2014 Toyota Tacoma TX Baja Price - Toyota Cars Review

2014 Toyota Tacoma TX Baja   Price
2014 Toyota Tacoma TX Baja Price, Toyota is annually presented to the saloon vehicle prototypes, where one of these models entered into production and thus conquered the U.S. market. Which model is it? It is a model TX who soon became popular because of its quality and strength she wears. This pick up is also labeled Baja. In his name can be inferred that inspired racing instinct, and that recognizes certain categories of people.Baja 500 and 1000 served as inspiration. Baja All models come in varieties Toyota TRD off-road package, this ensures a better stability and transmission and transfer to the wheels.It is also known for its red color, but it also has variants and associations. Its pulling power is more than good. Six-speed automatic with steering wheel, but on that later.This particular model is different from other models by Baja 16 inch rims with Goodrich off-road tires, the suspension was also modified and she raised her vehicle for about 5cm, special Baja graphics and dual exhaust. At first glance, it also gives him a powerful look. The inner parts of the vehicle are more or less similar to other models. The Central console and steering wheel are almost the same as in previous models and even his relatives.Pulling power of this vehicle is the most important factor. What is it that we find under the hood? What is under the hood is a 4.0L V6 engine that is capable of producing 236 horsepower with 360 Nm of torque. At the same time the power is transmitted to all four wheels and it has the support of a five-speed gearbox. We must emphasize that although there are strong traction, because of its great weight of about 2 tons, slightly more slowly on the road compared to other Tacoma models in this line.

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