2014 L Rover Range Rover Price Release - Land Rover Cars Review

2014 L Rover Range Rover Price  Release
2014 L Rover Range Rover Price Release, The new model odlukuje streamlined design, more powerful and more fuel efficient engines and higher security measures, but for the first time in the history of the long 42 years they still are not the biggest change. Land Rover has managed to lift the weight of the vehicle as much as 420kg, thanks to a new aluminum chassis, which improved consumption and CO2 emissions. Such a chassis already used two models of neighboring Jaguar (XK and XJ), and it is expected that next year all vehicles two British vehicle manufacturers use similar technology. This chassis not only a lot easier, but also more resistant, and it is expected that the Range Rover again to get maximum marks in crash tests. From the design, Land Rover claims that every part of the car new, but at first glance it may be noted that designer Gerry McGovern is not too much experimenting and most of the other lines are very similar predecessor.Land Rover is greatly improved and the interior, which resembles its predecessor and continues to provide a beautiful design with quality materials. The option will continue to be two versions with three rows of seats, thanks to a larger vehicle dimensions and has a lot more space in the rear seats. British giant claims to have improved and one of the major ills of the SUV, and it’s quality.The buyer will be able to get three engines as options and one gasoline and two diesel. The only petrol engine on offer is already known 5.0L supercharged V8 engine that develops 504ks and 624nm of torque. Land Rover expects most buyers to opt for one of the diesel. The smaller size 3.0L V6 develops 255 hp and 599Nm of torque and offers a combined fuel consumption of 7.5L per 100km. The only option is the familiar 4.4L V8 diesel that develops 355ks and 699Nm of torque, but it is also a liter higher consumer. All models will have a standard eight-speed automatic transmission for the first time in a long time a manual version will not be available. As before, the option will be a special suspension which the driver can adjust depending on driving conditions.In the domestic market, the initial price was initially 70,000 pounds (87,300 euros, or $ 112.700). The first specimens were first placed on the domestic market and then in the rest of the world. The vehicle is currently shown as one of the best off-road vehicles and its improvement is continuous.

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