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1969 Ford Torino Fast Furious 7 Review
1969 Ford Torino Fast Furious 7 Review,

While only 5317 Torino Convertible is sold for 74 135 fastback coupe, and a two-door hardtop further 23 939. Vehicle engines ranging from Ram-Air factory 428-cid 210-hp, 302-cid V-8-325-hp / 390-cid and 360-hp. This vehicle speed using Cruise-O-Matic and four-speed manual transmission is offered for this vehicle.1969 Ford Torino Fastback has a super-slippery properties is a direct hit with NASCAR and David Pearson to win the title in 1968. Several generations of vehicles Tonio Cobra was introduced for 1969 and owned vehicle models are semi-sloping SportsRoof that will lend voluntarily line to the Australian Ford Falcon Mad Max to make the fame of this vehicle. Aerodynamic Torino GT special Talladega already built in an amount not much or just limited to homologation and 754 sold with 428-cid Cobra Jet motor or will become more powerful 429-cid V-8.