2015 Honda Accord Offers Splendid Driving Experience - Honda Cars Review

This accord comes with breathtaking exteriors components. This car has very razor-sharp headlight that makes this car look extravagant. This splendid car is wrapped with branded aluminum. It arrives with extremely springy and leather seats in exceptional colors. These seats will make you enjoy more comfort while going for a long drive. The exterior of this car includes the newly designed steering wheel and LED daytime lights. It contains an up to date bumper and rear spoiler.2015 Honda Accord InteriorThe interior of this accord car is highly luxurious and modern. This car has latest modern music systems which enables you to play your adoring music when driving. Multi angle review photographic camera, exclusive bio fabric chair, USB port, Bluetooth, cruise control, forward collision warning, air bags, blind spot monitor are the most astonishing interior features of this accord car. This accord car is rated with a five stars by the national highway traffic safety administration. From driving this car, you could obtain various convenience features such as air conditioning, automatic temperature control, integrated navigation system and garage door transmitter etc.You could find two options of engines in this car. This outstanding accord car is equipped with a new 3.5 liter V6 engine which provides 278 horsepower and 252 pounds of torque. The peppy 2.4 liter four cylinder engine of this car have more power to produce 185 horsepower and 181pounds of torque. The engines of this car are mated to 6 speed manual transmission or CVT transmission. The CVT transmission of this car offers enormous fuel economy with the ratings of 27/36 mpg.2015 Honda Accord EngineThe price of this ravishing car ranges from $ 21,000. People who have waiting to buy this car immediately after release can get this car for $ 25,000. This accord car is expected to be launched in June 2015.

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2016 Honda Ridgeline – Redesign and Release - Honda Cars Review

According to ‘obsolescence’ Ridgeline pickup truck models were followed by numerous critics. They are mostly related to unconventional design. Many believe that the design of this model ” stray ” in class pickup truck. It is believed that this is far from a traditional look, these types of vehicles. In the past, there were many debates about the design of this vehicle. After some sketches, which the company announced, we see a completely new design line 2016 Honda Ridgeline models. The 2016 Honda Ridgeline will feature a more conventional styling, with a steeply raked windshield and a more rounded front end of the vehicle. The entire line of vehicles, reveals a modern and dynamic appearance, largely thanks to the new roofline. The roofline look to be extended and the overall feel of the new exterior. It is also expected significant modifications to the cab and inside of it.What makes this model stand out from the competition in the segment is a closed-box unibody platform. This platform gives the vehicle better traction on the road, on the other hand, cargo and towing capacity of a vehicle are reduced. On this construction, largely influenced by the Honda Odyssey model. Despite some shortcomings, the 2016 Honda Ridgeline will be set to the same unibody platform.

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2016 Honda Pilot – Release Date and Price - Honda Cars Review

A new generation of vehicles, is based on the Acura MDX SUV model 2013 MY. With this model, the company has shifted the boundaries and set new standards in the segment SUV with three rows of seats. Although MDX model is a luxury version of the Pilot model, they will share its underpinnings. 2016 Honda Pilot will have a larger wheelbase compared to the models of the second generation. Also, the new Pilot will take design solutions of the Acura MDX model. The new line of vehicles and modern solutions in interior design will give the vehicle a new dimension. Roof line, the new model is longer. This indicates a greater comfort and greater space inside the vehicle. The front and rear parts of the vehicle are changed, as well, a form of lighting groups. The new look of the vehicle will satisfy customers who are not in full, satisfied boxy appearance Pilot models. Although the design of the vehicle substantially altered, is hard to expect that the 2016 Honda Pilot get the look sporty coupe SUV models. Although this trend more and more streamlined, Honda Pilot would not be what it is, with such a design.The interior of the vehicle is substantially modernized and upgraded. Stylish design control panel, high quality materials and well positioned LCD screen, give a dose of luxury. Easier access to the back row seats is also an improvement. Was not notified which of the systems and facilities will offer 2016 Pilot model. It is believed that a large number of advanced system will be taken from the Acura MDX model. That all is not so great, took care some critics. They believe that the new Pilot went a step backward interior design. It is a solution, a conventional gear selector, which spoils all-out excellent impression of the vehicle.The current model, for the 2015 MYon offer is the only one powertrain option. It is a 3.5 L V6 engine with 290 hp and 267 lb-ft. of torque. Models with FWD drive system, have CVT, while the AWD models have a 6-speed automatic transmission. With this engine, the combination of engine, transmission and drive systems, Honda Pilot provides exceptional performance. However, many believe that the expansion of the range of the engine, with the 2016 Honda Pilot models, was the right move. There are indications that the new Pilot model, will take over from the MDX model, the Super Handling AWD with rear-axle torque-vectoring. Also, it is possible to expect a 2016 Pilot with a ZF 9-speed transmission.

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2015 Honda Ridgeline Redesign - Honda Cars Review

Honda Ridgeline is designed for customers in the US market. There has been represented more than 8 years. During this time, their quality, Ridgeline model, has gained a large number of fans. In addition to a pronounced quality of this pickup truck, it has excellent performance and it is very reliable. 2015 Honda Ridgeline SE, is the basis of the announcement for the 2015 Honda Ridgeline production model.Advancement and improvement, which offers SE model will be available in the new series model. Model for 2015, will be equipped with a set of aluminum wheels, size 18”. New car design will emphasize a modified front grille and better quality interior of the vehicle. The interior of the vehicle will be streamlined. Also, the interior will be offered in three different colors, Taffeta White, Crystal Black and Alabaster Silver. 2015 Ridgeline will possess a high level of advanced equipment and systems. On offer will be the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System and XM stereo unit. There is also a voice recognition system, as well as multi-functional display, located in the center console.For initiating, 2015 Honda Ridgeline models, the company has earmarked 3.5 L V6 engine. The engine delivers 250 hp at 5,700 rpm and 334 Nm of torque at 4,300 rpm. In combination with 5-speed VTM automatic transmission  and AWD. Various rumors stated some other possibilities power units. However, there is no official information.

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2016 Honda CR-V hybrid, redesign - Honda Cars Review

Changes in this 2016 Honda CR-V will be found almost everywhere. Outside this car, there will be a new front bumper and headlights and a new grille. 2016 Honda CR-V will be characterized by modern day lines in addition to much more aggressive qualities. Its rear end is expected to remain as it is in the current model but some small tweaks in it taillights and bumper are likely to be present. Again, this new model will have a standard moon roof covering. As for its wheels, it will be equipped with redesigned 16 and 17 inch wheels which will be constructed using stainless steel alloy. Furthermore, the 2016 Honda CR-V will come with additional exterior colors. 2016 Honda CR-V will also feature new and high quality fog lights.As for its interior, various features will be rolled over form the outgoing model. In addition to these, other brand new features and functions will be added to make this car more beautiful and luxurious. These new features will be optional but they are still a secret. The dashboard is expected to undergo a total transformation especially on its center console. Its user shall be able to access all the control buttons and functions easily. The dashboard will feature new technological systems modern high quality equipments for and enjoyable drive. Its interior will be perfectly designed to provide a welcoming experience in the cabin. This car’s cabin spacious while high quality design accents will be visible on all its interior parts. Although the interior details are not yet known, there are a number of attributes which this appealing sports utility vehicle is expected to have upon release. They include a 7 inch touch screen, navigation system, heated front and rear seats and a rearview mirror camera among others.Based on the ongoing speculations, this fourth generation of Honda CR-V will be powered by similar power units as those of its forerunner. In that case, the 2016 Honda CR-V will be offered with a 2.4 liter inline 4 engine which will be able to develop 85 horsepower and 163 pound-feet of torque. As for its mode of transmission, it shall be mated to a five speed automatic gearbox. There will be other engine options for the European market and they include a 1.6 liter i-VTEC generating 118 hp and 300 nm of torque, a 2.0m liter i-VTEC generating 148 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque and lastly a 2.2 liter i-VTEC producing 148 horsepower and 349 lb-ft of torque. For the U.S market, there will be a 2.4 liter four cylinder Earth Dream engine generating 185 horsepower and 221 Nm. The European and U.S market engines will be paired with the latest dual clutch gearbox. This new 2016 Honda CR-V is expected to be a front and an all wheel drive.

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2016 Honda Fit Release Date and Price - Honda Cars Review

2016 Honda Fit Exterior and Interior An attractive design is ready to be presented by Honda in this car. It is said that the car will get interesting features with its improvements for both outside and inside. The car also offers excellent technology integration for conventional driving. In order to increase the level of comfort, the car will give spacious cabin with technology features that brings no doubt at all. Inside, you could enjoy navigation device with large enough touch screen size, audio players and many more. Those technology features will be improved in this series. Not only that, but you will also find out a higher level of materials used to complete your comfort especially for the seats. New grille and new headlamp are available in this 2016 Honda Fit. Furthermore, you could find out that the car has wider and longer dimensions that impact its room. The suspension is revised in order to make the car has much better maneuvering and handling. There will be some standard features such as rearview camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The premium features are heated front seats, sunroof, front passenger side blind-sport camera, leather seating, smartphone connectivity, keyless entry and many more in 2016 Honda Fit.2016 Honda Fit SpecsSpeaking about the power train, the car will be powered by four-cylinder 1.5 liter and it is paired by direct injection. This engine could help the car to generate 130 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of estimated torque power. Of course this engine is better than the current model of 2016 Honda Fit. This engine is also supported by 6-speed manual transmission and there will be CVT support with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. About the acceleration, the car has 5 mpg higher than the current model.

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2017 Honda Crosstour Review - Honda Cars Review

2017 Honda Crosstour Review, Some adjustments and improvements have been made on the body and exterior appearance of this new SUV. Some of the most significant adjustments include more aluminum and other tough but light materials being used in making the body and other essential parts of the 2017 Honda Crosstour. As a result the vehicle is significantly lighter than its predecessor where now it has an overall weight of 1, 700 kg. This has in turn increased its fuel efficiency and has also provided it with ability to move in higher speed. Other changes on this SUV include the dimensions being altered slightly to make it more stable even when moving in high-speed. The new dimensions are 196.6 long, 74.4 inches wide, 61.4 inches and a wheel base of 100 inches. The appearance of this 2017 Honda Crosstour is characterized by an attractive and outstanding front which has an elegant grille and a massive bumper which protects most of the essential features on the front area. The vehicle has a pair of slimmer and longer headlights which use either HID or LED bulbs depending on the buyer’s preference. The rear area of the vehicle comes with a set of thin but very sharp tail lights which make the entire back area look elegant. This modern SUV has a sunroof and rides on either eighteen or nineteen inch wheels which significantly improve the driving dynamics.On the inside, the 2017 Honda Crosstour is full of premium and state of the art features. This vehicle can accommodate five people on the spacious leather-covered seats which are also adjustable to enhance comfort of the riders. The interior comfort is further facilitated by a modern climate regulating system that ensures the interior temperatures remain at standard levels. This new SUV also gets an updated infotainment unit which can even be connection with external devices through USB ports, Wi-Fi, wireless Bluetooth and smart phone connectivity. The 2017 Honda Crosstour also comes with a friendly and interactive cockpit which is well-lit and also has a big LED color touch screen that helps in controlling and monitoring almost all the features. For safety and security purposes the vehicle has been fitted with some of the most recent attributes.

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2017 Honda Element - Honda Cars Review

2017 Honda Element , The exterior of this SUV is perfect and makes best for the family unit. The wheels are 17-inch alloys and provide the best urban driving experience. The car’s front façade is covered by a black plastic that give the car a more attractive look. The front and rear bumpers are relatively lowered to protect the vehicle underlayment parts. The use of LED technology and enlarged headlights will provide a better driving experience during the night without much strain by the driver.From the inside of the 2017 Honda Element, the cabin is large than of the current models and, therefore, offers a large cargo space when going out for family shopping. A LCD screen located on the console center provides the driver with a simplified driving experience. Additional features include; Bluetooth connectivity, HD satellite radio, satellite helped GPS route system and a stereo encompass sound. The 2017 Honda Element will comfortably accommodate six passengers and with four seats. The front seats offer sufficient comfort while driving, and they come fitted with a side armrest for the best convenience. The seats are wrapped with high-quality masterpieces and will offer required comfort for longer journeys or when cornered in the urban, busy traffic. Due to the enlarged cabin space, more head space and leg room space is provided and thus the strain while driving is highly reduced.For the safety of the occupants, the Japanese manufacturers installed various safety features that will aid in evading crashes or protect the occupants in the cases of occurrences of accidents, these safety features include; airbags, traction control, stability control, lane departure alert, cross traffic alert and rear camera for better parking of the car.

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Honda HRV Mugen Review - Honda Cars Review

Honda HRV Mugen Review, The Mugen will stand out from other crossovers with its wide-body extensions and body stripes. In addition to the extensions and stripes, the car will come with stunning trademark colors that will definitely attract many car shoppers. Estimated car dimensions include: 169 inches in length, 69 inches in width and 63 inches in height. Wheelbase will be 103 inches in length.Some more exterior highlights to catch your eye include: a stylish grille, front under-spoiler, lower wing spoiler, rear & side under-spoiler and ventilated visor. A Mugen emblem will be fixed in the front side to differentiate it from Modulo. Both ends will be decorated with modern lights. Flower-spoke wheels will crown up the magnificent exterior of Honda HR-V Mugen.On the side of interior, look forward to a leather-lined interior. Space will not be a big issue in Honda HR-V Mugen. The car cabin will be designed to provide comfortable legroom and headspace. Five seats with headrests and other comfort features will be offered. There will also be six airbags and a reverse camera in the interior of the crossover.

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2016 Honda Crosstour New Changes Release Honda - Honda Cars Review

2016 Honda Crosstour New Changes Release Honda , New Crosstour may have comparable motors like the prior variant with two or three small conformities. Begun with 2.4-liter inline four as the based variety. This motor is qualified to create 192 pull and additionally 162 lb-ft of torque. It will have five rates mechanized gearbox. On the other hand, the 3.5 liter V6 could create as much as 290 hp furthermore 252 lb-ft of torque. This one specific will have six rates automatized transmission. The 2.4-liter motor will surely incorporate front drive wheel framework, then again the 3.5-liter motor is going to accompany both fronts furthermore four-wheel drive framework.

First and foremost, Crosstour was delegated Accord Crosstour. Since it was a hybrid variant of Honda Accord, this car turned into its very own form. It will have redesigned headlights, taillights and chrome grille. Fronts lights will unquestionably use HID and LED advanced innovation. Taillights will come littler and significantly more precise contrasted with some time recently. Guards will positively be fresh out of the box new. It is foreseen that the wheelbase will absolutely be 100 creeps in length. Tires will come in greater form, and it is 18 inch for the base variant and 19 inch for V6.

2016 New Changes Honda Crosstour Redesign - Honda Cars Review

2016 New Changes Honda Crosstour Redesign, 2016 Honda Crosstour Redesign, Release Date and Changes – Welcome to raiacars.com, we will give the most recent data about the Honda Crosstour Concept. 2016 Honda Crosstour changes are one fresh out of the box new auto from Honda that was discharged in 2016. We will likewise survey about the value, inside, outside and motor of the 2016 Honda Crosstour Release Date.

The 2016 Honda Crosstour is the future model of this full-size hybrid that is as of now being developed and we do anticipate that it will accompany few entirely fascinating changes. Amid an initial couple of years of its generation, this auto was named as Accord Crosstour, since it was a hybrid rendition of the most mainstream Honda vehicle however not long after those things changed and we have one essentially distinctive vehicle.

2016 Honda Crosstour is unequivocally shown to be arranged by Honda as the refreshment model of their prevalent full-size hybrid auto-named as Crosstour arrangement. Advancement gets to be one of the words that can’t be isolated from the excursion of Honda in the car industry. It is not just for innovation, the development additionally appears through the dispatch of their hybrid item in Crosstour arrangement in which can be said as a standout amongst the most famous auto items on its product offering.

2016 Release Honda Crosstour Cars - Honda Cars Review

2016 Release Honda Crosstour Cars, At initial, 2016 Honda Crosstour was marked as Accord Crosstour. Since it was a hybrid rendition of Honda Accord, this vehicle turned into its very own model. This extraordinary vehicle has the same stage as Honda Accord. It will accompany upgraded headlights, taillights and chrome grille. Headlights will utilize HID and LED innovation. Taillights will come littler and more rakish than some time recently. Guards will be fresh out of the box new. It is normal that the wheelbase will be 100 creeps in length. Wheels will come in a greater variant, and it is 18 inch for the base model and 19 inches for V6.

Similarly, as inside outline is concerned, it is normal that new 2016 Honda Crosstour will borrow its appearance from the TL or Accord. This implies this awesome hybrid will offer the same level of solace as these reduced vehicles. Limit of a new model is 5 travelers with enough legroom and headroom. The dashboard of the new vehicle will come totally overhauled. A portion of the security includes new 2016 Honda Crosstour will impart to its travelers are: side window ornament airbags, threshold airbags, electronically monitored slowing mechanisms, strength help, and so on. There will be and different elements like USB interface, Bluetooth, double zone programmed atmosphere control and numerous other.

2016 Honda Crosstour will have the same motors as past model yet with some minor alterations. The base one will be 2.4-liter inline 4. This motor is fit to produce 192 strength and 162 lb-ft of torque. It will accompany 5-speed automatic gearbox. Then again, the 3.5-liter V6 will have the capacity to deliver a force yield of 290 drive and 252 lb-ft of torque. This one will accompany 6-speed programmed gearbox. The 2.4-liter motor will accompany front wheel drive framework while the 3.5-liter motor will be accessible with both front haggle wheel drive framework.

2016 Honda Civic Si New Coupe Review Release - Honda Cars Review

2016 Honda Civic Si New Coupe Review Release, The 2016 Honda Civic even exists in its green variation, which means the cross breed one, which is top most loved vehicles among those people who are green-arranged. The designers of these green autos have understood the developing frame of these vehicles and, to help its general exhibitions and its general deals, they have executed some decent upgrades, as to incorporate the capacity of utilizing the electric just drive. This in actuality implies, that these fresh out of the box new models will go along furnished with all the more intense electric engines, which will likewise come about with expanding on both in fuel effectiveness and force of this vehicle, as well.

The normal motor choice is a standard 1.8-liter 143-pull 4-barrel, which comes in pair with either a constantly variable programmed transmission or a 5-speed manual in a few models. On the off chance that you endeavor to claim a marginally intense motor alternative which will have likewise abundantly enhanced mileage, than simply the ideal decision for you would be to select the 2016 Honda Civic Hybrid, which sandwiches an electric engine between the 1.5-liter 4-barrel motor and extra measure of electrical force permits the CVT, in spite of the fact that it’s not fit for running exclusively on electrical force like its kinda Toyota Prius.

2017 Honda Element Cars 2017 SUVs - Honda Cars Review

2017 Honda Element Cars 2017 SUVs, The outside of this SUV is flawless and makes best for the family unit. The wheels are 17-inch compounds and give the best urban driving knowledge. The auto’s front façade is secured by a dark plastic that give the auto a more appealing look. The front and raise guards are moderately brought down to secure the vehicle underlayment parts. The utilization of LED innovation and amplified headlights will give a superior driving knowledge amid the night without much strain by the driver.

From within the 2017 Honda Element, the lodge is substantial than of the momentum models and, in this manner, offers an expansive load space when going out for family shopping. An LCD screen situated on the console focus gives the driver an improved driving knowledge. Extra elements incorporate; Bluetooth availability, HD satellite radio, satellite offered GPS some assistance with the routing framework and a stereo envelope sound. The 2017 Honda Element will serenely oblige six travelers and with four seats.

The front seats offer adequate solace while driving, and they come fitted with a side armrest for the best comfort. The seats are wrapped with top notch magnum opuses and will offer required solace for more excursions or when cornered in the urban, occupied movement. Because of the broadened lodge space, more head space and room to breathe space is given and in this manner the strain while driving are very reduced.

For the wellbeing of the inhabitants, the Japanese makers introduced different security highlights that will help in avoiding crashes or ensure the tenants in the instances of events of mischances, these security highlights incorporate; airbags, footing control, strength control, path takeoff ready, cross activity ready and raise camera for better stopping of the auto.