2016 Mercedes GLK Redesign Safety Engine - Mercedes Cars Review

2016 Mercedes GLK  Redesign Safety Engine
2016 Mercedes GLK Redesign Safety Engine , When we view the real pictures of this model, we can expect too many features like big front lights and grille. This model will resemble to C class and ML current model. The front sides will have some striking features like new grille, redesigned bumper and a pair of LED lights. Both front and rear ends will possess LED lights. Some rumors also announce the presence of xenon lights on both ends. The exterior features will include wheel base equal to 108.5 in. we can expect total height of the model equal to 66.9 in. it will offer both front and rear opening doors. The side mirrors will also enhance the beauty of this model in a better way. It will come in different colors schemes in the market to attract car lovers. The width of this model will be around 60 in.The interior of 2016 Mercedes GLK will offer remarkable features like leather seats, great storage and entertainment equipment. The two rows of leather seats will offer accommodation for six passengers. The space between seats is sufficient. The leather sheet on seats and floor will enhance the interior beauty. The front and rear seats are adjustable to make sure passenger safety. The storage space is great to keep the luggage. We can expect driver cabin with advanced tools like gearbox, brakes and dashboard. The entertainment tools will include dashboard, LCD, WI-FI, Bluetooth, speakers and internet. It will offer both MP3, video and audio player. It is not a complete list of features of 2016 Mercedes GLK instead we can expect too many other features in this model.The latest safety equipment will make this model best in performance. We can expect infotainment system, climate control, satellite navigation system and electric rear seats. The presence of reclining system in rear seats will enhance the interior safety. The massive moon roof will give a massive interior look. The list of competitors of 2016 Mercedes GLK includes BMW X3.The upcoming model will possess a new pair of engines with advanced updates like 2.0-liter turbocharged inline. We can expect 3.0 liter V6 engine with power output equal to 300 horsepower and torque around 150 lb/ft. we can also expect another engine V8 with power output 400 horsepower. We can expect great performance because of this powerful engine. The fuel economy will be around 25 MPG. We can estimate the fuel storage space around 17 gallons.

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2016 Mercedes GLK Redesign Changes - Mercedes Cars Review

2016 Mercedes GLK Redesign Changes
2016 Mercedes GLK Redesign Changes , 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK new model will be redesigned to be more luxurious SUV and sophisticated, this car was first released in 2008, the car was competing with several other strong suv like the Acura RDX, Audi Q5, BMW X3, Infiniti QX50 and Volvo XC60, The new models of the 2016 Mercedes GLK will have a more aggressive design and fashionable, the new model car will be offered in two trim levels of the 2016 Mercedes GLK 250 and GLK 350.Pricing for the new 2016 Mercedes GLK has been set at $40,000 – $50,000 based on current exchange rates. If there are changes on the 2016 Mercedes GLK we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep follow our blog Newcarsuv.Com.The new 2016 Mercedes GLK new design inspired by the model of GLA, this car will have some advanced features and new security systems. 2016 Mercedes GLK SUV will be built on the W204 platform, this car will still have five seats in it, it is hoped the new GLK models will have a lighter body weight, so this car will gain significant performance improvements and fuel consumption is lower than before.2016 Mercedes Benz GLK exterior was redesigned to be more aggressive, the front end of the car will have a large radiator grille with two horizontal chrome strip that makes the car look sporty, for lighting 2016 Mercedes GLK will have LED lights front and adaptive automatic halogen lamps. For higher trim level, 2016 Mercedes GLK will be bi-xenon lights, roof spoiler and roof rails redesigned to be more modern.

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2016 Mercedes GLK redesign - Mercedes Cars Review

2016 Mercedes GLK redesign
2016 Mercedes GLK redesign, Mercedes GLK will suffer a certain changes in appearance.Characterize the larger dimensions as the MRA platform on which will be created.This will certainly affect the reduction of weight.The design has its roots from the lower compact class.The style is quite sporty and dynamic.The line shows the slanted roof that slopes down to the rear.Every detail is beautifully done and especially chrome details.It looks very luxurious.Large front chrome grille and aggressive LED headlights will be an integral part of the front.In the lower part are integrated LED fog lights.Body contains five doors and two rows of windows.In addition to the roof beams in the function should be moving panoramic roof.Bumpers are massive and in body color.On the back side you can find high-quality, large and square lights.Above a large window is set a roof spoiler.The door of the trunk are quite large and can be opened remotely.With the vehicle will be fitted alloy wheels in size from 19 inches.Changes will include the interior of the Mercedes GLK.This will bring more space for passengers and the use of better and higher quality materials.Everything looks very luxurious but with a big dose of sporty style.Much of the area is covered with leather.Cockpit, door parts and the parts of the seat.The seats are very comfortable and equipped with all necessary electronic accessories.Light details are fascinating.Were placed in the right places and have a relaxing effect.Arrangement of buttons, vents and all other dlove equipment is perfect.Designers have found a good balance between the needs and sophisticated look.COMMNAD infotainment system will use a new touchscreen display.It is located on the upper side of the instrument panel.All functions are associated with this screen.These are the audio function, connection of external devices, navigation system, air conditioning, telephone, internet use and applications, safety features and so on.Mercedes GLK is also designed to be maximally dedicated to driver.This means that you will enjoy this car in every sense.

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