2015 BMW i8 - BMW Cars Review

2015 BMW i8
2015 BMW i8, On paper the car looks amazing. The company is claiming that it is the first car in its class to offer all of the speed of a sports car with the fuel consumption of a compact and it’s a boast that the company backs up with an astonishing 100km/2.1 litres statistic that would make any but the most efficient compacts stand up and take notice.All of this is apparently gained without sacrificing any of that trademark performance, with the vehicle containing a 231 brake horse power electric motor, supported by a traditional combustion engine, which will ensure the little vehicle can really shift. Even better is the option to run the car purely on electricity rather than petrol whilst still allowing for an astonishing top speed of 120km/hr. With the help of the engine, this is upped to an astonishing 250km/hr, which is sure to impress anybody who gets behind the wheel.