2016 Audi A6 TDI Release - Audi Cars Review

2016 Audi A6 TDI Release, However, based on the information we have gathered from the many good sources on the internet, this new car, the release date is still to be decided, the flip market conditions by giving hardcore fans and those who love the world of automotive many interesting features of appearance and the machine.There is no so much information about the real look of the new car because most of the pictures were leaked on the internet just give us some form of car without uncovering the tone color of the car and also the materials which are used to form the body of the car because most of the pictures of this car is covered in tribal colors. However, the shape of the car covered the tribe that the internet has given to us, we can clearly see that this is still a new car will keep its predecessor body types sedan with some improvements that we are able to describe yet. One thing for sure about this car, though, is that this car is amazing in term of looks that will surely make you drooled to have one.For those who don’t want to have a very powerful engine that runs in a luxury car, it seems that this new car is a good option for you because, based on the information we get from many good sites on the internet, this car will be “only” gives 180 horsepower and 560 while other manufacturers may give you 350 horsepower for beginners. However, overall, this new 2016 Audi A6 still worth waiting for!Tags: #2016 Audi A6 interior #2016 Audi A6 price #2016 Audi A6 release date #2016 Audi A6 reviews #2016 Audi A6 tdi

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2016 Audi A6 Release - Audi Cars Review

2016 Audi A6 Release , Always stylish and attractive Audi A6 is a very popular model among drivers. The new generation brings a more beautiful sharp line. Horizontal lines are more pronounced. Athletic and modern style lengthened the vehicle and contribute to greater elegance. The design is very precise and efficient. The changes include the appearance of the front grille. But still recognizable. The headlights are more aggressive and equipped with LED technology. The new design affected the air vents, bumper and fenders. Additional Matrix LED lights actually provide ideal visibility during night driving.The design of the Audi A6 is a composite and rigid. It is made of aluminum and hot forged steel with excellent composition. The rear bumper has been redesigned and is ideally integrated, also with LED lights. It works very powerful and desirable. Because of the use of polymers in the construction, the Audi A6 is lighter by about 220 pounds. The car is 193.9 inches long, has a height of 57.8 inches and a width of 73.8 inches. Fit the 11 new external colors and redesigned alloy wheels of 18 inches. In addition to the sedan production will include a wagon version called Allroad Audi A6. Very powerful SUV-wagon with improved characteristics. This will certainly be a symbol of reliable and safe car.Modern style and powerful quality was also transferred to the cabin of the Audi A6. Every detail is just perfect and can be called only with one name, and that’s quality. Materials are top notch and very carefully combined with colors. They even prepared special things for selective clients. The seats are upholstered in leather. Front contain ventilation system, heaters and massagers. Luggage space is large enough in the limo, so imagine what it is in the station wagon. For everyone’s needs.

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