2016 Lancia Ypsilon Release - Lancia Cars Review

2016 Lancia Ypsilon Release
2016 Lancia Ypsilon Release , Nearly 20 years later, the latest model of the car has been released at the Frankfurt Auto Show with the 2016 Lancia Ypsilon. This time around though, the car is actually based on the Fiat 500 so it has a lot more features than the first generation and it also costs quite a bit more. Unlike what many rumors said that this was going to be an all new model, it seems that Lancia only wanted to facelift the car with a few upgrades in order to make it a slightly better choice than some of its competitors.Just as we mentioned, the platform as well as most of the engines remained unchanged but the design as well as the interior have been upgraded in order to appeal to a broader audience.Under the hood of the little 2016 Lancia Ypsilon there are three different engines from which the buyer can choose. The base model will only come with a 1.2 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 petrol engine which is capable of 68 horsepower. This is likely only going to be bought by people looking to use their cars in the city. This particular engine can also be had with an LPG system which will allow dual operation, so it should be a nice cost saver, especially in countries where LPG is more than two times cheaper than petrol.

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