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2016 Range Rover Autobiography Review
2016 Range Rover Autobiography Review, This luxury SUV will be available in a total of 9 different exciting colors. These colors will be attractive to its customers as it will be a metallic one. The doors are electronically customized. You get remote by which you can easily open the door by pressing a single switch. The bonnet lettering is another attractive feature in it. It gives the hulk a gentleman look from all the sides. In the SUV section this car is chosen as the classiest and the best dressed. This car will have a different interior environment than any other. It is rather acoustic and has a sound absorbing insulation. The seats have a premium leather cover with head and hand resting place. With 8 new dual Dolby speakers you will be entertained for sure, especially for music lovers. There is also a GPS navigation system with Google Maps installed in it. Newly designed speedometer and a new dashboard made up a harder material make it one the eye catching feature in interior designing.The 2016 Range Rover Autobiography will be sports a supercharged V8 engine, and it is included in one of the Special Vehicle Operation (SVO) which can be used in Police Operation. This V8 engine will be direct injected and can provide a total horsepower of 254 HP and a maximum torque of 440 pound-feet of torque at 1750 RPM. It also has a gasoline engine, but that will be a V6 engine. It will have a transmission which will be a six speed manual and automatic. It requires 7.4 seconds to accelerate to a speed of 60 mph. It is expected as rumored to produce mileage of 26 mpg in city roads and 37 on highways. There has been an improvement of 3.3 percent in fuel consumption of their previous model. 2016 Range Rover Autobiography will have a top speed of 121 mph. It has an improved 4 wheel drive; ABS system makes this a wonderful car to drive. It has got Park Assist Control, and DPF filters are installed in both the exhaust pipes.2016 Range Rover Autobiography will be available to its customers by the end of 2016 or in January 2017 and has a base price of $ 56,000 to $ 67,000.

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