2015 Ford Explorer Features Price - Ford Cars Review

2015 Ford Explorer  Features  Price
2015 Ford Explorer Features Price, Aesthetic upgrades will be made to this new model which were absent in the 2014 model. Apart from the aesthetic changes, the performance will be better than the current model. Some of the changes are inspired by the 2015 Ford Edge Concept and Ford F-150. The expected improvements will definitely affect the cost-effectiveness of this new model, 2015 Ford Explorer.The current Ford explorer uses D4 platform and it’s expected that the 2015 model will use the same platform. Some of the Ford models using this platform are Lincoln MKT and Ford Flex models. The D4 is so far the modern uni-body crossover platform for SUV’s. Improvements to be made on this platform will feature in 2016 and 2107 models. Explorer XLT, Explorer sport and Explorer Limited are some of the current models in this range. The range of models to be offered in the new 2015 Explorer will include a hybrid version.
2015 Explorer has been made more economical than the earlier models. Ford’s goal was to make this model reach an estimated EPA of 30mpg. To achieve this, the model has an improved aerodynamics, improved engine in addition to being constructed with lightweight materials.

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2015 Ford Territory Review - Ford Cars Review

2015 Ford Territory  Review
2015 Ford Territory Review, Riding on new 18 inch alloy wheels, this Ford Territory is armed with quite a number of changes on the exterior. The front façade has been modified to some extent. A new grille has been installed up front. Fog lamps and skid plate styles have also been redesigned. The grille has become somewhat hexagonal and distinguished it from Ford Ecosport. A newly added ‘C’ shaped profile in chrome bars to its fog lamps adds a new shine to the overall external design. Reversing cameras along with parking sensors has also been crafted into the design.To start with, 2015 Ford Territory can accommodate seven adults with a lot of ease and comfort. And yes, it’s got lots of space. The rear row seats can be folded to accommodate more and more luggage. People who will buy the TX variant, the lowest one, will have an 8 inches colour full touch panel with Microsoft SYNC 2. TS variant has privacy glass for its windows, side mirrors with indicators incorporated within it and seats draped in cloth upholstery along with leather banding on its side.Its Titanium variant comes with Microsoft SYNC 2 Infotainment System, wipers that can sense rain, scuff plates made of stainless steel and DVD player. TS variant has privacy glass for its windows, side mirrors with indicators incorporated within it and seats draped in cloth upholstery along with leather banding on its side. Higher models have all features of lower models, and TS and Titanium will have 18 inch alloy wheels while TX will have alloy wheels measuring 17 inch. Titanium also has premium quality tan leather trim upholstery which features on its seats and door panels and is mated with black carpets.The centre console on Territory has a storage space for keeping mobiles and iPods along with cup holders, pen holders and a 12 volts power outlet. All these features never interfere with the usage of the hand brake and automatic shifter for the transmission. Ford Territory’s SYNC 2 system with four different quadrants provides an easy method of controlling and personalising everything starting from audio and climate to managing in-car telephony and connectivity.

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2015 Ford Explorer - Ford Cars Review

2015 Ford Explorer
2015 Ford Explorer, When it comes to current generation, the new model shares many of its components with large sedans manufactured by Ford as well as Ford Flex. This definitely benefits the driver and other passengers at least when it comes to their comforts. It comes with power folding seats so as to make your journeys more convenient. If you consider safety, the 2015 Ford Explorer can be considered among the safest vehicles built by ford. It comes with inflatable rear seat belts, rear view cameras and detectors for blind spots. My Ford touch uses latest voice recognition technology so as to provide easy and quick interactions.New Explorer has been noted to have the most spacious interior in the market, especially when the passenger space is taken into account. Each and every area has been manufactured considering daily family use. The 2015 Ford explorer makes plenty of space for family and other stuffs (luggage’s to be precise). The explorer does everything one expects from a crossover. It does not run away from the past instead it has removed all the flaw or rather most of the flaws that existed in the 2014 Ford Explorer. Its performance literally has been buttoned down to the standards of sports wagon.

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