2015 Honda S2000 Concept and Price - Honda Cars Review

2015 Honda S2000 could make people feel nostalgic since the company will produce it. Before, the car has been created in 1998 as the popular car for urban city people. The car is featured with small body that is very stylish. For its performance, 2015 S2000 has very efficient engine that could offer fast riding with the top speed about 122 mph. It is quite interesting that the company wants to remodel and redesign it after its long sleep. The car is predicted to be the most stylish car with a much different body design compared to the old version.2015 Honda S2000 will offer two engine options for buyers. The first engine is hybrid version that is supported with an electric motor. At this time, the company does not want share the detailed information yet about the engine specification and the performance. Learning from the predecessor, it is quite possible if this new car will generate the output for about 210 horsepower.About the second engine, it goes with four-cylinder 1.5 liter in order to produce the output about 160 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque. In 60 seconds, the 2015 Honda S2000 could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. For its transmission, both of those engines will transmit the power through 6-speed auto CVT gearbox.

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New 2015 Honda Element Review and Price - Honda Cars Review

2015 Honda Element is something awesome that you can expect from Honda in future. The company will plan to release this car with the awesome ride that could attract you once it has been launched in the market. We glad to know that this interesting 2015 Element will be supported with some great features that have been confirmed officially. Its design is quite great and it goes with unique look.When it comes to the cabin, 2015 Honda Element has very interesting sounding cabin. It is quite large that will save more items inside and you still sit comfortable. Some interesting entertainment features are added such as the Bluetooth hookup, stereo sound, Satellite radio, GPS and MP3. For security system, there are rearview camera, LCD screen and also all-in-one lock system. About its bodywork, the car is quite perfect as a family car. The company completes the bumper that is covered with black plastic and it has very stylish hoods. For the wheelbase, it is using 17 inches of alloy wheel.We should admit that the new 2015 Honda Element has a very efficient engine performance. It is quite possible to see the car with four-cylinder V-TEC L4 engine 2.4 liter that is also used by the old model. This engine is able to produce the output for more than 139 horsepower and 3200 lb-ft of torque. Perhaps, you are a bit disappointed seeing the engine specification but the car is designed for urban city people and family car. It is coming out with large space inside the cabin through the six seats so you could get the spacious interior. There is no information yet for the top speed but it is rumored that there will be 112 as the maximum speed.

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2016 Honda CR-Z - Honda Cars Review

2016 Honda CR-Z Exterior2016 Honda CR-Z a little bit similar to new Civic because both of them are in the same platform so sharing the models for both technical and visual parts are very possible. While inheriting a lot of solutions from the Civic Type R, the 2016 Honda CR-Z won’t leave any doubt about where it belongs. As a significant member of the Honda family, this car will bring all the best features in order to represent their way of quality carmaking. 2016 Honda CRZ will be shorter than Civic but it has more aggressive look with a total sporty details to give more accents and characters. All best features are rumored to complete this car. For the coupe version, the car will have better fluid and aerodynamic in body lines, modern style and of course elegant.2016 Honda CR-Z Interior

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2016 Honda Crosstour Redesign - Honda Cars Review

2016 Honda Crosstour Redesign2016 Honda Crosstour will be much different from current model. It will remain the same type of a car, but with new much more attractive and aggressive look. exterior design is improved and now is more aggressive. Wheels are 18-inch with alloy. Interior is more spacious and comfortable. New materials used in building Honda Crosstour 2016 will reduce overall weight for some amount of pounds, which will further cause better consumption and fuel savings. The most of the new 2016 Crosstour will be made of lightweight materials such as aluminum, so total body weight will be decreased, which will at the end provide not only better performances but also better fuel consumption. There will also be changes inside. New model will get some new features. Some of these are vehicle stability assist and antilock brakes for better safety, also with active front seats, Bluetooth connectivity and USB interface and much more.2016 Honda Crosstour Specs

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2016 Honda Accord Redesign, Release Date and Price - Honda Cars Review

2016 Honda Accord front and rear end will be refreshed. Its headlights and bumpers will be reshaped, with more sharp edges, which will contribute to overall better look of popular sedan/coupe model. Front grill will also be modernized, and designed to provide more aggressive appearance, but not changed drastically. Japanese car producer may decide to offer few new exterior colors, which would additionally enhanced the afterimage of the new Accord.Although 2015 year model will undergo significant changes in design, 2016 Accord will also undergo some changes, especially for the U.S. market. Exterior will be refreshed in several aspects. The 2016 Honda Accord will get new more aggressive and more attractive look. Head and taillights will probably remain the same, but there will be some new-designed rims and also new color options. Interior won’t be too much changed, compared to 2015 year model, but will have some cosmetic changes. Also there is a possibility 2016 Honda Accord to get a bigger show screen or an enhanced dash panel.Honda Accord is preparing an influence on the United States market in 2016 year. It will be designed particularly for that market, and we could anticipate excellent car, a lot boosted and upgraded. Previous variations were one of the best-selling automobiles in its lesson, so we can anticipate large cause by 2016 Honda Accord. With extra design for North American purchasers, it might end up being most caring auto overseas.2016 Honda Accord will receive minor facelift since it is currently into its ninth generation. It comes available in four variants: coupe, sedan, plug-in hybrid and regular hybrid. Both coupe and sedan versions are practically the same, since they coincide when it comes to both styling and equipment. 2016 model year will mark its mid-cycle facelift, and will bring minor refreshment of the model’s exterior and interior. Its release is expected late on next year. Pricing specs should remain in the same range as for the current model, meaning that it will range between $23,000 and $34,000 for sedan and $24,000 and $31,000 for coupe.There is too much time from the release of the 2016 Accord, so it is extremely unforeseeable to presume price. Main details is not offered, and we can not expect it in near future. Nonetheless, launch is expected ultimately of next year, or early in 2016.

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2016 Honda Ridgeline - Honda Cars Review

On the interior we could expect a step down from the preceding generation consider the price and the targeted marketplace of the 2016 Honda Ridgeline. On top of that, the interior would be also lesser, but not as barren as you will think. As standard it would come with air conditioning, seats, electric windows, and mirrors in addition to with a decent 6 speaker audio system. The higher ending models will present a car like interior with the entire commodity you would want.2016 – Honda Ridgeline InteriorRegarding outside, there are diverse changes. The new diagram with its wealthy parts and balanced ends surly upgrade the voyage exploration of the car. There are a couple of gossipy goodies that new 2016 Ridgeline will be upheld with attractive close box unibody position that is accommodating this a smoother on road presentation.2016 – Honda Ridgeline EngineAs far as the engine go, the new pickup truck would feature diverse engines than the preceding model for certain. A base 2.0-liter obviously aspirated inline 4 with about 160 horsepower must be standard. This Earth Dreams unit would use very little fuel as well as it will effortlessly be able to present more than 30 MPG on the high way. Further down the variety there must be a combination of turbo charged engines. We could say that thanks to the new plant that Honda builds in the US especially for their turbo engines.2016 Honda Ridgeline must go into era in the mid of the 2015 as well as to hit the showroom’s rug in the 2016. The expense is still announced; though a couple of bits of tattle say that the starting cost will be about $38,000.

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2016 Honda Accord Price, Release Date - Honda Cars Review

We highly suspect that the new 2016 Honda Accord will have a hybrid variation. This will come as an excellent release that will take the market by storm. Its powertrain schedules will come with a smart 2.4- L inline 4 cylinder make that will give a perfect 185 horsepower and greater 181 pound feet of torque. This in most cases may come even more enhanced than we anticipate and we are eagerly waiting to see the variations and the smart changes. The engine options might have some good six speeds manual or CVT but this depend on the trim. An optional engine of 3.5 liter V6 is possible and will come with 278 hp and wonderful 252 ft of torque.This 2016 Honda Accord is set to be the best car that saves high on fuel. Its consumption will be perfect and it will utilize on every drop of fuel making it one of the highly preferred makes on the road. We are yet to get more details about its fuel use, but what we know is that Honda always takes this as a great consideration making sure that owners are able to save a lot on fuel expenses.This state of the art 2016 Honda Accord is set to be released towards end of the year by January 2016 and we will probably see the car on the roads. The pricing specs for this Honda make will more likely remain in the same range with that of the current model. This means that the car will cost you around $23,000 to around $34,000 for the Sedan make and the coupe at around $24,000-$31,000.

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2016 Honda Odyssey New, Changes - Honda Cars Review

On the exterior, it will be amazingly refined. The weight of the car is expected to be cut out to give it an absolute new look. This will not just give it a much better look than its predecessor, but their original idea is to make this car much more efficient and effective in fuel control. The wheel base of the car will be wider to space up in the cabin. The front of the car features LED headlights and grille with modified bumpers. The windows on the back will be singled with the ones on the front for a better look.The 2016 version of Honda Odyssey will equip up to 3.5 liter of V6 motor with 248 HP and 250 lb feet of torque, additionally the base model is designed in cutting edge style. Yet it would not surprise the audience, if Honda opts in to fuse more modest 4 barrel turbocharged motor merely as another alternative to cover up. The gearbox is said to remain same. The fuel efficiency in the project discussed will increase up to 10%, with decreased CO2 emissions.The up and coming car of Honda’s price, that is about to be on road, may cost anywhere around $35,000. However, top models can drive the cost up to $47,000 (In approx). The Honda Odyssey would hit the showrooms anywhere between the fall of 2015 and possibly in the early 2016. With tad too many changes, Honda Odyssey is all set to give their 2016 version car a typical 5th generation look.

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2016 Honda Amaze Price, Release Date - Honda Cars Review

The interiors of the 2016 Honda Amaze are like that of the other Honda vehicles and are extremely resembling trims of the Brio. However, the interior features of the new Honda Amaze are a first-rate when compared to the hatchback. The audio system on the new sedan is taken from the Honda City with steering mounted acoustic controls for the top-end models. The wheelbase of the car has been improved to 2405mm. This new vehicle comes with an improved driving dynamics, and it also comes with the increased rear legroom. The 400-litre boot of the new Amaze is the biggest in the class and it is fairly commendable, considering the sedan is below four-meters in length.The 2016 Honda Amaze comes with both petrol and diesel engines. The new sedan is motorized by a refined i-VTEC 1.2-litre petrol engine, which is capable of producing a power of 88PS and a torque of 109Nm, and the engine offers a fuel saving of 18kpl. The Honda Amaze is equipped with the i-DTEC 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine, which is capable of producing a power of 100PS and a torque of 200Nm. This diesel engine offers a fuel economy of 25.8kpl. EBD and ABS is standard across the petrol and diesel variants. Both engines are coupled with a five speed automatic transmission to get the appreciable fuel efficiency.The Honda Amaze sedan is expected to be available for sale during the last part of 2015 or the initial part of 2016. The base price of the new sedan will be around $ 24.000 and will go up to $ 30.000 for a completely equipped model.

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2016 Honda HR-V Diesel – Europe Release - Honda Cars Review

As a reminder, 2016 Honda HR-V Diesel is a returnee to the market. In fact, from 1999 to 2006, this SUV has been successfully sold in markets around the world. Almost a decade after the termination of sales, Honda company has decided to return the model to produce and offer it to customers in all world markets. On the European market and the US market will be sold as the 2016 Honda HR-V, the market of China as the 2016 Honda XR-V, while the market of Japan, is sold as a 2016 Honda Vezel.

This model is a dynamic vehicle. Represents an exceptional combination of elegance coupe model, functionality and quality of the minivan and SUV spaciousness. The very name of the vehicle proves it. Specifically HR-V represents the acronym of Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle. 2016 Honda HR-V Diesel has an excellent amount of comfort and excellent fuel economy. It is these characteristics will be the main advantages with spoiled European customers.Vehicle dimensions of 429/177/160 cm – l/w/h put him in the category of sub-compact crossover SUV models, which are very popular and appreciated in Europe.

2016 Honda HR-V Diesel boasts a solid cargo space. Its volume is 453 liters, and folding rear seat, this space is significantly increased. 2016 Honda HR-V Diesel will, among other things, possess autonomous emergency braking, forward collision detection, lane-departure warning and traffic sign recognition-systems. European buyers will have three different trim levels available, Comfort, Sport and Executive.

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2017 Honda Ridgeline Redesign and Release - Honda Cars Review

2017 Honda Ridgeline will have an official premiere during the year 2016. Beginning of sales is expected by the end of the same year, at the latest, in early 2017. The new generation of Honda’s pickup model was announced with a large number of advancing and with complete redesign. The company announces a fierce battle in the market segment pickup models. Also, is expected to set new standards in the class of mid-size pickup truck models.Great influence on a new generation Ridgeline model has mentioned 2016 Honda Pilot SUV. The new Pilot is presented with a complete redesign, improved systems of the new generation, as well as new powertrain. Design ‘language’, used in the new Pilot SUV, will be applied at the 2017 Ridgeline.2017 Honda Ridgeline will be much more modern and more improved model, compared to the current generation. The company has not significantly improved this pickup in the past. This led to a huge drop in sales and diminished interest in this model. For this reason, Honda has decided to offer customers a completely new, modern and upgraded Ridgeline pickup for the 2017 year.

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2016 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price - Honda Cars Review

2016 Honda Pilot Exterior Styling 2016 Honda Pilot offers major changes for 2016 model to make it more impressive. The basic template gets more alterations but the company does not want to remove the boxy structure from its predecessor. They only add lines and curves to give much prettier look than before. It is quite promising that the car will get new headlights but they have LED daytime running lights support even for the taillight. We glad to know that the headlight goes with sleeker design than before. The grille is new and the front bumpers are angular but they are supported with turning indicator. The front fascia has different look and the wagon goes with wider wheelbase. The dimensions will be increased. The company considers adding aluminum for its construction to give lighter bodyweight than before. The design has more aerodynamic look to support its performance.2016 Honda Pilot  Interior Design Even though from the spy shots, the company does not reveal the cabin yet, but it is possible to see some surprising concepts to offer. The company will keep the current 7-seater design but with new dimensions and the addition of space for the cabin to support the passengers and to provide well-built cargo. For the earlier models, the third row seats will has better access in 2016 Honda Pilot. The air vents are not round anymore, but it goes for rectangular design. Moreover, the upholstery is new with the support of cruise control and infotainment screen. New climate control system is offered and the car has few features around the steering wheel control, rear view camera, USB port player and much more.

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