release - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Journey Review  Release
2016 Dodge Journey Review Release, Manufacturing of the next-generation Dodge Journey crossover, also the model supplied in Europe as the Fiat Freemont, will certainly relocate from Mexico to Sterling Heights, Michigan. Baseding on the Detroit Free Press, the following Journey will certainly be built together with the 2015 Chrysler 200, on a comparable system stemmed from Europe’s Alfa Romeo Giulietta.The Sterling Heights Assembly Plant presently constructs the Chrysler 200 sedan and convertible, the appropriate Dodge Avenger car, and the European derivative Lancia Flavia. A brand new 2015 Chrysler 200 is because of enter into production in January 2014, and we’re informed the Dodge Avenger will certainly be stopped. That would leave area to create a crossover, the next-gen Dodge Journey, at the Sterling Heights plant.The next Chrysler 200 is specified to be a more “stunning and pertinent” automobile that will definitely not be an also-ran in regards to top quality and refinement. It will likely utilize a 2.4-liter Tigershark engine and nine-speed automaticed shown the Dodge Dart, along with a 3.6-liter V-6 cribbed from other Chrysler products. The 200 will likely be based after a variation of the CUSW device that was made from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.Fortunately is that customers will certainly have the ability to see an new-look Journey in the 2016 version year. The 2016 Journey will have a brand-new car system and will certainly be included an entirely new place.

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2016 Dodge Journey SRT Changes Release - Dodge Cars Review

2016 Dodge Journey SRT Changes Release
2016 Dodge Journey SRT Changes Release, 2016 Dodge Journey is a result of producer’s try to approach other people by creating this car, not only muscle car segment. The car has top refinement and quality. To help driver for better comfort in drive, the manufacturers are planning to add improved engine in it. This car is said to be comprised of all necessary features people need in their dream SUV. The car will also come with aluminum wheels with the size for about 19 inches. The second row seat is supported with aft and for setting with storage bin, airbags, dual zone control and also satellite radio. Furthermore new look, 2016 Dodge Journey additionally provides novel auto framework. However, it becomes strong point that uses classy look of SUV that is very elegant and beautiful. The inner part of car looks so spacious with lot of passengers placed inside. Besides, the dashboard and interior is designed very elegant and sleek. From the first sight of the picture, the car will be successful in making other people feel cozy while sitting inside the car. Sterling levels, Michigan and CUSW system will be installed. Competitors of this fantastic SUV in the market will be Kia Sportage, Toyota Higlender and Ford Edge.The first prediction for 2016 Dodge Journey comes with 2.4 liter 4 cylinder DOHC that will be given for the car. For this engine, the car can produce 173 HP. Not so impressive but, it is enough for an SUV since speed it not a matter. It can be concluded that the car will have adequate engine performance with the first engine. For the second engine, there is also a rumor that said that the car will have 3.6 liter and V6 DOHC engine. The second engine is better than the first one since; it can produce 283 HP along with 260 LBS-FT.

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