2020 Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 Cargo Van Engine - Mercedes Cars Review

2020 Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 Cargo Van Engine
2020 Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 Cargo Van Engine, The upcoming Sprinter has a very attractive look. We can even say that it may be the most attractive in its class. Admittedly, the segment doesn’t have a high standard for looks since practicality is more important than style for this segment. Still, who doesn’t like a good-looking vehicle? On its front, the new Sprinter comes with aggressive headlights and LED headlamps, which give it a modern and smart look.

Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van Model

The grille will have a Mercedes-Benz symbol, which will be illuminated on the higher-end trims. The side and the rear look similar to the current Sprinter albeit there are a few creases that make the overall look of the vehicle better than before.Let’s move on to 2020 Sprinter 4×4 interior now. Inside the Sprinter, there will be some upgrades. There will be a widescreen infotainment display which comes with Mercedes-Benz User Experience.

This infotainment system can be used to plan navigation routes, set the audio system and even write text messages. The materials quality of the interior will be improved as well, offering better comfort. Other features, such as USB outlets and wireless charging pad, will be available as well. The upcoming 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4X4 will feature a brand new feature: the Mercedes Pro connectivity.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Features Engine

This feature allows fleet managers to monitor the vehicle’s current location, creating maintenance schedules, record the status of the engine of vehicles in the fleet and many more.There are also features such as active safety features, 360-degree camera system, active lane keep assists, Distronic adaptive cruise control, forward collision monitoring and rear camera display.Engines Specs & Fuel EconomyThe upcoming Sprinter is likely to come with three engine options.

The first 2020 sprinter engine is the carryover, 3.0-liter BlueTECH, V6 diesel engine With Adaptive ESP. This engine is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission gearbox. The second is a 3.0-liter, V6 gasoline engine paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission gearbox. And the third is a 2.1-liter, incline-4 gasoline engine.

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2020 Mercedes Sprinter Van Interior Features - Mercedes Cars Review

2020 Mercedes Sprinter Van Interior Features
2020 Mercedes Sprinter Van Interior Features, That’s correct. The 2020 Mercedes Sprinter van debuted at Mercedes-Benz’s newly constructed logistics center in Duisburg. The place stands for modern logistics and globalization at the highest level. As such, Duisburg is the perfect place to debut the new Sprinter.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Model

The new Sprinter continues the Sprinter lineup’s characteristics: robustness, flexibility, and economy. And at the same time, it comes with unparalleled modernity which can be seen from its variability and connectivity. For the industry, the new Sprinter is the first commercial fleets’ solution for the end-to-end system.To serve its purpose as a commercial fleet, the new Sprinter comes with a big cargo space. How big? Well, over 600 cubic feet. Not only it has a big cargo space, it also has a gross vehicle weight of over 12,000 pounds in both front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive systems.

Mercedes Sprinter Van Features

Connectivity is one of two highlights of the new Sprinter. Using the Mercedes PRO Connect, the new Sprinter’s hardware and software will be accessible. Due to this connectivity, fleet operators, tech service, up-and-coming auto companies as well as ride-sharing programs will have a better capability.

The combination of Mercedes PRO Connect service and new multimedia systems serve as the perfect basis for all transport and logistical requirements. Better yet, the new Sprinter can be configured in more than 1,700 ways as well, allowing for even more control over the vehicle.Other than connectivity, variability is the highlight of the new Sprinter. With the Mercedes-Benz User Experience system, the new Sprinter will be able to provide the driver an excellent and comfortable driving experience like never before.

The system provides the driver not only maximum connectivity but also even more control over the car.Last but certainly not least, standard and advanced safety features. The new Sprinter will have standard and advanced safety features such as Active Brake Assist, Active Lane Keeping, Attention Assist, Crosswind Assist, Distronic Plus, Traffic Sign Assist and many more.

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2019 Mercedes IAA Technology Features Engine - Mercedes Cars Review

2019 Mercedes IAA Technology Features Engine
2019 Mercedes IAA, The aerodynamic abilities of the Mercedes IAA Concept make it outstanding when compared to all other vehicles in the market at present. In fact, the car has a drag coefficient of 0.19 only! The car employs a 5.04m long concept that is boosted by 390mm in length to allow for the carves to glide through the air much better. It also has electrically extending flaps both at the front and at the back for the same reason. At the back side, 8 sections telescope outwards so as to increase the length by at least 15 inches.

At the frontage, the flaps extend outwards by an inch. These extensions serve to keep air away from the wheel archs. A plunging roofline adds to the aerodynamic abilities of the model. The active rims are flat as opposed to being dished. 22 inch wheels are the agents of movement for the model that can be classified as a 4 door coupe. Both the headlights and the grille resemble those in the F 015 concept model that made a debut earlier this year.

Mercedes IAA Interior Cabin

Inside the car, it is apparent that white is the dominant cabin color. Most of the finishing is done in white leather giving it a very luxurious appearance. Highly advanced technological features are fitted so as to match the needs of the current and future generations. Gesture control pads are fitted to allow the driver control the car functions by hovering the fingers over the pad that is mounted on the dashboard. According to one of the high rank personnel in Mercedes, the model will incorporate intelligent innovations so as to provide balance between functionality and aesthetics.

In addition to having technologically advanced features and abilities, the model has the best safety features and equipment installed for optimal user safety. Powering this amazing car is the petrol electric plug in powertrain that has the ability to generate 274 horsepower. It also has a 39 mile electric only range. To be precise, it can cover 41 miles on a single charge. Using the design mode, the figure goes down a bit to 38.5 miles. Its top most speed is 155mph. With regard to ecology, the car produces 28g of carbon dioxide for each kilometer covered which is quite reasonable.

Mercedes IAA Price

The model has already made a debut during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. However, the date in which the model will start retailing is unidentified, and we can expec it in the end of 2018. As such, the price of purchase is also not clear. Nonetheless, car experts approximate that the cost of retail will be around $66,915.

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2018 Mercedes A Class Hatchback Model - Mercedes Cars Review

2018 Mercedes A Class Hatchback Model
2018 Mercedes A Class Hatchback, With this promising new model, there will be an extra of better gimmicks as thought about than the current models. 2018 Mercedes A-Class offers a rich inside with enhanced space for travelers solace.

Its cabin will accompany an assortment of enhanced peculiarities for capacities, for example, the Mercedes charge infotainment framework, electric warming surfaces, shade touch screen, satellite route characteristics, enchantment body control suspension, fragrance container and a 360 degree cam among others.

Changes on outside of 2018 Mercedes A-Class incorporate a revived grille, a forceful front guard, double exhausts, new headlights on top a slight change in its body plan. The German makers are chipping away at including lively extents on the 2018 Mercedes A-Class. These peculiarities incorporate a more extensive, lower and more wheelbases.

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2019 Mercedes AMG GLE63 With V8 Engine Model - Mercedes Cars Review

2019 Mercedes AMG GLE63 With V8 Engine Model
2019 Mercedes AMG GLE63 With V8 Engine Model, It’s really hard to conclude which one will be better option to buy. On the other hand, it’s quite familiar what are they getting under the hood. As we announced a few days ago, BMW’s topper will get around a mighty powertrain with 600 ponies. The Mercedes SUV will reportedly get 603 horsepower from a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8.

2019 Mercedes AMG GLE63 Performance

The power will run all four wheels via the nine-speed automatic transmission. But that’s not all from the crossover. Mercedes will also add the 2019 AMG GLE53 model at the same time. The vehicle will share the same design and features, but in place of the V8 mill, the German carmaker will add a hybrid system. The powertrain will combine a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine with an electric motor, which will be enough for 500 horsepower.

2019 Mercedes AMG GLE63 Model Features

Styling wise, the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GLE63 will definitely look tougher than the regular GLE. That’s because the carmaker added a few high-end details such as Panamericana grille and larger wheels with special brakes. Plus, there is a wider front spoiler. As a matter of fact, the prototype seems to feature both lower and wider stance, which will boost driving dynamics and fuel economy.

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2018 Mercedes GLC at Frankurt Auto Show New Design - Mercedes Cars Review

2018 Mercedes GLC at Frankurt Auto Show New Design
2018 Mercedes GLC at Frankurt Auto Show New Design, According to the German car manufacturer, the 2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell EQ won’t rely on hydrogen power only due to the lack of hydrogen stations. Instead, the plug-in hybrid will also feature an independent battery, so the potential drivers will be able to charge its car at numerous public charging stations.

Mercedes GLC Engine Performance

Mercedes’ hasn’t released any closer information regarding the powertrain. However, our source claims that the GLC F-Cell EQ should be able to cross at least 300 miles with fully-loaded hydrogen tank. The backup variant (electric motor) will rely on a 9.0-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, which will deliver around 30 miles of pure electric range.

2018 Mercedes GLC Model Features

The 2018 Mercedes GLC F-Cell EQ will make debut this September, however, we are not so sure when it will hit the dealerships and where it will be available. It’s pretty simple: If Mercedes sees its future in fuel-cell models it will have to build more hydrogen stations across Germany, Europe, and rest of the world. Bearing in mind how big and powerful is the car manufacturer they won’t build the fuel-cell car just for fun and without a good plan.

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2018 Mercedes S550 Redesign New Engine - Mercedes Cars Review

2018 Mercedes S550  Release
2018 Mercedes S550 Redesign With New Engine Performance, The possibility of the 2018 Mercedes S550 now incorporates a great deal of choices for its purchasers, however the most recent model won’t survey for the 2018 model. In the occasion you acknowledge extravagance, you then without a doubt require to get aware of what to suspect. The German auto creators exhibited the S-class car as the higher class and best entertainer. All segments in the richest vehicle are coordinated into a solitary bundle bargain, and the main variable residual. Each of the outlines will accompany the best tech and solace qualities.

Mercedes S550 Features Model

These will contain, astounding LED lighting, hand created segments, Multizone surrounding lighting, fabulous air purifier, double zone atmosphere, knead front seats, HomeLink carport entryway openers, warmed and ventilated seats, route, sans hands calling, Cabin aroma framework, Bluetooth, satellite radio, wood grain inside and some more. Notwithstanding, the fuel mileage on the majority of the outlines will be enhanced.Rumors going all over says that Mercedez won’t expect to present exactly a similar idea inside the upcoming S550 era. The shiny new forms will be considerably improved. Rely on premium outside capacities over every one of its renditions. Set up of the discretionary additional items, much more choices will come at typical costs.

The outside plan and style are relied upon to start utilizing a bang.Rumors have it that new trim package will be seen, and this can include a sportier hunt and come to feel. That has a lighter aluminum, compound overseeing is expected to ease. The light improvement can have no impact on security capacities over all outlines. Expect the 5-pack wonderful security capacities, to be specific; crash evasion, programmed braking, path adjust help, raise stopping help, programmed braking, side drape airbags and numerous additional. For that 2018 Mercedes S550e will be electrical and cross breed basically based.

Mercedes S550 Engine Performance

The S550e is required to get the regular model having a 3.0 liter Biturbo V6 electrical cross breed motor, essentially 330 hp. The S5550 Base motor will property a 4.8 liter VV8 basically 450hp despite the fact that the S550 4matic motor will work related specs. The greater part of the gas mileage is foreseen for being awesome with all the lighter aluminum.The Price of the 2018 S550 will presumably be reliant on which display you select the Base model will probably be the slightest costly with all the S550 4Matic outstanding basically the most expensive. Underneath, we have intensive the amount you may foresee to spend when the 2018 models make a big appearance later on in 2017.

The expected discharge date won’t be created official up until the 2017 late spring, yet with any fortunes, we’ll see the dispatch of all renditions just before the end of the year. German salary will begin first and must be through the mid fourth quarter of 2017 in spite of the fact that individuals of us appropriate here inside the US, United kingdom, Canada, and in addition different markets will probably need to hold up till mid-2018.

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2018 Mercedes CLS Redesign Release - Mercedes Cars Review

2018 Mercedes CLS Redesign  Release
2018 Mercedes CLS Redesign Release, The 2018 Mercedes CLS is reputed, exhibited up and coming 12 months. Updates are key in every angle on the auto like motor, outline, and abilities. New motor, prevalent make, finish with famous Mercedes managing capacity, which tends to make excellent driving skill. Not just that the new sort of outline of the cantina give a vastly improved look, which may maybe lure new customers.

Mercedes CLS Model

This auto or truck is typically minor, and it’s really completely unmistakable happens. 2018 Mercedes CLS is heavy over the post auto or truck, fantastic for the individuals who bring their personality, their perusers on the expression. Your hood is the underlying component of this new model, which draws in the eye of your push of thin people, this auto shows a thin, appears as its forerunner.

We anticipate an entrancing mix of fun-loving nature and earnestness. This can be and remains the item or administration from the back segment show up a thing, for example, the class S outlines the hood.His add up to stylization is, for the most part, a change. So there could be an updated guard, a turned framework lead changes and fires his total body truly low-estimated and far superior wheels in addition to the LED lights and extensively more back, This variant of 2018 would be the third era in the Mercedes CLS, and it is truly more beneficial, but to state that few of its properties similar to a moment era CLS have as of now been removed.

Mercedes CLS Features

2018 Mercedes CLS 4 wings are really testing review that will get it. Each seemingly insignificant detail not basically complTtT has the value of the opposite side, because of the reality, this model with the CLS introduces likewise a lesson four extra chic wings. It really is not basic that furniture, in which the absolute best Mercedes is made utilization of to go with its customers. Moreover, you’ll have the capacity to go various littler catches inside the inside. With this unbending utilization of cover, it truly is only somewhat dubious, protect all particulars inside the internal changes for the eyes. Changes from the dashboard are loads of sources that say you can run over humble. Buyers can suspect a change amid the systems of excitement and security! What’s more, who knows? The cabin can truly need to give fundamentally to some surprises.

Mercedes CLS Engine Performance

In the occasion the word engine specs, a plate sort intense, it is because of the reality the maker has propelled no particulars. The conjectures are created and persevering bits of gossip the motor about the new Mercedes CLS are radically more prominent than these in the prior model. A few gossipy tidbits express that a solitary attainable the motor is frequently a 4.0 L V8 Biturbo. Additionally, the V6 motor in the automaker could likewise ideally. With respect towards the security items, it is not all offered particulars.

In any case, it genuinely is to get trusted the maker many capacities inside the security to move forward. Along these lines, it will be among the best in its class in the engine vehicle.On the season of making, we have revealed there is definitely no correct information with the 2018 Mercedes CLS. A few bits of gossip said that he will be in 2017. Fetched gauge is not by any stretch of the imagination right now accessible.

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2017 Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Release Date - Mercedes Cars Review

2017 Mercedes C63 AMG  black series
2017 Mercedes C63 AMG black series, The flared wheel arcs make the AMG Coupe 64 millimetres larger at the front along with 66 millimetres larger at the back, allowing the automobile to squeeze the roadway better. Tire along with wheel dimensions are 225/40R -18 front in addition to 285/35R -18 back for the starter model in addition to 255/35R -19 front along with 285/30R -19 back on the S. In advance, it features the A-shaped bumper that is like the one uncovered on the C63 vehicle, along with a single-bar grille.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Sports Cars

As anticipated, the automobile appears like a mini variation of the stunning S63 Sports car, and we can not wait to take it for a spin. In the tilted sight from behind, the muscle line from roofing covering to carry making use of side wall surface and also wheel intermediary appearances especially outstanding, offering emphasis to the assumption of an elaborately designed sculpture by eating revolving light depictions. The slimmer taillights as well as the much more noticable, dismayed look of the front result in a a lot more unique general look that isn’t really simply a C-Class by eating 2 fewer entrances. What’s stunning is the quantity of sheetmetal difference between this automobile from the routine C-class cars.

2017 Mercedes C63 AMG, The AMG maintains the pretty column-mounted tools selector when we would certainly like to see a much more significant center-console-mounted thing. Considering that the brand-new C63 Sports car, in addition to the normal C-Class Sports car, has really been revealed, we can prepare for the display room look in the springtime of 2016. As expected, the AMG C63 Coupe gets its juice from the exact very same 4.0-liter V-8 discovered in the AMG GT sports car and the AMG C63 Sedan.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Features Engine

Features such as the slim back reflectors enhance the perception of width. Both chrome-plated double tailpipes of the AMG exhaust system are totally incorporated into the diffuser. The twin-turbo mill is conveniently available in the identical 2 version, with the base model placed at 469 horse power and also 479 pound-feet of torque in addition to the S model powered by 503 steeds and also 516 pound-feet of spin. AMG mentions it might absolutely credit 60 miles per hour in less than 4 secs as well as top out at a regulated 155 miles per hr.

Both variations of the beefed-up cars make use of the AMG Speedshift, seven-speed automatic transmission, which features four techniques: “Convenience,” “Person,” “Sport +,” and “Race”. Meticulously picked, premier materials by eating an enjoyable touch and accuracy workmanship produce a degree of seen top quality that is uncommon also in greater auto classes.

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2015 Mercedes E-Class Sedan- An Appealing Midsize Package - Mercedes Cars Review

2015 Mercedes E-Class Sedan- An Appealing Midsize Package
This auto offers new security frameworks and great styling. It proceeds with a formal roofline, and the shape is a conventional three-box style. It has complex corrections in this new model is more attractive than prior models. It has quad head lights and with the cosmetic touch ups, it offers a streamlined look. It accompanies back bumpers chopped out fairly. The front end is the extravagance model three brace grille with the token of the organization jutting from the hood.

The game variation exhibits a curiously large badge.2015 Mercedes E-Class Sedan InteriorAs expected, within is extravagant and refined with liberal wood and chrome trim introducing a lavish situation. There are prominent new touches, and this incorporates the reexamined directing wheel, craftsmanship decor enlivened clock, and the middle stack is adjusted including more natural controls. The COMMAND infotainment framework has a focal handle, voice summons, directing wheel mounted catches, Bluetooth-based network, and route capacities and a seven-inch screen mounted on the dashboard.

Rear View of 2015 Mercedes E-Class SedanAn discretionary framework incorporates a large group of treats, for example, an attendant service, climate upgrades and area based activity, programmed crash warning and stolen vehicle area help. The accessible applications likewise incorporate Google neighborhood seek showing road view, web scanning, Yelp audits, news reports and Facebook access. Proprietors can utilize mbrance Smartphone application to bolt and open remotely their auto of this type.

The experience incorporates couple of additional items, for example, ventilated and warmed front seats, Nappa calfskin upholstery, a video amusement framework in the back seat and Kardon/Harman 14-speaker encompass sound system.The most recent model of the E-Class accompanies a direct-infused 3.0-liter V6 motor conveying 329 strength and torque of 354 lb-ft. The body style offers superior and a heavenly decision of diesel, fuel and mixture power trains. With this motor determination it is assessed to cover 21/29 mpg in the city/expressway.

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2015 New Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – Engine and Specs - Mercedes Cars Review

2015 New Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – Engine and Specs
The outside in contrast with its other normal kid accompanies a wide front track. It has wheel orientation that is one of a kind and back giving more noteworthy footing, firmer dampers and springs, modified bushing and a ride tallness lessening. It has a mechanical locking differential. In all the AMG models one thing is basic, and that is the electronic dependability control framework offering Sport taking care of mode, ESP On, and off settings. The outside games styling signals and has an interesting front guard lodging substantial air channels and grille modified with a little emblem of AMG.

The front bumpers are extended unpretentiously and have indents behind the front wheel curves. The standard front has 8.5 x 18-creep and back has 9.5 x 18 inch with 10-talked composite wheels shod.2015 New Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG InteriorThe inside will have the game seats, and there will be the multifunction guiding wheel, stainless steel confronted pedals, one of a kind instrument illustrations and particular trims. There will be discretionary redesigns.

There are entryway pockets and glass holders in the front furthermore; the inside console has storeroom. There is freight basic need sack holder too. The security highlights incorporate motor immobilizer, post-crash wellbeing framework, remote hostile to burglary alert and keyless force entryway looks structure. There is drink cooler, and the floor mat material is carpet.2015 New Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG EngineThe motor to be matte will be the new 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 direct infusion fuel engine.

The 4.0-liter unit is in two yields. In spite of the fact that lower in dislodging, it figures out how to give more power and torque. In the new C63, the motor M177 will free 469 hp and Torque 479 lb-ft. With included element motor mounts and turbocharger support weight, it gets more powerful 503 hp. This auto is required to cover a 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds, and 155 mph is the top pace.

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2015 Mercedes GLA Redesign, Release Date and Price - Mercedes Cars Review

2015 Mercedes GLA Redesign, Release Date and Price
Highlight of the 2015 Mercedes GLA exterior is going to be its swoopy and coupe-y lines. It might be significantly less edged than preceding models from same segment. Dimensions of the 2015 GLA class is 173.9 inches extended, 71.0 inches wide, and 58.8 inches tall. They are exceptional mixture to get a city car. Five door and 18-inch wheels for base models, completes sophisticated appear of this vehicle. Mercedes tried and succeed to avoid lifted-wagon look. Aerodynamics is going to be improved with underbody cladding, a rear diffuser, the same side mirrors as the sedan and also other wind-cleaving style features. Distinction from the GLA platform that was presented in Shanghai car show in 2013 is grille, considering the fact that 2015 Mercedes GLA will not get nor that nor the grille from CLA class.Interior of the vehicle are taken from CLA class vehicles. Deluxe trimmings in the cabin are complementing luxury standards, and first-time buyers are going to be delighted. One of the significant lack is less headroom on the backseat. Having said that, comfort will be offered with sport seats. In optional trim packages, you can find further features – heated seats, navigation, the larger seven-inch multimedia display, and driver-assistance technologies.US industry of the new Mercedes GLA are going to be provided with only one engine solution. It will probably be 2.0-liter turbo four with 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. This engine is borrowed from Mercedes-Benz CLA250 model. This engine has shown as pretty smooth and quiet. Engines will be mated to the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. The 2015 Mercedes GLA will be FWD even though AWD is going to be optional.

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Inspiring 2015 Mercedes Benz CLA – Quick Overview - Mercedes Cars Review

Inspiring 2015 Mercedes Benz CLA – Quick Overview
Destructive AMG lower body designing is met by the intense gaze of available Bi-Xenon headlamps. The 18 inch AMG alloy wheels emphasize the sporty, extensive profile of this inventive four door coupe. The very intentioned detail of CLA model is each chrome diamond block in its grille was independently designed. Along with the brighter white headlamps the fiber optic LED tail lamps leave a long-lasting impression. The CLA arena gets generously from the sporty cars in the Mercedes array that is slight larger sedans. The high tech features of the new Mercedes CLA make it the world’s most aerodynamic standard production car. It avails the excellent design cues like its curved trunk lid and the rounded LED tail lamps from the superior and much more luxurious CLS.2015 Mercedes Benz CLA InteriorThe 5.8-inch color touch-screen that project from the top of the middle stack avails standard which could be upgraded to 7.0 inches by selecting the Multimedia package that includes Mercedes’ COMAND system.  It can be controlled by button system or voice recognition software, COMAND incorporates the car’s audio, climate control, navigation, and also the connectivity functions inside a single unit. The touch screen lets the passenger to enjoy the MBrace2 infotainment system that runs the cloud-based applications. As a inspiring facility it has on-the-go access to the internet in the new CLA. It comes with a special application that lets Smartphone availing owners to lock or unlock the car from a distance. It also helps instantly to find the parking lot.2015 Mercedes Benz CLA ExteriorThe CLA provides 208 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque from its 2.0-litered direct injected and turbocharged four-cylinder engine that would not lack for power. It gives the mileage rate of 26 mpg City/38 mpg Highway. It’s a customized and puffy version of the four that can be seen on the C-Class. Top speed limit of CLA would be to 149 mph. The All-wheel drive is elective on the non-AMG CLA model.2015 Mercedes Benz CLA Engine

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2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Good Option When Family And Business Matter - Mercedes Cars Review

2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Good Option When Family And Business Matter
When you own this minivan, you should rest assured that you would be noticed on the road chiefly because of its dramatic look. Still, the boxy appearance of the car may not be appreciated by many as it somewhat indicates that the vehicle will be difficult to maneuver. Nevertheless, with the use of latest technology under the hood, the minivan should not be difficult to manage on the road.2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter InteriorThe inside of the vehicle promises comfort on many levels. The driver gets to enjoy the feel of cushions while driving. Moreover, a host of other comfort enhancing settings could be arranged by opting for the Preferred Upfitter Program. SD media input, Bluetooth connectivity and 5.8’’ display are standard features. Navigation facility and backup camera are optional. However, Crosswind Assist System is available on all models, which helps the vehicle maintain its course during crosswinds.2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ExteriorThe Sprinter is powered by a diesel engine – V-6 BlueTEC 3.0 liter, which is capable of producing 188hp and 325 lb-ft torque. The Four Wheel Drive (FWD) system ensures that all its wheels receive power when the vehicle is in motion. It gives the driver immense control while driving through tricky situations like bad roads or rain. With just a push of a button, the FWD can be fully activated.2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Engine

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