2015 Scion iM - Scion Cars Review

2015 Scion iM
2015 Scion iM, The price hasn’t been confirmed just yet but we expect it to come at around 20.000 dollars which would make it more expensive than the car it is based on but it would also offer a lot more. Scion said that the car is going to be launched by the end of 2015 as a 2016 model.On the exterior, the IM looks very similar to the European counterpart with a few design differences. Firstly, the entire body-kit is different and even though the Concept won’t be released on the market unchanged, it is likely to get a more aggressive body kit than the Auris thanks to its target audience. Also, the IM sits on 19 inch wheels as standard and features a dual exhaust system, both of which aren’t available on the standard European model. The IM is also highly likely to receive a small spoiler as well as a different body-kit for a future TRD model.