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2013 Ford Ranger 2.5 XLT Super Cab 4X4 Review
2013 Ford Ranger 2.5 XLT Super Cab 4X4 Review, Strong mesh chassis, engine front, solid rear suspension and that’s it! Over time, in addition to get the shaft drive and front-wheel drive, which is activated by the wishes and needs. However leafy rear axle, unladen rear of the small but growing pressure on the gas leads to drift the rear, especially if the road surface is wet and winding. Hastily necessary is another lever switch to 4×4 mode when significantly stabilizes, at the cost of increased noise and of course spending. It is still on the long broadcasts intended for paved roads to descent with them, the driver can choose short, the center differential lock. So the real terrain, provided that adequate shod in rubber field.As usual, there are three body shapes, ranging from simple cabins for two people and a huge cargo space, and the double cab with four doors and five seats. The available space is tolerable for two adults, but it should be noted that the vertical arm and hard stools are not really designed for a longer time. This configuration is made compromise on the platform in the back, the length of which depends directly on the cab.If it is an ordinary for two people, this is 2.28 m and 1,75 m in our case, to the choice of double cabins was reduced to 1.53 m. Total length happiness does not vary, as with 5, 07 yards, Ranger is not easy to park. Not in Texas, but in Paris or any other European capital, he needed nearly two places. This does not mean that it is difficult to drive around town, on the contrary, elevated position offers excellent visibility, and the softness of the command does not bother the crowd. The driver’s workplace has undergone considerable changes over the previous version, ergonomics and command positions at the wheel, much better, no matter what this is set solely by the amount. Although I still say, used plastic does not look too cheap, even the design of the dashboard appealing. More luxurious versions can count on leather heated seats, very comfortable and well-profiled, four airbags, central console.Although the volume of 2.5 liters unchanged, thanks to additional valves it is 16 in total, common rail and turbo charger with variable geometry, power is a modest 109 horsepower, increased to 143 horsepower. And is spectacular increase in the torque 266 Nm to 330 Nm, and when all of a 1800 U/min, without increasing is gross vehicle weight between 1750 and 1850 kg. Characteristics are thus much better, which is immediately felt under foot. Acceleration and between the acceleration are strong and persuasive, up to 100 km/h in 12, and 13 sec, depending on whether the active drive to all four wheels.

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