2020 Ford Focus RS ST Engine 3 Cylinder - Ford Cars Review

2020 Ford Focus RS ST Engine 3 Cylinder, The new Ford Focus 2020 is going to continue the lineup’s charming, sporty look. But, it will incorporate European-style taillights, which emphasize the car’s rear view width. Both the headlights and the taillights will be smaller, more clear-cut and use LEDs.

Ford Focus RS Model

There will be some aerodynamic enhancements as well. With these enhancements, the car will have a lively look. Ford will also incorporate sweeping creases on the car’s sides.The exterior redesign is created specifically to give the 2020 Focus a slight transformation from the current model.

There will be several exterior colors available: black, shadow black, oxford white, red, blue, magnetic metallic and ingot silver metallic.Speaking of the 2020 Ford Focus ST interior, you can expect a bigger cabin. Since the new Focus will have greater dimensions than its predecessor, expect more legroom. Not only that, the interior materials are said to be of higher quality than the current model. If this is true, the new Focus will provide better driving experience.There will also a MyKey feature as well. This feature will help the driver to set limits to speed, which is great for young drivers.

Ford Focus RS Interior and Engine

Keyless entry, a tilt-steering column, air conditioning and audio device is standard. More features will be included in upper modelsThe new Ford Focus is said to be available with a new 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder, turbocharged EcoBoost engine capable of generating up to 160 horsepower and 146 lb-ft of torque. The car is going to use the engines of its predecessor as well. The other two engines available are a 1-liter, 3-cylinder engine with up to 123 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque and a 2-liter, inline-four turbocharged engine with up to 252 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque.

Ford Focus RS Automatic Transmission

As for the 2020 Ford Focus transmission, you can expect the car to have a six-speed automatic transmission or a five-speed manual transmission gearbox paired with the engines above. Now, about 2020 Ford Focus release date. There is no exact date of release yet. Neither is its starting price. That said, the new Focus is scheduled to enter the market near the end of 2018.

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2020 Ford Ranger Australia Engine Torque - Ford Cars Review

2020 Ford Ranger Australia Engine Torque, Seeing the 2020 Ford Ranger pictures, we expect the upcoming Ranger to have more aggressive designs for its front end and tailgate. It continues what the Ranger lineup has all this time. That is a sporty styling with a utilitarian interior as well as trim dimensions. Some people complain about its door panels which use hard plastic and its rather average-looking rear quarter view.

Ford Ranger Inline Four Ecoboost Engine

Let’s withhold our judgment for now since its series-production example has not been seen yet.Speaking of what will be under the hood the upcoming Ranger is going to use a 2.3-liter, incline-four EcoBoost engine. This engine can generate up to 300 horsepower and 320 pound-ft of torque. The engine will be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission gearbox. So far, this is the only available engine. It appears that there will be no 2020 Ford Ranger diesel. Still, this has yet to be confirmed.The 2020 Ford Ranger Australia will come with lots of awesome features. For example, the Terrain Management System which is already used in the F-150 Raptor.

Ford Ranger Model

This feature allows for specific settings for specific terrain. There are four modes: normal, sand, mud and ruts and grass, gravel and snow. Another example is the Trail Control. This feature is similar to cruise control. The difference is that Trail Control is used for low-speed and/or rugged terrain. In the 2020 Ranger, the system operates at up to 20 mph, which makes it great for terrain like smooth dirt roads.

So far, there is no official statement about the exact release date. Nor there is for 2020 Ford Ranger Australia price. That said, being a 2020 model we estimate the upcoming Ranger to enter the market in the second half of this year. And as for the price, the starting price should be around $25,000 for the base model. The sales potential for the 2020 Ranger is quite significant. We can see it from Ranger’s competitions.

For instance, GMC Canyon is sold over 100,000 units while Toyota Tacoma is sold over 180,000 back in 2015. It will not be difficult for Ranger to exceed those numbers. After all, during its peak in 1999, the Ranger was sold almost 350,000 units. To exceed those numbers, the most important thing Ford needs to avoid is selling the new Ranger at a higher price than its competitions.

2020 Ford Explorer 5 MidSize SUV - Ford Cars Review

2020 Ford Explorer 5 MidSize SUV, Admittedly, the detail about the next generation is still scarce. But that doesn’t mean there is no detail about it at all. In fact, we can speculate some things from 2020 Ford Explorer spy shots that have been captured. Do you want to know more about it? Well, below we have 5 things you can expect from the upcoming Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer 5 Model

From what we see of the 2020 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, it appears that the 2020 Explorer is going to use a new platform known as D6. This platform is expected by many to be made of lightweight materials (for example, aluminum). The use of platform made of lightweight materials has been done previously by Ford in the F-150 pickup. 

Ford Explorer 5 V6 Engine

In the F-150 case, the platform is made of aluminum. The same may be done to the upcoming Ford Explorer.The upcoming Ford Explorer is likely to get new and better engines. The naturally-aspirated V6 engine is going to be dropped. Instead of using the usual V6 engine, the 2020 Explorer may use 2.3-liter with 4 cylinders and 3.5-liter, V6 EcoBoost engines. There may some updates for these engines as well. With these engines, the upcoming Explorer will have a better performance, fuel economy and emissions.We can see from the spy shots that the upcoming midsize SUV is not going to have drastic changes. Still, there will be changes. The new lightweight platform will be taken advantage of since it will reduce the overall weight of the SUV.

The current Ford Explorer managed to change the SUV style. You can expect the same from the upcoming one.You can expect this also. Why? Well, because the current Explorer sold quite well. It was the U.S. 14th overall best seller in 2017. The New Explorer is very likely to continue this trend, regardless how Ford will change its style. The Ford Explorer lineup has been a good deal for 7-seater midsize SUV, something which we think unlikely to change in the foreseeable tomorrow.Unfortunately, Ford has yet to announce 2020 Ford Explorer release date. There is no official announcement about its price, either.

Ford Explorer 5 Hybrid Concept

Since it is still in the process of development, we have to wait. It shouldn’t be too long before Ford announces the details of the upcoming Ford Explorer. We expect the new Explorer to enter the market in summer with more or less the same price range as the current model (around $33,000).It is likely that we are going to see 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Changes both inside and outside. There will changes in the exterior, interior and engine options. Based on these, the upcoming Ford Explorer should be at least as good as its predecessor and at best, better. Let’s just wait and see for now.

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2020 Ford Transit Van Cargo Model Features - Ford Cars Review

2020 Ford Transit Van Cargo Model Features, There will be a redesign of the upcoming van, both for its exterior and interior. For the exterior, the front fascia will be more attractive than before with a wagon-like front end. The sides will be slightly changed while the rear is more or less the same with the current design. For the interior, the ergonomics of the van will be improved and there will be a touchscreen infotainment display available inside.The upcoming 2020 Ford Transit Connect will have new features.

Ford Transit Van Engine Model

For example, the Pre-collision Assist with automatic emergency and pedestrian detection. This feature will scan the road ahead and then warn the driver in case a crash is possible according to the vehicle’s speed and conditions ahead. There are also features such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist and a rearview camera.The upcoming van is going to have three engine options: 1.5-liter, 2.0-liter, and 2.5-liter engines. Each of these engines is made for a specific purpose. Let’s see each one.

Just as the Ford Transit Wagon, the Ford Transit Cargo Van is capable of towing up to 2,000 lbs. The upcoming van also has a unique capability. Without any load, it is able to make a U-turn in the street. You can’t find such unique features combination in other Ford vehicles. As far as we know, there is no exact release date announced by Ford yet. It should enter the market later this year. The price has not been announced, either, but we predict its starting price to be less than $30,000.

Ford Transit Van Interior Features

These are the changes and upgrades for the upcoming Ford Transit Van, ford transit is divided into several types, based on the number of seats. there are two types, namely 2020 Ford Transit Van 12 Passenger and 2020 Ford Transit Van 15 passenger. The new van gets redesigned, lots of useful features and capable yet efficient engines. As such, we expect it to be an overall good van. 

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2020 Ford Flex Model Features - Ford Cars Review

2020 Ford Flex Model Features, Will we see the 2020 Ford Flex Facelift? It seems so. While there will be a redesign, we don’t expect the next generation Flex to get significant changes. Indeed, a familiar design is more likely to happen here. This should not come as a  surprise as Flex lineup’s familiar boxy shape, which first appeared back in 2009, still attract lots of attention to this day.So, what kind of redesign will we see? We will see a redesign of the grille, taillights, headlights and dual exhaust tips and more aerodynamic design.

Ford Flex Interior Features

If you are a fan of Flex’s boxy design, no need to worry. The distinctive shape will stay the same. we believe, ford flex weight will also change. new Flex will be lighter. Let’s move on to New Ford Flex concept for the interior now. The upcoming Flex will be able to seat up to 7 adult passengers. As with any other cars, the features of the interior, as well as the equipment, will depend on which trim level you choose. While this is true, the base trim’s features and equipment will not disappoint.

The features that are going to be included in the Ford Flex are restyled dashboard, a larger touchscreen display with SYN3 infotainment system (navigation, automatic climate control as well as Wi-Fi are included in this system), foldable third-row seats, driver assist features, airbags and other safety features. As for the higher trims, they will come with a steering wheel wrapped in leather, leather cover for the front seats as well as heating and cooling control for the front seats. Also, color schemes for the interior may be offered in higher trims.

Ford Flex Engine Performance

The 2020 Ford Flex is going to come with two V6 gasoline engine options. The base engine will be a 3.5-liter, V6 Duratec engine capable of generating up to 287 horsepower with 254 lb-ft of torque. The optional engine is a 2.7-liter, V6 EcoBoost engine with an output of 365 horsepower with 350 lb-ft of torque. Both of these engines are going to be paired with a 6-speed auto transmission gearbox.

The exact date of release and price has not been known yet. That being said, while we don’t know the exact New Ford Flex release date, it should enter the market late this year or early next year. Speaking of price, the base model should be in $31,000 range while the best-equipped models will have the price of up to $45,000.

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2016 Ford Everest RWD Version - Ford Cars Review

2016 Ford Everest RWD Version, 2016 Ford Everest belongs to the third generation model, which is available from the 2015 model year. Since its inception, in 2003, this SUV is based on the Ford Ranger pickup truck.

Ford Everest SUV Version

2016 Everest is based on Ford Ranger T6, and represents a five-door wagon variant of the Ford Ranger four-door pickup truck. All new 2016 Ford Everest is designed in Australia but built in Thailand.Thanks to its design, 2016 Everest is considered the ‘strongest’ SUV in its segment.

This vehicle has excellent off-road capability thanks to the aforementioned platform T6 Ranger pickup. This platform gives him a clearance of 225 mm and an exceptional torsional strength to overcome extreme terrain. The high clearance allows the vehicle passing through a water depth of 800 mm.2016 Ford Everest is available in a version with RWD, also with AWD.

This second is particularly attractive. His drive to all four wheels in combination with Torque on demand system and Terrain Management System. The vehicle has a choice of driving modes. There are a regime for normal driving, the regime for driving in the snow, the grass, the gravel, the sand and the regime for the ride on the rocks.

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2020 Ford Everest Ranger Raptor Model Features - Ford Cars Review

2020 Ford Everest Ranger Raptor Model Features, 2020 Ford Everest Exterior & Interior StyleIt seems we are going to see 2020 Ford Everest redesign. Let’s start with the frame. The frame of the upcoming SUV will use a combination of steel and aluminum.

Ford Everest Model Design

This will provide a solid foundation, large dimensions and at the same time, cut some weight and making the SUV lighter than before. With this frame, the lower part of the chassis is going to be raised off the ground significantly. As a result, the new SUV will be able to withstand various types of conditions and terrains. As for the looks, the upcoming Ford Everest will get a muscular and powerful look. We can see this from its front fascia, which features LED headlamps and a wider grille made of chrome plate. Its enormous bumper will have a wide air intake, too.

On its rear end, there will be LED taillights and a mounted spoiler. The new SUV will ride on standard 18-inch wheels or on optional 20-inch wheels.What about New Ford Everest interior? Well, inside there will be a modern and spacious cabin. As for seating, either two or three seating rows will be available. Depending on the number of the rows, the upcoming Everest can accommodate up to either five or seven passengers. 

Ford Everest Engine Performance

All Trims now come with Sync 3 ft android auto and apple carplay, along with in-built satellite navigationWhile it can accommodate a lot of passengers, there will be enough headroom and legroom for everyone. The seats are quite comfortable, with premium leather cover, power-adjust as well as heating and ventilating options.According to some reports, the upcoming Ford Everest will have three engine variants.

The first engine is a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder Eco Boost engine with an output of 240 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. The second engine is a 2.2-liter, 4-cylinder diesel-powered engine with an output of 150 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. The last engine variant is a 3.2-liter, 5-cylinder engine with an output of 200 horsepower and 347 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact 2020 Ford Everest release date since there is no official announcement yet from Ford. However, it is scheduled to enter the market in the second half of this year. Indeed, we are going to see it soon.

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2017 Ford Expedition Luxury SUV Model V8 Engine - Ford Cars Review

2017 Ford Expedition Luxury SUV Model V6 Engine, A significant decline in sales in the segment of full-size SUV, the company made the radical moves. The Ford Expedition is present on the market for nearly two decades. He is the successor of the legendary Ford Bronco SUV. As such, he quickly accepted by customers, and belongs to the top segment of the full-size SUVs.

Ford Expedition SUV Model

All-new 2017 Ford Expedition will go through, which paved the new F-150 pickup truck. Like him, the new generation Expedition will go through a light-weighting process. Much of the vehicles will be made of aluminum and high-strength boron steel. Thus, the total mass of the vehicle to be reduced, which will significantly reduce fuel consumption. The same process is expected and luxury SUV version of the Expedition, Lincoln Navigator.

Ford Expedition V8 Engine

In order to improve the economy, reducing vehicle weight is only the first step. The new generation will be fitted with a new engine, and will receive a new transmission. After the announcement of the company, 2017 Expedition will run 5.4-liter V8 engine. As a replacement for it, is mentioned 3.5-liter Ti-VCT V6 twin-turbo engine with 365 hp and 420 pounds of torque. Boosted turbo charger and equipped with direct fuel injection system, the engine will provide great performance vehicle.

In addition, the fuel economy will be significantly improved. In addition to this engine, Ford announced the possibility of an engine of EcoBoost family. These engines are known for their exceptional economy and great performance.With the new engine, the 2017 Ford Expedition will be equipped with the new ten speed transmission. New intelligent SelectShift transmission with 10-speed gear box will be ready for a new generation of vehicles.

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2019 Ford Expedition Interior Features - Ford Cars Review

2019 Ford Expedition Interior Features, 2019 Ford Expedition MSRPThe apparent outcomes of Ford SUV are incredibly better, supplying a streamlined and stylish look for this recent car. The 2019 Ford Expedition has retained the initial physical appearance of Sports power vehicles, but there are some remarkable changes designed to its exterior. Initially, of all, its body has brought an adjustment and design which may have substituted the previous one with super durability boron metallic that is lighting. These substance put together by very light aluminum has lessened the body weight of the vehicle.

Ford Expedition Model

Additionally, the front side fender and the grille have acquired somebody changes. So, these changes make the top element show up a whole lot more aggressive and stylish. The front lights also have already been reworked rendering them seem to be smart. Last but not least, this model has become incorporated with programmed doorway starting up the system. If each and every one of these fantastic exterior qualities is, nevertheless, to thrill you, permit actually gets to the interior parts.

2019 Ford Expedition MSRP, Higher-class car adornments are the wish of each and every car shopper, and also since of this, Ford has produced the interior of 2019 Ford Expedition car large and fantastic. This may cause the car interesting to have. The chairs are set up in about three series making it easy for it to keep 8-10 passengers! On the top of that, passengers will enjoy the new large-premium quality and chic fabric interior deals with. The body excess weight reducing apparent in the interior design of 2019 Ford Journey due to the fact aluminum and woodlands reign more than the interior.

All of us appreciate amusement; the new Ford Expedition model contains a MyFord Touch entertainment and infotainment system. The system addresses the total contemporary technology this kind of as Bluetooth features, telephone calls, Fluid crystal display contact show, and contemporary atmosphere cooling down approach to name a few. I really could only make clear the interior using one expression; “Luxurious” Let us now take a look at the Engine and performance.

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2020 Ford Escape Model Features - Ford Cars Review

2020 Ford Escape Model Features, Thanks to major updates to the grille and headlights, the car has a brand new front fascia. Its nose is more robust while the headlight and taillight fixtures are sharper. The SUV has a low beltline which rises gradually from the A to the C pillar.

Ford Escape Model Features

As a result, its rear end is larger than that of previous models. The rear hatch is longer and gives access to a larger opening. Moreover, the car has dual exhaust pipes which give it a sporty appearance. They sit pretty inside some bumper cutouts. The front bumper features some prominent air-intake scoops. Not only do they aerate the engine cooling system, they add a sporty appearance to the car.

Ford Escape Model Interior

The 2020 Ford Escape has an updated, brand new interior. It features attractive elements such as a prominent center console. It has a tablet-style screen through which you can configure the voice-controlled SYNC infotainment system. This one is fitted with SYNC 3 and is touch-enabled. Furthermore, it is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Ford Escape – WikipediaTo provide crisp, clear surround sound, the car is fitted with a 10 speaker SONY audio system.

Some other bells and whistles include dual zone automated climate control, a navigation system and also some satellite radio. A row of controls is located right below the main unit while a set of air vents are perched above and below the infotainment system. Customers can choose between fabric and leather options for the interior upholstery. Furthermore, the leather is available in brown, beige and black colors with contrast stitching as an additional option.

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2017 Ford Taurus SHO Model Interior Engine - Ford Cars Review

2017 Ford Taurus Appearance & PerformanceIn order to keep its competition, it is normal if the company plans to modify its appearance to be much more radical than the previous model. It will be more enticing because the more contemporary design added around it.

Ford Taurus SHO Engine Performance

About the performance, the company has big prior in order to give better fuel consumption than before. As a result, 2017 Ford Taurus could go with 22 mpg city drive and 32 mpg highway drive because the crucial upgrade. It is claimed that this car will be one of the most effective fuel consumption to offer.

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2016 Ford Fiesta ST and RS Model - Ford Cars Review

Exterior We glad to know that some reports show about the positive indications that the bodywork will get some changes although the front end fascia will come with the outgoing model as its signature from Ford.

It means that there will be hexagonal grille which never be changed around 2016 Fiesta. The body style will have some improvements such as the revised rear fascias with the new taillight sets.

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First Next Gen 2017 Ford F250 V8 Engine Model - Ford Cars Review

2017 Ford F250 will be completely redesigned and there is a big possibility if this truck will go with aluminum body architecture as its new characteristic. This way also will be helpful in order to give significant weight loss that could be for about 700 pounds lighter than the previous model. As a result, it will give huge impact for the fuel economy and the towing capabilities.

2017 Ford F250 V8 Engine Model

Around the bodywork, the details of 2017 Ford F250 are still unknown because it is completely camouflaged. There is a big expectation that the company will give robust and boxy design through many details around the front end for a more modern and attractive appearance.There is a big expectation that the company will offer this new truck with the same engine as before. It means that the base model will get V8 petrol engine 6.2 liter to generate the output for about 385 horsepower and also 405 pound-feet of torque.

2017 Ford F250 V8 Engine

It is quite possible to see diesel engine that is Power Stroke turbocharged engine V8 6.7 liter to produce 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque in 2017 Ford F250. It sounds nice that the company has big ambition to upgrade the engine performance for more output and better fuel economy. A new transmission is quite possible to offer. It seems that the company will replace the current six-speed auto transmission with new 10-speed auto transmission as the result of development done by Ford and General Motors.

This transmission looks like will be installed only for RWD models which means the current transmission is for AWD models.As the new generation, there is a big expectation from fans that the company will release it sometime around the second half of 2016 as the new 2017 Ford F250.

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2019 Ford Explorer SUV V6 Engine Model - Ford Cars Review

2019 Ford Explorer SUV V6 Engine Model, The well-known mid-size crossover 2019 Ford Explorer SUV has become fully secret under the large hide, and then we cannot say for certain what is going to be altered on the exterior. Nonetheless, what we should know is that the mule trips on the all-new D6 platform.

2019 Ford Explorer SUV Model

This design will change the recent D4, so you should expect the new generation Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT to obtain the identical bone as well. It will probably be incredibly intriguing to discover no matter if the 2019 Explorer is arriving as a top- or rear-tire drive SUV. Judging by the spy photos, the vehicle has no rear differential, so it must be front side-tire drive model.

Nonetheless, we ought to hold out to discover what is going to take place in the emerging a few months, since the new underpinning gives entrance-, rear-, and four-tire-drive. There is practically nothing established about the engine choices of the new generation Explorer, but we are fairly certain it can maintain some of the present devices. A pre-existing 2.3-liter will power the base model without having uncertainty.

2019 Ford Explorer SUV V6 Engine Performance

Nonetheless, unlike the present 280 hp and 310 lb-ft, the 2019 Ford Explorer will certainly get no less than 300 ponies robust engine. Furthermore, the naturally-aspirated, 3.5-liter V6 will probably be stopped, but you are able to pick an incredible 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost. Possibly, however, perhaps the carmaker arises with any type of hybrid model. We are not definitely good regarding this, but there are some rumors about this.

Whatever the case, the engines will likely be mated to a new 10-speed automatic transmission, nevertheless they may offer you a recent 6-speed auto as a base gearbox.As outlined by the most recent records, the totally redesigned 2019 Ford Explorer SUV will probably be launched possibly at the 2017 Los Angeles auto show, or perhaps in early on 2018 at the Detroit Motor Show. The purchase will start in the summertime of 2018.

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